Virtuoso Coffee Grinder Settings for Best Results

Since its launch by Baratza, the Virtuoso coffee grinder has become a favorite product. After all, the device boasts speed, tough build, and silent operations. On top of that, the Virtuoso also promises the perfect grind.

Before you can get the best results from your grinder, it would help if you adjusted its settings. However, using the wrong settings can mess up your coffee. Besides, you might also shorten the lifespan of your Virtuoso.

virtuoso coffee grinder settings


Luckily, there are ways by which you can improve the performance of your Virtuoso grinder. If you are not sure of the ideal settings to use, you can go through our article and find them.

Virtuoso Coffee Grinder Settings for Best Results

Here are the grinder settings for the Virtuoso Coffee maker. Before using our advice, we suggest that you go through the manual of the Virtuoso grinder. If you can’t find your copy, download a digital version via an online search.

1. Turning On the Virtuoso Coffee Grinder

Before applying the required settings, you will have to prepare the Virtuoso for grinding. To get started, try the following steps:

  • Keep the grinder on a level surface
  • Take the lid from the hopper
  • Pour roasted coffee beans into the hopper
  • Cover the hopper with the lid
  • Place the ground bins properly
  • Set the Grind Adjustment/Control ( do not exceed 30)
  • Choose Grind Time by turning the dial to your preferred time
  • Hit the Start

2. Setting the Grind Adjustment/Control

If you want to adjust the Grind Adjustment/ Control of the Virtuoso Grinder:

  • Keep the grinder on a level surface
  • Take the lid from the hopper
  • Pour roasted coffee beans into the hopper
  • Cover the hopper with the lid
  • Place the ground bins properly
  • Set the Grind Adjustment/Control by turning the bean hopper to align your preferred number on the grind scale.

If you don’t know the right number to choose, try the following settings:

  • Expresso: 8
  • French Press: 28
  • Chemex: 20
  • Aero Press: 12
  • Hario V60 : 15
  • Automatic Brewer: 18

What is the Best Grind Number for Expresso?

If you want to use your Virtuoso grinder for expresso, set the grind number to 8. With this setting, you can expect the desired result.

Baratza Grind Size Chart

Here is a chart showing the various Baratza grind sizes for different coffee makers.

Coffee Maker Expresso French Press Chemex Aeropress  Hario V60  Automatic Brewer
Grind Size 8 28  20 12 15 18

Is Coffee Stronger if You Grind it Fine?

Yes, finely ground coffee offers a stronger brew. Depending on the coffee, this type of grind allows more caffeine into the water.

What is the Perfect Grind for Coffee?

A medium grind is an ideal size for grinding coffee. At this size, the beans can be brewed with various brewers including Aeropress and drip coffeemakers. Besides, this type of grind also suits siphon brewers.

What Happens If You Grind Coffee too Fine?

If you grind coffee beans too fine, the grind will clog the basket and limit the flow of water. As a result, your coffee might taste sour or bitter.

Should I Grind Coffee every day?

No, you shouldn’t grind coffee every day. Instead of using the coffee grinder daily, go for coffee beans that have been ground by the supplier.

Can You Leave Coffee Beans in the Grinder?

If you are using a grinder like the Virtuoso, feel free to leave the grind in the hopper. After all, the hoppers have lids that keep out air from damaging the tank

Why Do You Spray Coffee Beans before Grinding?

By spraying coffee, you can reduce the static that occurs during grinding. As a result, you will have a cleaner portafilter or grinder.

Baratza Encore Grind Setting for Drip  Coffee

Do you want to grind coffee beans for drip coffee? If yes, then you can adjust the grinder to 17 – 23 for a medium grind.

Baratza Encore Grinder Settings

If you use the Baratza Encore Grinder, try the following settings:-

  1. Extra Fine (1 – 3)

Do you want to make some Turkish coffee? Well, you might have to grind the beans until they are extra fine. To achieve this grind, you will have to stick to any setting between 1 – 3.

  1. Fine (4 – 9)

Fine coffee can be a great choice for your expresso. If you want to get this type of grind, choose a setting between 4 – 9.

  1. Fine Medium (4 – 16 )

If you prefer working with a fine medium grind, stick with a setting between 4 to 16. But if you are not sure of the right value to choose, you can pick 10.

  1. Fine Medium 2 (4 – 23)

This type of grind can be achieved by turning the grinder to values between 4 – 23. After getting the grind, you can use an Aeropress to get a perfect brew

  1. Medium (11 to 29)

If you want to make your coffee by pouring water over the grind, then you will have to choose settings between 11 to 29. After all, these values ensure that the grind can hold more water for a good brew.

  1. Medium (17 to 23)

Does your coffee brewing involve a drip coffee maker? If yes, then set the Encore grinder to any setting from 17 to 23.

  1. Medium Coarse (24 to 29)

With this grind, you can brew coffee with your Chemex coffee maker. To ground the coffee beans until medium coarse, adjust the Encore grinder to 24 – 29.

  1. Coarse (31 to 36)

A coarse grind suits the French press method of making coffee. For this grind, you will have to set the grinder to values between 31 to 36.

  1. Extra Coarse (37 to 40 )

If you are a fan of making French Press coffee without the filter, choose a setting that promises extra coarse grains. Normally,  the setting falls between  37 to 40.

Is the Baratza Virtuoso Worth It?

According to its reviews, the Baratza Virtuoso grinder boasts speed, sharp blades, and a digital timer. Overall, this grinder stands as an ideal item for your space.


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