Breville Barista Touch Grind Settings

If you are a lover of great coffee, then you might own the Breville Barista Touch. Because of its high-end features, this product has become a perfect tool for making different types of coffee.

Although the Breville Barista Touch has premium specs for preparing coffee, it works better with the right grind settings. Now here are the best values for tuning the grind settings.

breville barista touch grind settings

Breville Barista Touch Grind Settings

Here are the various grind settings that you should use on the Breville Barista Touch. But before using these values, you should consult the owner’s manual that comes with the product.

1. What are the Best Grind Settings for the Breville Barista Touch?

For a decent cup of coffee, you should choose 8 as the ideal grinding setting. On this device, this value stands at the middle of the grind coarseness range.

 2. How Can I Set the Grind Settings on the Breville Barista Touch?

With the Breville Barista Touch, you can grind your coffee easily. To get started,

  1. Install the bean hopper to the top of the machine.
  2. Turn the dial and lock into place
  3. Fill the hopper with fresh beans
  4. Head to the digital display and choose your preferred coffee drink.
  5. Move your hands to the side of the machine and find the grinder setting dial.
  6. Adjust the dial to your preferred setting
  7. Return to the digital display and choose the duration of the grind.
  8. Press the “Grind” button on the digital display.

Other Settings for Making a Good Grind

Apart from adjusting the grind settings, you will have to make other settings. These values include:-


The dose is the amount of coffee that you intend to brew with the machine. On the Breville Barista Touch, the recommended dosage for a cup is around 8 -11  grams. For two cups, you should prepare 16 – 19 grams

As the device does not have an accurate timer, it would help if you used a scale to measure this dosage. For this task, you can use any affordable model from your local store.


As you make coffee, you should choose the duration of the brew. For the right results, you should allow the brewing process to reach 25 seconds.

What is the Ideal Grind Size?

If you want to grind beans with the Breville Barista Touch, ensure that the ground coffee is fairly fine. If the beans grind becomes extra powdery, it prevents the movement of water even under pressure. As a result,  you will end up with a dark, bitter brew.

However, the preparation of fine coffee powder is not the only recipe for a bad cup of coffee. If you make a coarse grind with this device, your resulting brew will not have any taste or color.

Other Tips for Grinding Coffee with the Breville Barista Touch

Even if you have the right coffeemaker and settings, there are other ways that you can improve your coffee.

1. Choose the Best Coffee

Since there are tons of coffee, you might not know the best variety for your Touch expresso machine. If you have this issue, stick with the 100% Arabica coffee. But instead of picking any brand, choose the ones with ” Roasted On” dates printed on their packaging.

2. Get the Right Amount of Beans

To prevent wastage, you should avoid buying too much coffee. You can reduce the storage time by purchasing the beans in smaller quantities.

3. Change the Dose of the Coffee

If your grind feels too rough or fine, you can solve this problem by reducing the dose of the coffee. For a cup of espresso, you should grind 8-11g worth of coffee beans while two cups will need 16 – 19g.

4. Do Not Keep the Ground Waiting

If you are using pre-ground beans, use them within a week of grinding. As the grind stays longer, it loses its freshness thereby producing bad coffee.

5. Get the Correct Grind Size

If you want to try a new brand of coffee, look for the best grind settings. For this task, you will have to repeat the grinding process with various settings until you find the right one.

6. Store the Coffee Beans

With proper storage, you can maintain the freshness of your beans for an extended period. Perform this task by keeping the coffee in sealed containers.

How to Care for Your Breville Barista Touch Espresso Maker

The above-listed settings can only work on well-maintained Breville machines. For this reason, it is advised that you take proper care of your coffee maker. Now here are some easy ways to keep your machine in top shape.

1. Clean the Coffee Maker

A dirty coffee maker might not last as expected. When it comes down to it, these devices will have parts clogged with coffee beans or other debris. You might even end up with the worst-tasting coffee.

Because of these reasons, it would help if you cleaned out the Breville Touch. You can check its manual for the proper ways to clean it.

2. Avoid Hard Water

With hard water, your coffee maker will become suitable for mineral buildup. As a result, the machine and its product will have several problems.

Avoid these issues by selecting the descaling feature of the Breville Barista Touch. To use this option, go to Settings -> Descale Cycle. Then follow the featured on-screen instructions.

3. Keep the Coffee Maker Dry

Do not immerse or clean any part of the coffee maker with water. Also, keep the device from other liquids.

4. Replace the Silicone Seal

The Breville Barista comes with a silicone seal for trapping pressurized water. If this seal shows signs of wear and tear, try to replace it with a fresh unit.

5. Store the Machine Properly

One of the best ways of caring for your Breville Barista is by storing it perfectly. Start by unplugging the device and emptying its contents. Then clean the parts before keeping them in a cool, dry spot.


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