Best Dryer Settings for Comforter

Tossing your washed comforter in the dryer can be a great idea. But if you are not sure of the right settings to use with this bedding, it remains damp or even turns mildewy. In the end, you might feel like throwing the comforter into the nearest rubbish bin.

You can avoid this scenario by using the ideal dryer settings for comforters. If you are not sure of these adjustments, read through our post and discover these settings.

best dryer settings for comforter

Best Dryer Settings for Comforter

Here are the ideal comforter settings for drying such items with different dryer brands. Although this post is well-researched, it should be used for informational purposes.

According to experts, you should dry your damp comforter with the lowest possible setting or no heat mode. At this temperature, you can expect the filling to remain in top form. During the cycle, remember to also fluff the comforter to keep it in shape.

How Long Should I Put a Comforter in the Dryer?

For complete drying, keep the comforter in the machine for at least two hours. If it stays for a lesser period, the bedding will remain damp.

How to Dry Your Comforter

Do you want to speed up the drying of your soggy comforter? If yes, then you can use a dry towel with a pair of tennis balls. Now here are the steps needed for this hack:

  • Place the comforter into the dryer
  • Add some tennis balls into the dryer
  • Add a dry towel to the dryer
  • Set the dryer to low heat tumble
  • Allow the dryer to run for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Remove the towel from the dryer
  • Continue the cycle with the tennis balls

Dry a Comforter in High Heat

Using the High Heat setting on your washer might look like a great idea. However, this cycle can ruin the filling of your bedding. You can avoid this scenario by drying the fabric with a lower setting.

How to Dry a Comforter in Samsung Dryer?

Do you want to dry your comforter with a Samsung dryer? Well, you can try the following steps with the device. However, this solution works best with larger models.

  • Place the bedding into the dryer
  • Set the dryer on a Low cycle
  • Remove the comforter every 15 minutes and reposition the material
  • Continue the cycle until the comforter is slightly damp
  • Remove the comforter from the dryer
  • Lay the comforter on a comforter rack
  • Dry the comforter in the open air for 48 hours

Can You Put a King Size Comforter in the Dryer?

Yes, you can place a king-sized comforter into a large-capacity dryer. But before the fabric can fit properly, it should be the only item in the unit.

Why Did My Comforter Get So Hard in the Dryer?

There are two major reasons why your comforter can get hard in the dryer. First, you might have placed a perfectly dry blanket into an active dryer. Next, you might have used a very large comforter in an undersized dryer.

Is it Okay to Put a Comforter in the Dryer?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with putting your comforter into a dryer. But as you use the device, stick with low settings and ensure that it can contain the bedding.

What Setting to Dry Comforter?

To get the desired results from drying your comforter, choose low settings on your dryer. For this task, you might also try medium heat.

How to Dry a Comforter Without it Balling Up?

It is usual for comforters to end up in a large ball, especially in a dryer. However, you can avoid this scenario by shaking out the bedding before placing it into the dryer. You can also tie up two corners of the comforter into a knot after straightening out.

How to Soften a Comforter?

There is nothing much to making your hard comforter soft again. To get started, place the item in a large-capacity dryer. Then adjust the machine to “Permanent Press” before placing two dryer balls and a few fabric softener sheets into the machine. After the cycle ends, fluff out the comforter by shaking it out.

Do Tennis Balls Help in Dryers?

Yes, placing a tennis ball into a dryer can help speed up the drying of a comforter. After all, the ball allows more space for air to flow freely around the sheets. Moreover, the tennis balls keep the comforter from balling up

How Big of a Dryer Do I Need for a King Size Comforter?

As mentioned earlier, large-capacity dryers serve as the perfect tools for drying king-size comforters. If you are not sure of the size of the dryer to use, go with a model of around 7 cubic feet.

Should You Air Dry Your Comforter?

Yes, air drying can be used to remove dampness from the comforter. If you want to get the best results, keep the bedding in the machine until slightly damp. Then hang out the item on a clothesline until it’s perfectly dry.

How Can I Make My Dryer More Effective?

There are several ways that you can enhance the performance of your dryer. These methods include cleaning out the filters, avoiding excess loads, and using high-speed spins. You can also shake out clothes and bedding before placing them into the machine.

How Do You Fix a Clumped Comforter?

Most washers tend to squeeze soaked comforters into a clumpy mess. Luckily, you can solve this issue with the following hacks:

  1. Place the comforter into the dryer
  2. Add the two clean tennis balls into the machine
  3. Allow the machine to run for 30 minutes.
  4. Check for any lumps. If any remain, keep the machine running for another 30 minutes until the comforter looks less clumpy.

How Do You Dry a King-Sized Comforter?

There are different ways that you can dry massive comforters. Asides from using the dryer, you can hang the bedding on the clothesline until it feels dry.


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