LG Washer Diagnostic Mode Explained

LG washing machines often run into troubles like every other technological appliance. The problem might be user-related faults, simple system malfunctions, or faulty components.

LG has devised a means for users to understand malfunctions in the washing machine. Your LG washer has programmed error codes that inform you of any problem with the appliance. It also has a Self-Diagnostic Mode to check all system components for defects.

lg washer diagnostic mode

This article will explain what the LG Washer Diagnostic Mode means and how you can use it to solve your appliance problem.

LG Washer Diagnostic Mode Explained in Detail

The Diagnostic Mode is available in most LG washing machines. This Mode is called the Test Quality Control or the Servicing Mode.

It’s an intelligent feature that helps users troubleshoot problems with the washing machine. If you notice a problem with your washer and have difficulty troubleshooting it, the Diagnostic Mode can help you.

The Diagnostic Mode has one purpose, to test individual functions of the washing machine and ensure all is in the correct order.

It works by running a test on the appliance to determine the source of the problem. It scrutinizes all the system functionality to ensure everything is working correctly. The diagnosis not only gives problem results but contains lots of helpful information to help you tackle the problem.

How To Enter Diagnostics Mode On Your LG Washer

The Diagnostic Mode will help narrow your washing machine problem to its root source. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to enter the Diagnostic Mode on your LG washing machine:

  • Put your washer on Standby Mode. You can do this by turning off the machine but not with the power source
  • Press down the Soil Level buttons and the Spin Speed
  • While pressing these keys together, press the Power You should hear the washing machine ding twice if the process is done correctly.
  • The sound denotes that the washer has entered the Diagnostic Mode
  • You can navigate to the individual tests by pressing the Start/Pause button
  • You can also sit back and allow the Self-Diagnostic Mode to run successfully.

There are two possible outputs

  • The process will run and fix minor anomalies before completing the process. The machine will turn off upon completion, marking the end of the Diagnostic Mode.
  • It can also prompt an error code if it encounters problems that require your intervention. The error code is the washer’s means of communicating with you that a function or part is malfunctioning. You’ll need to investigate what the error code means and how to solve it. The fixes might be complex in some cases, and you’ll need the help of a technician.

LG Smart Diagnosis Service(SDS)

Newer models of LG appliances, including washers, dryers, and refrigerators, have the Smart Diagnosis feature. This feature was introduced some years back as an upgrade to the traditional method of troubleshooting appliance problems. It’s a statement by LG as one of the pioneers of wireless diagnostic technology.

This feature is built to help users tackle their appliances problem. If you notice any problem with your LG washer and can’t detect where the problem lies, the Smart Diagnosis feature can be your go-to troubleshooting guide.

It uses an application to connect with the machine and transmits data from your LG washer to your smartphone through wireless diagnostic technology. This ability is possible through the LG Smart ThinQ™ app. The application is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Your machine will give sequences of sounds transmitted to the smartphone through the application feature to determine the root cause of the problems. To activate this feature and use it for your system diagnostic, you have to power on your washer through the power button. Else, you’ll use different troubleshooting.

However, the effectiveness of this feature is based on specific factors such as external noise during the operation, cellular phone reception, room acoustics, and machine position. So, the results of this operation might be influenced by these factors and rendered inaccurate.

How To Use The Smart Diagnosis Feature

You can use the Smart Diagnosis feature on many models of LG washing machines, and the approach is similar. You can follow the steps as described below:

  • Download and Install the Smart ThinQ™ app on your smartphone
  • Open the app and toggle to the next screen using the right arrow key.
  • Switch on your LG washing machine with the Power
  • Start recording on the Smart ThinQ™ app with the Record
  • Move the smartphone mouthpiece close to the Smart Diagnosis logo on your LG washer
  • On the washer control panel, press the Temp button for a few seconds.
  • Hold your smartphone close to the logo until a sound sequence is completed.
  • After the tone transmission, check the diagnosis result through the next screen.
  • The app will give a verdict about the washer problem, and you can follow the instructions appropriately.

If you can’t fix the problem independently, do not hesitate to contact a technician or professional for help.


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