Speed Queen Dryer Settings Explained

For some people, the Speed Queen Dryer comes as a great tool for drying clothing, bedding, and lingerie. As expected, this machine has the right features for removing moisture from different types of fabric. But before anyone can enjoy these benefits, it would help if they adjusted some settings on the device.

Let’s say that you are one of such users, you will need proper knowledge of the settings before using them. Luckily, there is no need to cram these adjustments in your head. The only you will need is a guide.

Would you like to know the ideal settings for using the Speed Dryer settings? If yes, then you can use this article as a guide and find all the drying advice that you need.

speed queen dryer settings

Speed Queen Dryer Settings Explained in Detail

Now here are the best settings for using various models of the Speed Queen Dryer. Before using the settings below, we suggest that you check with the owner’s manual of the dryer. Besides, you should also look at the care label on the garment or bedding. Now let us get started.

Regular Cycle: This setting is used to dry denim, work clothes, and other sturdy garments. Other items that suit this setting include sports jerseys, workout clothes, and other high-performance clothing.

Sanitize Cycle: This cycle uses high heat to kill off bacteria from fabric. Due to its high temperature, this setting cannot be used with delicate items.

Pet Plus Cycle: This Pet Item cycle allows you to dry and sanitize bulky pet accessories. To get the desired results, desired results, this setting applies high heat to the fabric.

Heavy Duty Cycle: This cycle is ideal for drying bulky items such as comforters or similar types of bedding.

Energy Star Cycle: Are you looking for a great way to cut down your utility bills? If yes, stick to this energy-saving mode that features options such as

Perm Press Cycle: Also known as the Permanent Press, this setting allows you to dry synthetic fabrics and permanent press clothes.

Delicate Cycle: Are you looking for the right Speed Queen Dryer settings for sheer fabric or lingerie? If yes, then the Delicate setting is the best choice for the job.

Damp: As you use this setting, the dryer leaves the fabric slightly damp. Then you can take the fabric for ironing or hang it out in the open air to dry.

Near Dry: This dryer setting can be used for normal loads.

Dry: The Dry setting helps remove moisture from sturdy items like beddings or denim. Unlike other settings, this option offers an incredible amount of heat.

What Dryer Setting Should I Use?

Your choice of dryer settings should depend on the type of load in the dryer. For instance, if you are drying sturdy items with your Speed Queen Dryer, you will have to go with high heat settings. But if you want to dry delicate fabrics, stick to low heat.

Do Speed Queen dryers Dry Faster?

According to some users, the Speed Queen Dryer uses less time to dry items than machines from other brands. However, the actual time depends on the moisture level and size of the load.

What is the Perm Press Dryer Setting?

The Perm Press Dryer setting is used to remove moisture from the permanent press or wrinkle-free clothing. With this cycle, the dryer uses medium heat to dry items.

How Long Does It Take Comercial Speed Dryers to Dry Clothes?

On average, the Speed Queen Dryer takes at least two hours to remove moisture from the load. However, this setting depends on the moisture content of the fabrics and the size of the load.

How Do Speed Queen Dryers Sanitize

The Speed Queen Dryer depends on high heat to remove bacteria from various fabrics. Normally the cycle runs for at least 75 minutes.

How Do You Use a Speed Queen Dryer?

Here are the steps for drying items with a Speed Queen Dryer:-

  • Wipe the screen of the lint filter
  • Place the laundry into the dryer without overstuffing it
  • Shut the door and turn on the dryer
  • Choose temperature, cycle, and dryness level
  • Start the cycle and allow it to run until the end

Speed Queen Dryer Cycle Time

The exact drying time of the Speed Queen Dryer depends on several factors such as the fabric, temperature, load, and model. However, a Speed dryer boasts of some of the quickest times in the world of dryers.

Does Adding a Towel to the Dryer Help?

Yes, adding a towel to the dryer helps the dryer remove moisture quickly. Asides from drying the laundry, the towel also makes the dryer use less energy because of the shorter drying time.

Why is My Dryer Not Drying Clothes Very Well Anymore?

If your Speed Queen dryer takes too much time for drying even delicate items, then there is a high chance that the device has a drying issue. Normally, this problem can be traced to using the wrong cycle for the wrong fabric, blocked lint screens, and exhaust vents. Also, the poor performance of the dryer might be from an unstable source of power

Will Soaking Wet Clothes Ruin a Dryer?

Yes, soaking wet clothes can damage any dryer including the Speed Queen models. After all, soaked clothes weigh more and add more pressure to the bearings of the washer. As a result of this force, the bearings of the machine become weaker.

What is Extends Tumble on Speed Queen Dryer?

On the Speed Queen Dryer, the Extended Tumble settings allow the machine to reduce the wrinkles on loads Normally, the dryer performs this task at the end of a drying cycle.

Speed Queen Dryer Troubleshooting Manual

If you are looking for the Speed Queen Dryer Trouble Shooting manual, check the box that came with the device. Supposing you can’t find the document, perform an online search and get a digital copy of the manual.

Can Bed Bugs Survive the Dryer?

If you put bed bug-infested articles in an inactive Speed Queen dryer, they might survive. But if you switch on the dryer and set it on high heat, the bugs will die off.


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