Whirlpool Dryer Settings Explained

For many households, the Whirlpool Dryer serves as an ideal tool for drying laundry. As expected, this device completes this task without any issues. But before you can the best results, it would help if you played around with some settings.

Getting the best dryer settings might be confusing for some users. As a result, they might end up with damp clothing even after adjusting the machine.

Are you one of such people? Are you looking for the best settings for working with the Whirlpool Dryer? If you answered yes to these questions, then you can get some help from this article.

whirlpool dryer settings

Whirlpool Dryer Settings Explained in Detail

Here are the Whirpool Dryer Settings for various fabrics. But, before using these settings, we suggest that you go through the Whirpool manual for your Whirpool dryer model. Now, let’s get started and discover the power of the machine

Steam Dry: With the Whirpool Dryer set to Steam Dry, you can remove any wrinkles that might have occurred during washing. Moreover, Steam Dry comes as a top choice for dealing with static on clothing. So, instead of using this option with all fabric, stick with non-iron garments for a pressed look.

No Heat or Fluff: Have you got a pair of rubber gloves that you might want to dry? If yes, try using the No heat or fluff option as it drys rubber/plastic items without any damage. Aside from the stated materials, the Heat or Fluff setting works best with items that can not withstand heat.

Permanent Press: Unlike Steam Dry, Permanent Press does not use steam to remove moisture from clothing. Instead, it provides heat, which removes wrinkles from your laundry. On some Whirpool models, this setting is labeled as ‘Wrinkle Control”

Timed Dry: Anyone can use the Timed Dry setting on the Whirpool dryer. To get started, place the damp clothing into the dryer and set the time that it should run. But if your set drying time becomes too long, you might end up with shrunk clothing.

Heavy Duty: Items such as heavy bedding can be difficult to dry with most settings. For the perfect dry, allow the dryer to work with the Heavy Duty setting.

Delicate: The Delicate setting allows you to remove moisture from the fragile fabric. After all, this feature depends on low heat to dry such items. For the best results, use this setting for sportswear, lightweight clothing, and lingerie

More Dry or Over Dry: As you dry tough items such as denim, choose the More Dry or Over Dry setting. When it comes down to it, this option provides enough heat to remove the moisture from such clothing.

Normal or Regular: The Normal setting is perfect for drying cotton and linen.  As expected this setting works with low temperatures thereby keeping such clothes in great shape.

Darks: Worried about the best settings for your black clothing? Choose the Dark setting on the Whirpool dryer. With this option, you should not have to worry about fading or shrinkage with your clothing.

How Long is Whirlpool Dryer Cycle?

The duration of the Whirpool depends on the type of cycle chosen. For instance, the Heavy Duty setting runs for up to 3 hours while the Delicate option lasts 15 minutes.

Why is it Taking Longer for My Dryer to Dry Clothes?

If your Whirlpool dryer takes too much time for drying even delicate items, then there is a high chance that the device has a drying issue. Normally, this problem can be traced to using the wrong cycle for the wrong fabric, blocked lint screens, and exhaust vents. Also, the poor performance of the dryer might be from an unstable source of power.

Why is My Whirlpool Dryer Blowing Cold Air?

Whirlpool Dryers blow cold air to reduce the effects of overheating. Thanks to industry regulations, this feature can be found on different modern Whirpool models.

Whirlpool Dryer Heat Settings

The Whirlpool Dryer has various heat settings which include normal/regular, heavy, permanent press, tumble dry, very dry, more dry, less dry, and timed dry.

How Do I Change My Settings on My Whirlpool Dryer?

Here are the steps required to change the settings on Whirlpool Dryer:

To switch cycles:

  • Hit the Power button to end the current cycle
  • Choose your preferred cycle and other settings
  • Hold the START/PAUSE button to start the new cycle

To Change Time on Timed Cycles:

  • Press the More OR Less Time Button

To Change the Temperature Setting:

  • Press the Temperature button

Whirlpool Heavy Duty Setting

The Whirlpool Heavy Duty Setting allows you to dry thick and heavy items in the dryer. To perform this task, the dryer requires extra heat and longer running times.

Why Does My Whirlpool Dryer Take Two Cycles to Dry?

If your Whirlpool Dryer uses two cycles to dry items, then you might have overloaded the unit. When it comes down to it, excess items in the machine prevent the free flow of air needed to dry them within a single cycle. As a result, the device needs to go through cycles for a decent dry.

Does Adding a Dry Towel to the Dryer Help?

According to experts, placing a dry towel in the dryer can quicken the drying of your fabrics. During your preferred cycle, the towel will draw out the moisture from the load thus reducing the time needed to dry the clothes.

Can Clothes be Too Wet for the Dryer?

Placing a single piece of drippy clothing into a Whirlpool dryer might not disturb its performance. But if you add tons of soaked garments into the drum, the dryer might be able to dry the clothes properly.

Is 50 minutes Enough to Dry Clothes?

Yes, 50 minutes is enough to dry clothes in the Whirlpool Dryer. However, the material of the fabric determines if this duration will be more or less. For instance, lighter garments can take 30 to 40 minutes to get dried while a whole load of denim could take hours.


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