Maytag Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode Explained

The dishwasher is one of the essential kitchen tools in the household. When the dishwasher is not functioning to its maximum capacity, it becomes a massive blow to the kitchen operation.

We’re getting more technologically advanced machines with important features for our convenience. The Maytag dishwasher has a self-diagnostic mode that can help users to troubleshoot problems. However, this feature is unknown to the majority of the dishwasher owner.

maytag dishwasher diagnostic mode

If you want to know about what this feature means and how you can use it, this article will be your guide. Follow along as we discuss the Maytag dishwasher diagnostic mode.

Maytag Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode: What It Means

Electrical appliances often run into problems. It’s an inevitable circumstance, and the problem can be from a system malfunction or user-related faults. When your machine stops working, you’ll want to troubleshoot it immediately and get it functioning again.

Rather than manually checking all the components for malfunctions, The troubleshooting journey becomes easier when you know the problem source and tackle it accordingly. It will save you the time of diagnosing the wrong component and help your appliance up and running again. This is where the diagnostic mode on your dishwasher comes in.

The diagnostic mode on your dishwasher can help you troubleshoot your machine. It assists in troubleshooting journeys by checking all the components and narrowing down the problem source. It enables you to pinpoint where the problem lies so you can fix it accordingly.

The diagnostic mode aims to help you do all the work of checking all the components and then inform you of where the problem is. It helps determine what is going wrong or what has gone wrong with the dishwasher.

Maytag Dishwasher Diagnostic Mode: How Does It Work?

The diagnostic mode is designed to give you control and options in troubleshooting the dishwasher. When you enter the diagnostic mode, it puts the dishwasher in a state where it can access all the significant components crucial for the smooth running of the system.

It runs a series of tests on these components to check their working conditions. It runs these tests in consecutive orders. When it finishes with one part, and there’s no problem, it moves to the next accordingly.

However, if it detects a problem with any components, it returns an error code to notify the user of the problem. It fixes trivial anomalies and prompts an error code if it’s a more complex problem to call the user’s attention to the problem. It doesn’t only scrutinize the significant components. It also provides helpful information on how to fix the problem, if any.

It’s a fantastic troubleshooting feature on the dishwasher that can help fix problems quickly.

How To Set Your Maytag Dishwasher In Diagnostic Mode

We’ve already established the importance of diagnostic mode in troubleshooting the dishwasher. If you understand how to use it, it can help you pinpoint the exact problem of the machine rather than manually checking all the components.

You can enable the diagnostic mode on your Maytag dishwasher with some key buttons combination. It’s a simple process that you can do independently. You can run a self-test mode on your Maytag dishwasher as follows:

  • Put your dishwasher in standby mode. The machine will be plugged in, but the indicator lights will be turned off
  • Inspect the control panel and locate the buttons on it
  • Locate the Heated Dry and Normal buttons
  • Press these buttons in consecutive order twice. It means you’ll press Heated Dry, then Normal, then Heated Dry, then Normal
  • The key combination should be in this order Heated Dry == Normal == Heated Dry == Normal
  • Ensure you press these keys combination within six seconds
  • The dishwasher will enter the diagnostic mode, and the cycle will begin on its own without requiring your input again.

If your dishwasher fails to enter the diagnostic mode with the above step, you can try using the High Temp Wash and Heated Dry combination. You’ll press these keys consecutively four times within six seconds, then press High Temp Wash again.

The order of sequence will be High Temp Wash == Heated Dry == High Temp Wash == Heated Dry == High Temp Wash == Heated Dry == High Temp Wash == Heated Dry == High Temp Wash.

In some dishwasher models, the Heated Dry button is not available. If your dishwasher doesn’t come with the button, you can use the Energy Saver Dry or Air Dry button instead.

Once the diagnostic mode starts, all the status and information available for the latest cycle on the machine will be cleared from the memory. It will be restored to default settings.

The test starts, and major components are diagnosed. It starts with the sensor check and goes through other parts in consecutive order. You can advance to the desired test with the Start/Resume button.

If the tests detect a problem, it returns an error code depending on the faults. Please endeavor to visit your user manual to understand what each error code means, or the entire diagnostic mode process might be futile.


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