Maytag Washer Diagnostic Mode Explained

When your Maytag washer is having a problem that’s hindering functionality, you can run the diagnostic mode to troubleshoot the problem. It’s an intelligent feature on the Maytag washer that aids troubleshooting.

This article will explain the diagnostic mode and how you can enjoy its benefits. If this sounds interesting, read along.

Maytag washer diagnostic modes

Maytag Washer Diagnostic Mode: What Exactly Is It?

The Maytag washer diagnostic mode gives users more options for troubleshooting machine problems. It’s a self-test mode that scrutinizes all the significant components necessary for the smooth operation of the washer to ensure they are working optimally.

When activated, the diagnostic mode views logged washer errors, then performs an automatic or manual diagnostic cycle to test for effective operation on the machine. The diagnostic mode is essential because it identifies the exact problem with the appliance.

So, when your machine stops working, you don’t need to start looking for the problem source. The self-test mode will go through all the troubles and return an error code if there’s any problem to notify you of where the problem lies.

How To Enter The Diagnostic Mode On Maytag Washer

The Maytag diagnostic will help you troubleshoot your washing machine and identify specific problems. Irrespective of your model, starting the diagnostic mode is relatively easy. You can start the diagnostic mode by pressing the keys/button combinations on your machine control panel.

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to enter the diagnostic mode:

  • Set your washing machine to standby mode. The appliance will be plugged-in, but all the LED lights will be off.
  • Locate the washer control knob or dial
  • Depending on the position, turn it counter-clockwise till it returns to the 12 o’clock position.
  • Now turn it at least three complete rotations to the left. You should turn it like you’re clearing a combination lock.
  • Next, rotate it three clicks in the clockwise direction(right).
  • Turn it one click to the left and finally one click to the right.
  • Specifically, you’re turning the control knob three complete rotations to the left, three turns to the right, one turn to the left, and then one turn to the right.
  • Ensure you turn the control knob with only one second between each click
  • Press the Start button to enter the diagnostic mode. The machine will flash all the lights to indicate it’s in the mode.
  • Turn the dial one click to the right to display previous error codes
  • Each turn of the control dial to the right will show an error code.
  • If only the first light flashes, then no error codes are stored.

This simple process should put your washer in diagnostic mode if you do it correctly. The indicator lights on the washer console will flash. If they don’t, the washer is yet to enter the diagnostic mode. Repeat the process and ensure the time between each click doesn’t exceed a second. Return the knob to the 12 o’clock position before you retry the operation.

When the LED lights on the washer console flash, you can choose three possible options. You can view the saved error codes on the machine or select an automatic or manual diagnostic mode cycle.

You should endeavor to clear the stored error codes before choosing between running an automatic or manual diagnostics mode. The machine saved four recent error codes. If it doesn’t display any, then there’s no problem with the machine. You can clear the error codes with the steps below:

  • Follow the instructions above.
  • Turn the control dial five clicks in the clockwise direction. All the LED lights should be off except the “done” light.
  • Press and hold the Start button
  • The error codes will now clear, and the machine will reset.

Once you’ve cleared the error codes, you can Press the Start button for three seconds to exit the diagnostic mode.

How To Enter The Automatic Self-Test Mode

The above diagnostic mode displays the saved error code but does not specify the problem source. The automatic self-test mode will run a series of tests on the components to determine where the problem lies. The following set of instructions will direct you to enter the automatic self-test mode on your Maytag washing machine:

  • Set the control dial to ensure it’s pointing to the top position (12 o’clock). The top part is usually labeled normal
  • Disconnect your appliance and wait for some seconds before replugging it so that the previous modes will be cleared.
  • Spin the control dial 360° counter-clockwise if any lights are turned on.
  • Now turn the dial three clicks to the right
  • Turn it to the left one click and finally one click to the right again.
  • The cycle status lights will flash except for the “Lid locked” light
  • Turn the dial two clicks to the right, and the machine will enter self-test mode.

The test will scrutinize all the major components in the machine to determine if there’s a problem. If you want to enter the manual diagnostic mode, you can keep pressing the Start button to jump between each mode.

If it detects a problem, an error code will display. You’ll need to interpret the error code to understand which part the problem is present. If you’re unsure of the interpretation, you can visit your owner’s manual for clarity.


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