Magic Chef Mini Fridge Settings (Coldest)

Do you own a Magic Chef Mini fridge? If yes, then you might have discovered its awesome cooling power. Supposing the fridge does not offer enough cold, you can decrease the temperature to make it colder.

Thanks to some settings, you achieve this level of coolness. But before you can get the expected results, you will have to follow the right steps.

Here are some of the settings needed to make your fridge cooler. But before using this guide, we recommend that you check the Magic Chef Mini Fridge manual for extra advice.

magic chef mini fridge settings

Magic Chef Mini Fridge Settings (Coldest)

To set the Magic Mini Fridge to the coldest, you will have to use the following steps:

  • Open the Magic Chef Mini Fridge
  • Look for the temperature control at the corner of the fridge
  • Adjust the control knob to 7 and wait for 2 hours
  • Allow the fridge to run for 2 hours
  • Check if the fridge is cooler

If your fridge does not still feel cool enough, you might have to use the following tips to improve its performance:

a. Remove the Clutter

Supposing your mini fridge is loaded with excess items, there is a high chance that it will not offer the right amount of cooling. However, you can enhance its performance by reducing the stored articles. Then add some inches of space between the remaining food and drink to allow air to circulate properly.

b. Secure Your Fridge

With its door open, the Magic Chef Mini Fridge will have a hard time cooling your food and drink. But you can deal with this issue by keeping the door of your fridge closed for most parts of the day.

You can start by reducing the number of visits to the mini fridge. Also, ensure that the door gasket is clean and coated with Vaseline.

c. Keep the Fridge from the Wall

Placing the Magic Chef fridge against the wall might increase the space of the room. However, this arrangement can affect the cooling performance of the device.

You can make things better by maintaining a few inches between the fridge and the wall. With this setup, the cool air can circulate and chill your items completely.

d. Clean Your Condenser Coils

Keeping your condenser coils tidy can greatly enhance the cooling performance. But before performing this task, you will have to get a brush and a good vacuum. Then check the manual or Youtube videos for the best way to clean the coils.

e. Store Warm Foods

Are you still looking for ways to improve the cooling of your Magic Chef Mini fridge? Well, you can get the desired results by using it to store slightly warm food. If the dish is steamy hot, keep it in the open air (for a few minutes) before storage.

f. Check Your Power Supply

Without adequate power, the Magic Chef Mini Fridge cannot offer the ideal amount of coolness. For this reason, it is advised that you plug the fridge properly into a working outlet. Then make sure the power cables on the fridge are not damaged.

g. Reach Out to Magic Chef Support Service

If all our hacks failed, then you will have to reach out to the Magic Chef Support service. QAQQQAAWhen it comes down to it, this platform offers some of the best tips for using the Magic Chef Mini Fridge. You can reach this service via phone, email, or its user forums.

How to Reduce the Coolness of the Magic Chef Mini Fridge

If your Magic Chef Mini Fridge feels too cold, you will have to increase the internal temperature of your fridge. To achieve these results, move the knob to settings less than 7. Then wait for a few hours for the fridge to stabilize.

You can also reduce the coldness of the fridge by fixing the temperature control knob. If you are not sure of the right ways to fix this issue, consult the Magic Chef Support Service.

Extra Tips for Setting the Adjusting the Temperature on the Magic Chef Mini Fridge

  • Do not change a fridge from its recommended settings.
  • Remove any items from the fridge that might block its air vents.
  • Do not connect your fridge to an extension cord.
  • Allow the newly installed refrigerator to cool down for 24 hours before storing food in it.
  • Wait 24 hours in between temperature adjustments.


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