Black and Decker Mini Fridge Settings for Coldness

In many homes, Black and Decker Mini Fridges serve as ideal tools for preserving items. Although these devices are smaller than regular models, they also have a sizable selection of features for keeping food and drink. Besides, they provide the right level of coolness for these items.

The good news is that you can make the Black and Decker Fridge even cooler. To perform this task, you will have to meet the get the right settings for coldness.

With this post, we will show you everything you need to know about adjusting the coldness on Black and Decker fridges. Now let’s get started.

black and decker mini fridge settings

Black and Decker Mini Fridge Settings for Coldness

If you want to adjust the coldness of the Black and Decker fridge, you will have to turn the dial inside its cabinet. Normally, this device is marked from 1 to 7.  Now here are the settings for coldness on a  mini-fridge.

If you want to keep food and drinks cool, you can turn the dial of the fridge to 3. Instead of turning the knob at once, adjust the heat with small increments. Allow the fridge to stabilize for a few moments before turning the dial to the next dial.

How to Increase the Coldness on the  Black and Decker Mini Fridge

To improve the coldness of your fridge, turn the dial clockwise until you have your desired coldness. As you perform this task, ensure you use small increments.

How to Decrease the Coldness on the Black and Decker Mini Fridge

It is quite easy to reduce the level of coldness on the Black and Decker fridge. You can start by turning the dial anticlockwise. If you want to turn off the cold without switching off the fridge, leave the knob on “0”.

How to Adjust the Coldness on Black and Decker Mini Fridge

If you want to adjust the coldness of the Black and Decker fridge, you can use the following steps :

  1. Open the door of the fridge and look for the temperature control knob in its corner.
  2. If you are using the fridge for the first time, leave the dial at “7” for 15-20 mins
  3. If you want to increase the coldness of the fridge, turn the dial clockwise. But if you want to reduce the coolness, you should turn the dial anticlockwise.

How to Improve the Coldness on Black and Decker Fridge

Sometimes turning the temperature knob on your fridge might not be enough to keep your fridge cool. With this in mind, you might have to use the following tips to turn up the cold.

What is the Best Cold Setting for Meat?

Although the Black and Decker Mini Fridge can keep food and drink cool, it does not have enough power to store meat for long periods. However, you can store it for a short period with a setting of “3” or more.

Is My Black and Decker Fridge Cold Enough for Fresh Food?

The Black and Decker Mini Fridge might be ideal for keeping drinks or snacks. However, it cannot hold fresh food for extended periods.

For instance, ground meat and chicken can be stored in this fridge for two days. As for smoked meat, it can stay up to 10 days. To make food last longer in a Black and Decker fridge, store these items in their original packaging.

Do Not Overload Your Fridge

Keeping loads of food might look like a great idea. But this habit can prevent cool air from moving around the cabinet. As a result, stored items will feel as cold as expected.

You can solve this problem by reducing the number of items in your fridge. Start by throwing out the expired stuff or food that you might not even eat. As for the remaining items in the cabinets, maintain a space of 3 inches between each item for proper airflow.

Do Not Store Hot Food

Keep steaming items for your mini-fridge. When it comes down to it, this content produces warm air and makes your fridge less efficient. You can avoid this problem by only storing foods at room temperature.

Keep the Door Closed

Instead of leaving your fridge open for extended periods, you can keep it closed for most of the day with some simple ideas  For instance, add some vaseline to the gasket or properly arrange any shelves that might push the door of the fridge open

Push Your Mini Fridge from the Wall

Adding some distance between your wall and the back of your fridge can enhance the cold. Normally, a few inches of space is enough to make the fridge work better.

Reach Out to the Customer Center

Does your fridge feel warm even after using the ideas listed above? If yes, then you might have to consult the Black and Decker customer desk for extra advice. After all, this department will offer the best advice for your fridge.


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