Samsung Dryer Settings for Best Results

The Samsung Dryer is one of the most preferred dryers in many homes. After all, it gets the job done and even lasts for years. On top of that, it is easy to use and can carry large loads at a time.

If you want to get the best results with the Samsung Dryer, you will have to use the right settings. In this post, we have listed the settings for improving the performance of the Samsung dryer. So if you are ready, go through the post and learn how to use your dryer properly.

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Samsung Dryer Settings Explained in Detail

Here are the settings for improving the performance of the Samsung dryer. But before using our tips, we suggest that you check the Samsung dryer manual. Supposing your manual is missing,

Delicate: This setting is ideal for drying items that can’t withstand much heat. To avoid such damage, the Delicate setting uses low temperatures to remove moisture from the fabric.

Active Wear: Are you looking for the best Samsung dryer settings for workout clothes or sportswear? Well, stick with the Activewear setting and do not exceed four pounds worth of load.

Eco Normal: If you want to save energy in your home, try the Eco Normal setting. Although it uses less energy than most modes, it can dry your fabrics perfectly.

Bedding PLUS Bedding: Bulky items such as blankets, duvets, or sheets might be a nightmare to dry. But if you choose this setting, it will perfectly remove the moisture from such fabrics.

Heavy Duty: You can also use the Samsung Dryer for tough materials such as denim or even work clothes. As expected, this setting uses a higher amount of heat than most Samsung dryers.

Normal: This setting is ideal for everyday fabrics such as your cotton or linen underwear. It is also great for removing moisture from colored or white clothing.

Towels: Do you have towels that you need to dry quickly with the Samsung Dryer? Well, place these items into the dryer and leave them on the Towel mode.

Jeans: Asides from the Heavy Duty setting,  you can also use the Jeans mode for your denim clothing. For a perfectly dry, it would help if you turned out the pair.

Sanitize: This mode offers a high drying temperature for killing bacteria. To avoid damage to your clothing, use it for colorfast materials that are heavily soiled.

Wool: The Wool mode is ideal for woolen clothing. For the best results, make sure the clothing can withstand tumble drying and machine washing.

Air Fluff: The Air Fluff setting does not use heat to remove moisture. Instead, it tumbles the clothing while blowing air at room temperature.

Why is My Samsung Dryer not Drying Properly?

Do your clothes still damp after spending a long time in the dryer? If yes, then the vents might be clogged. So if you want to stop this problem, you will have to clear these openings.

Can’t Change the Temp on the Dryer?

If you are having issues with the Samsung Dryer, you will blame it on faulty hardware, blocker vents, and low voltage. Moreover, choosing the wrong settings might also disturb the operations of the machine.

How Do I Reset my Samsung Dryer?

It does not require much to reset the Samsung Dryer. For this task, simply remove the machine from the power source. Then wait for at most 5 minutes. Round up by plugging the dryer back into the power source.

What are the Codes on a Samsung Dryer?

As you use the Samsung Dryer, you might notice some codes on the screen. Normally, these codes help you understand the problem with your Samsung fridge. Now here are some Samsung dryer and their  meanings

FE: This symbol means that the current power supply does not suit the Samsung dryer. If you notice this code on the machine, it would help if you contacted a Samsung technician to help with repairs.

do: Is the door of your Samsung dryer open? If yes, then you will find the do code on your display. You can remove this code by closing the door of the dryer properly.

Od: The Od codes mean that your laundry has the dryer is slow with the drying process. To remove this code from the OSS, clean out the lint vents and switch on the fridge.

bE: If you have stuck buttons on your Samsung washer, then you end up with a bE code. But you can easily fix the problem by pressing all the buttons. If you cannot take out the button, call the Buttons

Et: As the Et code flashes on your Dryer OSD, it means that the control board has several issues. A quick reset should be enough to get things started. But if you still have issues with your dryer, contact the Samsung Sevice center.

HE: Also displayed as “hE”, this setting shows that the Samsung dryer has an electric dryer heating error. You can reset the circuit breakers in your electrical box. If the issue continues, you should contact Samsung Customer Service for assistance.

Why is My Samsung Dryer Getting Too Hot?

If the Samsung dryer feels too hot, there is a high chance that the device has a torn seal. To fix this issue, simply reach out to Samsung Customer Service.

How to Turn Off Eco Dry on Samsung Dryer?

Anyone can turn off the Eco Dry mode on the Samsung Dryer. To perform this task, simply hit the Reset button on the Samsung Dryer. If these setting does not work for your device, you can get check the manual of your Samsung dryer for the right steps.

How Do I Clean and Sanitize My Dryer?

Asides from using the right settings, taking care of your Samsung dryer can improve its performance. Now here are steps for cleaning your Samsung dryer:

  1. Empty the Samsung dryer and switch off the highest temperature setting.
  2. Pour a cup of chlorine bleach into the drum of the dryer
  3. Allow the dryer to run a full circle
  4. Scrub the dryer with a brush dipped in bleach and a quart of water.
  5. Rinse the dryer to remove the bleach from the machine
  6. Clean the outer part of the dryer


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