Baby Bjorn Bouncer Settings Explained

Getting a Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer might be a great idea. But before you can enjoy its benefits, you will have to adjust it properly. For this task, you will need to know its right settings.

Although these settings are important for the safety and comfort of children, many Baby Bjorn bouncer owners might not know about them. If you are amongst this group, this post will show everything that you need to know about Baby Bjorn Bouncers.

baby bjorn bouncer settings

Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer Settings Explained

Before you use the settings on this post, you should check the Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer manual for extra advice. You can also get extra information from the Baby Bjorn website.

1. What are the Baby Bjorn Bouncer Settings?

These settings are used to change the height position of your Baby Bjorn Bouncer. To make the bouncer more comfortable for the baby, the product allows you to adjust these settings easily.

The Baby Bjorn Bouncer has a baby side and chairside. On the Baby Bjorn bouncer, you can choose three positions. These include the lowest position, middle position, and highest position.

If you want to make new adjustments to the Baby Bjorn Bouncer, you will have to consider the weight of the child. With this in mind, older babies might use different settings from newborns.

2. What are the Ideal Baby Bjorn Bouncer Settings?

Now here are the recommended bouncer settings for babies of various sizes:

Lowest Position: If you have a newborn that weighs up to 15.5 lb/7 kg, you can use the lowest setting on the baby bouncer. With this adjustment, the bouncer remains at the lowest possible position.

Middle Position: If your baby holds its head and back in an upright position, consider using the middle setting of the Baby Bjorn bouncer. Normally, this adjustment can carry weights of up to 20 lb/9 kg and encourage eye contact between you and your baby.

Highest Position: For babies that can hold their head and back upright, they can also use the Baby Bjorn Bouncer at its highest setting. As with the middle setting, this adjustment can also support weights of 20 lb/9 kg.

N.B. If you use the first two settings, remember to fix the harness. Besides, place the child on the baby side of the bouncer.

3. Baby Bjorn Bouncer Settings for the Chair Side

If your child is too old for the baby side, you will have to use the chair side of the bouncer. But as with the baby side, it is advised that you applied the right settings.

  • The Lowest Position: If your child weighs a maximum of 15.5 lb/7 kg, you can use the lowest position of the chair.
  • The Middle Position: The middle position of the chair is best suited for weights of up to 22 lb/10 kg.
  • The Highest Position: Children of up to 29 lb/13 kg. can use this setting without any issues.

How Can I Adjust the Settings on My Baby Bjorn Bouncer?

To make it easier for its users, Baby Bjorn Bouncer has features for changing its position. For this task, you should use the following steps:-

Raise the positioner and push it to your preferred position or setting. As you move the positioner, raise the backrest with your second hand.

What are the Effects of Using the Wrong Settings on the Baby Bjorn Bouncer?

A wrong Baby Bjorn Bouncer setting can make your baby feel uncomfortable.

When Should I Stop Using the Baby Bjorn Bouncer?

If your child can sit unaided or without a harness, you can stop using the Baby Bjorn Bouncer. Instead, start using the chair side of the product. As your child stays on this part of the bouncer, there is no need to use the harness.

Are there other Settings on the Baby Bjorn Bouncer?

Apart from setting the position of the seat on the bouncer, you can also adjust the bouncer to Travel Mode. In this position, it is possible to fold the Bouncer into the trunk of your vehicle. Also, there is the Storage Mode that allows you to keep the bouncer for future use.

To set the Travel mode, push the positioner to Position A or B of the bouncer. Then, pull the red latch and move the positioner to the D position.

Extra Tips for Using the Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer

  1. Do not allow children to rest in the bouncer for hours.
  2. Consult the Baby Bjorn or Bouncer owner’s manual for any advice on the product.
  3. Do not allow your child to sleep in the bouncer.


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