Best Dryer Settings for Towels

Tossing a towel into the dryer might be easy. But due to its bulky nature, making it dry can be tricky. If you are not sure of the right dryer settings to use, you might end up with annoying results.

Finding these settings might require years of trial and error. But since you can’t afford the time, you will need a guide ( like this) to help with the process. So if you are looking for such a document, you have found one.

In this post, you will learn how to use a dryer for your towels. On top of that, we will also list different hacks for speeding up the process.

best dryer settings for towels

Best Dryer Settings for Towels

To keep your towels dry, you will have to stick with either the Regular Cycle or Automatic Cycle. You can also use the Timed Dry feature of your dryer. However, avoid overdrying as it might destroy the fabric.

Some experts recommend that you use the Tumble Dry setting on the dryer. For this method, use the following steps

  1. Place the towel into the dryer
  2. Use the Tumble Dry setting for 20 minutes
  3. Remove the towel and shake to maintain the fluffiness
  4.  Place the towel on a clothesline until dry

What Temperature Settings Should Towels Be in the Dryer?

If you want to dry towels in your dryer, select the High Heat setting. As expected, this option can keep the item dry without harming the fibers.

How Do You Keep Your Towel Fluffy in the Dryer?

You can maintain the fluffiness of your towel by using the Tumble Drying setting for 20 minutes. Then shake the towel before hanging it on a clothesline to dry.

Is it OK to Keep Towels in the Dryer?

Yes, you can use your dryer to remove moisture from towels. For the best results, choose the Regular, Automatic, or Timed Dry settings. To keep the fabric in good shape, remove the towel (as soon as its dries) from the machine.

Why are My Towels Not Drying in the Dryer?

Do your towels remain damp even after using the recommended settings? If yes, then here are some likely reasons:

Soggy Towels: Although the dryer keeps towels dry, it might have difficulty with drippy ones. As a result, it would help if you only place damp items in the dryer.

Power Supply: Before thinking about repairs, check if your dryer is actually working. You can start by checking if the dryer is connected to a power source.

Clogged Lint Trap: After multiple uses, the lint trap of the dryer might contain tons of debris. With such a mess, the warm air might not be able to the towels. However, you can avoid this scenario by cleaning the trap with warm water and soap as often as possible.

Clogged Air Vent: As with lint traps, debris also has an annoying effect on air vents. Luckily you can deal with this issue by performing cleanups.

Overloading: With too many items in the dryer, the warm air will not reach the towels properly. As a result, the dampness remains. To avoid this issue, try staying within the required load limit of your device.

The Dryer is  Open: If you have an open door on your dryer ( including yours) , then it should be the cause of your problems. After all, companies designed dryers to stop working as soon as the doors are open.

How Long Does the Towel Take to Dry in the Dryer?

The length of the drying process depends on factors like load and settings. For instance, a single towel used with tumble dry settings takes less than 30 minutes to get dried. But if you want to work with a full load, the dryer should use a minimum of an hour.

Why Are My Towels So Rough after Drying?

There are two significant reasons why your towel can come out rough from the dryer. First, you might have over-dried the towel. Also, the towel might have become home to soapy residue.

Why is My Towel Stiff After Air Drying?

As with dryers, towels can also lose their fluffiness on the clothesline. But in this case, the rough look comes from the bonding of the towel fibers with water.

How Do You Dry Your Towel after a Shower?

After taking a shower, use the towel and place it on a shower rod. Unlike hooks, these tools allow the fabric to dry fully thereby stopping the growth of germs.

Should You Tumble Dry Towels?

There is nothing wrong with using the Tumble Dry settings for towels. But as you use this option, do not allow the towels to stay in the machine for extended periods.

Should I Use Fabric Softener with Towels?

No, do not use fabric softeners on your towel. After all, these products can damage the fibers on its fabric. If you still want to make your fluffier, try adding three rolled-up balls of aluminum to the towel.

Does a Dry Towel Speed Up a Dryer?

If you want to dry items in the wash quickly, a dry towel is one of the best tools for the job. All you have to do is throw in the towel with washing and start the cycle. Remove the towel from the dryer after 5 – 15 minutes.

How Do You Make Towels Soft and Fluffy Again?

Are your towels rough from drying or other causes? If yes, then you can use put the towel in the washer and apply some vinegar to restore its fluffiness. For the best results, apply the substance to the towel every six weeks.


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