Whirlpool Fridge Settings (Snowflakes) Explained

In many homes and offices, Whirlpool fridges are the preferred tool for cooling food and drink. Apart from offering the recommended temperature for such items, the fridge allows users to customize its cool settings.

On the control panel of some Whirlpool fridges, you will notice some snowflake icons. Although they look like attractive elements, these icons play a more important part in tuning the coolness of the Whirlpool fridge.

Are you curious about the role of snowflakes in setting your fridge? If yes, you can check out our post and know more about snowflakes settings.

whirlpool fridge settings snowflakes

Whirlpool Fridge Settings (Snowflakes) Explained

Before you use the tips in this article, check the owner’s manual of the Whirlpool fridge for extra advice. You can also visit the Whirlpool website or contact the Whirlpool customer center.

What are the Whirlpool Snowflakes?

The Whirlpool Snowflakes are snowflake icons on the external or internal control panel of the Whirlpool fridge. With these symbols, you can determine the level of coolness of your Whirlpool fridge.

Snowflakes Settings: An Explanation

On various models of the Whirlpool fridge, you can find a control panel for regulating the temperature of the fridge. When the fridge comes on, the display becomes active and highlights snowflake icons.

You can find these icons on both sides of the panel. Here, they indicate the temperature on the refrigerator and its featured freezer. On Whirlpool fridges, the snowflakes for each compartment are five – with one snowflake as the warmest setting and five snowflakes as the coldest.

Out of the box, Whirlpool fridges are set at “3 snowflakes”. With this in mind, this setting is seen as the recommended “snowflakes’ ‘setting.

How to Adjust the Snowflakes Settings of the Whirlpool Fridge with Digital Display

If you want to change the number of snowflakes on your display, you will have to control the temperature on the Whirlpool Fridge. Here are the steps required to set the coolness of this product.

For the fridge:

  • Press the Fridge Temperature Setting on the control panel.
  • Reduce the coldness to reduce the number of snowflakes. Also, increase the coldness to increase the number of snowflakes.

For the freezer:

  • Press the Freezer Temp Button on the control panel
  • Reduce the temperature to have fewer snowflakes. Then increase the temperature to have more snowflakes.

What is the Ideal Number of Snowflakes?

On a Whirlpool fridge, the ideal number of snowflakes should be “3” snowflakes. Under this setting, the fridge will not be too warm or cold for the stored items.

Are there Snowflake symbols on Whirlpool Fridges without Digital Displays?

Yes, you can find snowflakes on Whirlpool fridges that do not have digital panels. On such items, the snowflakes icons are found on the internal temperature control k knob. As with the icons on digital models, snowflake symbols on knobs can be used to indicate the temperature on these fridges.

How to Adjust the Temperature Control on Whirlpool Fridge with Knobs

If you want to adjust the number of snowflakes setting on the Whirlpool fridge, simply twist the knob to the compatible setting. As with the digital display models, increasing the number of snowflakes results in an increase in its coldness.

Are There Other Ways of Keeping A Whirlpool Fridge Cooler?

Sometimes setting the right temperature setting might not be enough to keep your fridge cool. However, you can improve the performance of your fridge with some easy ideas.

1. Reduce the Clutter in Your Fridge

A fridge loaded with excess items will not cool items properly. When it comes down to it, such spaces do not have enough room for cool air.

To solve this problem, remove expired or unwanted items. Then space out the remaining food and drink by adding a few inches between them

2. Avoid Hot Foods

If you want to store a freshly heated meal in your fridge, wait until the food reaches room temperature. After all, steamy dishes produce warm air that might disturb the cooling process on any fridge. But if you can’t wait for the food to reduce its warmth, try stirring the food before placing it in your Whirlpool fridge.

3. Secure Your Fridge

As you are trying to reduce the warmth in your fridge, ensure that it frequently stays closed. With the doors shut, the cool air can circulate properly within the cabinet.

You can make your doors secure by cleaning the gasket and adding some vaseline. Furthermore, ensure that the doors are well-leveled.

4. Move the Fridge from the Wall

Placing the fridge against the wall might look like a common practice. However, the absence of space between both items can prevent the free flow of air for cooling the fridge.

Instead of pushing the fridge to the wall, leave at least an inch’s worth of space between both surfaces. If there are any sidewalls, you can also use the same settings to arrange the sides of your fridge.

5. Clean the Condenser Coils

A quick brush and vacuum are enough to remove the dirt on the condenser coils. With the mess gone, air can move freely within the cabinet and keep things cool.

6. Contact the Customer Service Centre

Does your fridge still feel warm especially after trying the above-listed tips? If yes, it would help if you reached out to the Whirlpool  Customer Service Service.

Extra Tips for Setting the Adjusting the Temperature on the Whirlpool Fridge

  • Do not change a fridge from its recommended settings.
  • Remove any items from the fridge that might block its air vents.
  • Do not connect your fridge to an extension cord
  • Allow the newly installed refrigerator to cool down for 24 hours before storing food in it.
  • Wait 24 hours in between temperature adjustments
  • If the fridge feels too cold, reduce the snowflakes by one
  • If the fridge feels too warm, increase the snowflake by one
  • If the freezer feels too cold, reduce the snowflakes by one
  • If the freezer feels too warm, increase the snowflakes by one.


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