Miele Oven Settings Explained in Detail

There are many reasons why you should love a Miele oven. Asides from having durable features, the oven boasts several functions for preparing dishes. But these functions can work, you will have to play around with some settings.

If you have not used the Miele oven before, these settings could look confusing. However, this article should make things clearer and help you get the best from the oven.

miele oven settings

Miele Oven Settings Explained

Here are some of the top Miele settings. Although our article is well-researched, it would help if you used it only for informational purposes. If you want to set up a Miele oven, check through the manual of the oven.

Auto Roast: If you choose this setting, the Miele oven roasts the meat until perfectly tender. During the process, the oven moves to an initial temperature of 230°C and gradually goes down to your preferred heat setting.

Bottom Heat: Are you looking for an easy way to brown the bottom of your pizza or cake? If yes, then select the Bottom heat function as it sends heat underneath. To get the desired effect, choose this setting towards the end of cooking.

Gentle Bake: The Gentle Bake setting works well for braised beef, fish fillet and crispy topped baked goods. For the best results, use a temperature setting of 180°C to bake with this mode.

Economy Grill: With Economy Grill, you can brown a single cupcake or grill smaller cuts of meat. But as you use this setting, stay within the range of 200° – 300°C.

Full Grill: Do you want to grill a large quantity of meat or brown multiple baked items? Well, choose the Full Grill option. After all, this setting offers the right temperature for this task.

Conventional Heat: This option sends heat to the top of cakes, pizza, and even quiche. As a result, this part of the above items becomes a perfect brown. With this setting, the oven offers a temperature of 30 – 280 °C.

Fan Grill: With this setting, you can grill thicker portions of meat and poultry. During this setting, you can expect temperatures of between 100-300℃.

Moisture Plus: This option combines steam and air for preparing meals with the Miele oven. As you choose this setting, you can also select the number of bursts of steam. If you want to use this setting with pastries or meat with high-fat content.

Language: On the Miele oven, you can also change the language offered on the display. Besides, you can even use the setting to choose your country of choice.

Volume: On the Miele oven, you can also adjust the welcome, buzzer, and keypad tones on the machine. To get to this setting, go to Settings – Volume

Brightness: If the display feels too dull or bright, this setting allows you to tune it to your preference.

Time of the Day: With this setting, you can adjust the clock on the oven. Under this setting, the options to set include clock display, clock format, and timer.

Unit: If you want to change the weight and temperature unit on your device, you should head to the Unit option. When used this setting converts grams to pounds/oz and Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Safety: Under the Safety option, the Miele oven offers two locks – the Sensor Lock and the System lock Also, this feature allows you to enable/disable these locks.

Pyrolytic Cleaning: this setting removes greasy stains from the oven. To perform this task, the device heats the dirt and turns it into ash.

Showroom Programme: You can use this setting to turn on/off the demo mode of the oven.

Miele Oven Temperature Range

On the Miele Oven, you can get temperatures of between 40 – 220 ℃. As expected, this range can handle a wide selection of functions.

Miele oven grill door open

As you grill with the Miele Oven, make sure that it is properly closed. If left open, the oven will lose heat thereby affecting the cooking process. On top of that, the controls might suffer some damage.

What Does the Fan Oven Symbol Mean?

If your oven has a Fan Oven symbol, it means that the machine has an overhead fan that circulates heat. Since the heat is well distributed, any food in the oven will be properly cooked.

Why is My Cake Raw in the Middle?

There are many reasons why the cake should become raw in the middle. For instance, the chosen temperature might be too low for baking. Moreover, you might even be choosing the wrong time setting or pan size for the cake.

Why Won’t My Miele Oven Turn Off?

Does your Miele oven stay on even after hitting the power button? If yes, there is a high chance that the device has a damaged circuit. To fix this issue, you should reach out to the Miele Customer Service center.

What is the Gentle Bake on Miele Oven?

The Gentle Bake option offers temperatures between 100 – 250 °C. With this setting, you can prepare lasagne, pasta bakes, and gratins.

Miele Oven Manual English

If you are looking for the Miele Oven Manual in English, check the manual that came with your oven. You can also use an online search to download a digital copy from the Miele website.

What Do You Do After You Preheat the Oven?

After preheating the oven, choose a Time and hit Start. With these steps, you can maintain the preheat temperature for as long as 10 minutes.

Do You Roast A Chicken Breast Side Up or Down?

If you are roasting a chicken with the Miele oven, make sure the poultry stays breast side down. After all, this position softens the meat and makes it juicy.


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