LG Refrigerator Temperature Settings for Best Performance

For many years, LG has offered some of the best fridges in the market. When it comes down to it, these products have the best features for storing different items.

Do you want to improve the performance of your LG fridge? If yes, then you would have to adjust its temperature settings. Although this task does not require much work, it might get confusing especially if you are not sure of the best values to use.

But you have gotten to the right place. With this guide, you will discover the best settings for your fridge. On top of that, we will also show you the best ways that you can achieve this task.

lg refrigerator temperature settings

LG Refrigerator Temperature Settings for Best  Performance ( LG InstaView Refrigerator)

If you want to adjust the temperature of your LG fridge, you will have to set it to 37°F. As for the freezer compartment, you can leave it at 0°F.

To get the best results, adjust the temperature to 10°F, then wait for a few moments for it to stabilize. Continue this process until you reach the desired temperature.

LG Refrigerator Temperature Settings for Best  Performance ( LG Direct Cool Refrigerator)

The Direct Cool Refrigerator is another series from LG. If you want to adjust the settings on this device, you will have to consider the weather conditions of its area.

If you want to set your fridge for cold areas, you should turn the fridge’s knob to 1 – 3. For warmer months, turn the knob to 3 – 5. As for the summer, it can remain at 6 -7.

How to Adjust the Temperature  on the LG InstaView Refrigerator

LG InstaView is one of the latest refrigerators from the brand. Like most LG models, this fridge offers a proper environment for food and drink. Also, it allows you to perform adjust the temperature setting with the following steps :

  • Tap the display on the fridge
  • Hit the ” Settings” option
  • Navigate to the “Refrigerator Manager”
  • Press the “+” or “-” buttons to choose your preferred setting

How to Adjust the Settings on the LG Direct Cool Refrigerator

The LG Direct Cool Refrigerator belongs to an older line of fridges. However, they have top features for preserving stored items. If you want to adjust this fridge to its optimal settings, you can try the following process:

  • Open the refrigerator and look at the right-hand corner for a knob
  • Turn the knob clockwise to increase the temperature. To reduce this temperature, move the knob counterclockwise

How to Adjust the LG Temperature with the LG SmartThinQ app

  • Download and install the LG SmartThinQ app on your mobile device
  • Launch the app and choose the “Refrigerator” option
  • Hit the “Refrigerator” tab for a second time
  • Scroll across the screen to change the temperature settings
  • Hit the “Save” button

How to Make Your LG Refrigerator Colder

Asides from adjusting the temperature of your fridge, you can use other ways to tune it up. Now here are some tips that can make your fridge perform better.

1. Keep the Fridge Closed

Even if the LG fridge has great features, keeping the door shut can help trap the cool air needed for storing items. But instead of locking the fridge for the entire day, minimize the number of times that you pull it open. Also, ensure that the door is well-secured by adding vaseline to the gasket.

2. Organize Your Fridge

A cluttered fridge is a poor choice for storing your food. When it comes down to it, this space does not allow cool air to circulate amongst its contents. If you want to improve the coolness of your LG fridge, group the contents accordingly while maintaining a space of three inches between each item.

3. Do Not Store Hot Items

Storing a hot meal in the fridge might look like a harmless idea. However, the heat produced by this item can make your fridge feel warmer. With this in mind, ensure that you allow the meal to cool down to room temperature before placing it in cold storage.

4. Keep the Fridge from the Wall

In various spaces, it is normal to find LG refrigerators pushed against walls. But due to this arrangement, your fridge will not get a proper supply of cool air. Instead of managing a warm cabinet, move the fridge from the wall to improve air circulation.

5. Deal with Dirty Condensors

You can make your fridge cooler by clearing out any dirt that might gather at your coils. Start by disconnecting the fridge from its power source. Then clean out the coils with a vacuum cleaner and brush. With the mess gone, your fridge should offer an enhanced form of coolness.

What Can I Do to An Adjusted LG Fridge that Does Not Perform Well?

If your fridge does not improve its cooling abilities especially after adjusting its settings, it might have defective components. With this in mind, it would help if you reached out to the LG Customer Service center and lodged a complaint about the fridge.


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