True Refrigerator Temperature Control Settings

For many years, the True Refrigerator has served many homes and businesses. The device offers enough features for proper storage. On top of that, the refrigerator allows you to improve its performance via some settings.

Now anyone can use these settings with little or no technical skills. But without knowing the right adjustments to make, the fridge might not work as expected. In the end, the stored items will lose their freshness and end up in a trashcan.

true refrigerator temperature settings

Do you have a True Refrigerator? Would you like to know the best settings for controlling its temperatures? If yes, you can go through our post, and learn about these settings and how to use them with your device.

True Refrigerator Temperature Control Settings Guide

Here are the right settings for adjusting different True Refrigerator models. Although thIs article is well researched, we suggest that you use it for informational purposes. If you want to adjust the temperature settings with your fridge, it would help if you checked the True Refrigerator manual for the ideal instructions.

On the 15-inch and 24-inch Undercounter Models

  • For Adjusting Temperature: Press the UP Arrow button to increase the temperature of the fridge OR Press the DOWN Arrow to decrease the temperature
  • For Switching between the ℃ and ℉:Press the Power button and Arrow Down Button
  • Perform a Manual Defrost: Press the Down Button + Alarm buttons

On the FLM-54/54F~TSL01 Models

For Adjusting Temperature:

  • Hold the Info button
  • Continue holding the button as you hold the Arrow Up button ( increase temperature) or Arrow Down Button ( decrease temperature)
  • Remove your fingers from both buttons as soon as you reach the desired temperature

True Freezer t-23f Temperature Control

Here are some settings for the True Freezer t-23f Temperature Control.

For locking the LAE controller:

  • Press the Info button
  • Wait for t1 to appear on the screen
  • Press and hold the Manual Activation/Up button until you notice the “Loc” button on the screen
  • Hit the Info key then press the Manual Defrost / Up or Manual activation/ Up button to lock/unlock the phone
  • Remove your finger from the buttons.
  • Wait for a minimum of 5 seconds for the temperature to appear on the display.

How to Set the Time on True Refrigerator

  • Hold the Info button
  • Wait for “t1” to appear on the OSD
  • Continue holding the and press the Manual Defrost / Up or Manual activation/ Up button to adjust the minutes

True Gdm-26 Temperature Control

As you set the temperature on this fridge, try to leave it a 5. Then wait for the fridge to stabilize for at least 24 hours.

How Do You Adjust the Temperature on a True Commercial Refrigerator?

Here are various settings for using adjusting the coldness in the True Commercial refrigerators:

For changing the set point (the temperature at which the compressor goes off):

  • Press and hold the Info button
  • Press the Manual Activation/UP button ( while holding the Info button) to increase the temperature or the Manual Defrost/Down button to decrease the temperature
  • Release the Info button after getting to your preferred setting.

How Do You Reset a True Refrigerator?

If you are having issues with a True Refrigerator, it would help if you dealt with them via a reset. Now here are some of the ideal steps for performing this task.

  • Unplug the fridge from the power outlet
  • Keep the fridge unplugged for a few minutes
  • Press the Power button on the True Refrigerator
  • Plug the fridge back into the power outlet
  • Set the fridge ( by stages) to the preferred temperature settings
  • Allow the fridge to run at this temperature for a day.

Why Does My True Refrigerator Freeze Food?

Sometimes the True fridge might freeze up your raw food or prepared meals. If you have this issue, then the temperature might have been set too low. But you can solve this issue by adjusting the coldness to the medium

Why is My True Refrigerator Not Cooling?

There are tons of reasons why your True Refrigerator might not cool items properly. For instance, the fridge could be carrying dirty coils or bad compressors. Besides, you can also end up with a warm fridge if the doors are not properly closed.

Will Unplugging a True Fridge Reset it?

Yes, removing the True Fridge from its power source can reset its functions. But before it can enjoy such a benefit, it would help if the fridge remained unplugged for at least 45 minutes with the doors closed.

How Do I Know If My True Fridge is Cold Enough?

Here is an easy way of knowing if your True Fridge offers enough coldness for storage.

  1. Place a glass of water in the cabinet of the fridge
  2. Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours
  3. Insert a thermometer into the glass for a reading

How Do I Stop a True Fridge from Freezing?

Does your True Fridge have issues with excess freezing? Well, you can use the following tips to make things better.

Adjust the Temperature of the Fridge: As soon as your fridge gets frozen over, start to adjust its temperature. For the best results, make sure the coldness does not exceed 0°F.

Close the Door Properly: If your True Fridge has open doors, it becomes filled with warm air. As a result, the cabinet ends up with annoying frost. But you can avoid this problem by replacing the gasket that surrounds the door.

Replace the Thermostat: As soon as your True fridge has a faulty thermostat, it begins to freeze items unexpectedly. To solve this issue, you will have to install a new thermostat on the device. Unless you have technical experience, leave the repairs to a qualified technician.

Get a New Control Board: Installing a control board can look easy enough. But as it requires a high level of technical skill, contact a qualified professional to solve the issue.


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