Best Winter Thermostat Settings for 2-Story House

During the winter, thermostats can provide the right temperature in your 2-story building. But before you can enjoy this benefit, it would help if you got the right settings.

Finding the right winter settings for thermostats can be tricky. However, a practical guide will help you complete these settings with relative ease. If you are looking for one, use this article to learn how to use thermostats in two-story buildings.

best winter thermostat settings for 2 story house

Best Winter Thermostat Settings for 2-Story House

If you are adjusting the thermostats ( for the winter) in a two-story building, start with the one on the lower floor. Then head upstairs and set the thermostat two degrees lesser than the unit on the upper floor.

Now, what are the ideal winter thermostat settings for two-story buildings? Well, you should leave the lower floor at 68°F. As for the upper floor, set its thermostats to 66°F.

Should Upstairs Thermostats Be Higher or Lower in the Winter?

In the winter, the upstairs thermostat should be lower than the lower thermostat. For the best results, make sure that the difference between both thermostats is by 2 degrees.

How High Should I Set My Thermostat in the Winter?

If you want to adjust your thermostat for winter, make sure the temperature does not exceed 68°F. After all, this value allows you to save energy without ignoring comfort.

How Do You Balance the Heat in a Two-Storey Building In the Winter?

If you want to balance the heat in two-story buildings in winter, adjust the downstairs thermostat to 68°F. As for the upper thermostat, allow it to stay at 66°F.

Summer Thermostat Setting for 2-Story House

Here are the summer settings for using thermostats in two-story buildings.

If you are adjusting your thermostat for a two-story building, set the top floor to a warm setting. Then reduce the temperature of the bottom floor two degrees apart from the lower room.

Now, what are the ideal summer thermostat settings for two-story buildings? Well, if you can start by leaving the top floor at 78°F while the lower floor stays at 80°F. But if you are not using the upper room, use a six degrees difference.

Why Does My House Feel Cold at 73°F?

There are tons of reasons why your house might feel cold at 73°F. For instance, bad insulation, ductwork, or even a faulty furnace. Luckily, these problems can be solved with help of a professional.

Is 78 too high for a Thermostat in Winter?

In the winter, 78°F is too high for any thermostats in your home. Instead of using this temperature, set the upstairs thermostat to 68°F while the downstairs thermostat remains at 66°F.

Is 76 Too Hot for a House in the Winter?

Yes, 76°F is too hot for a house in the winter. If you are looking for the best settings to use, set the downstairs thermostat to 68°F while the upper thermostat stays at 66°F.

Best Temperature to Set Thermostat in Winter to Save Money

During the winter, you can use your thermostat to save money on utility bills. To get started,  leave the thermostat at 68°F. If it feels too cold for your comfort, you can use the following tips to increase warmth.

Start by wearing your slippers/pajamas and shipping under thick blankets. For extra comfort, gulp down a warm cup of tea until you get used to the temperature.

If you are traveling for an extended period, keep the thermostat around 45°F. At this temperature, the pipes in your home should stay untouched by ice.

Should the Fan be on Auto or On in the Winter?

In the winter, your furnace fan should be set on Auto. After all, this setting ensures that your HVAC unit consumes energy efficiently.

How Can I Lower My Heat Bill in the Winter?

Looking for easy ways to reduce your heating bill? If yes, use the following tips to get lesser utility bills.

  1. Turn on your water heater and allow it to stay at 120°F. You can also get more savings by cutting your showers in half.
  2. Reduce your thermostat to 68°F. If this temperature feels too cold, wear warmer clothes or sleep under thick beddings. Besides, you can also use an electric blanket.
  3. With the help of a professional, change the furnace filters in your home. Then ask for regular checks from the required authorities.

Best HVAC System for a Two Storey Building

Are you looking for the ideal HVAC unit for a Two Storey building? If yes, choose and install a ductless model. When it comes down to it, such a device allows you to determine the temperature of each room easily.

What Temperature Should a House Be for a 70-year-old?

Senior citizens can stay in rooms as low as 65° – 78 ° F. After all, this temperature makes them feel comfortable without spending too much energy.


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