LG Washer Settings for Best Performance

Washing your laundry with an LG washer comes as a great idea. When it comes down to it, this device offers loads of features for the perfect wash. On top of that, you can improve these features by applying the right settings.

Although these settings are easy to use, they tend to be confusing for some users. As a result, they might muddle up the washing or even become frustrated with the machine. But, with the perfect guide, they can avoid this nightmare.

Are you one of such users that needs the right settings for the LG washer? If yes, go through our article and find the ideal LG settings for your laundry. Now, let’s get started.

lg washer settings

LG Washer Settings Explained in Detail

Here are the common settings for using various LG washers. Although this is a well-researched article, it is meant for informational purposes. If you want the perfect settings for your washer, check the owner’s manual that came with your device.

Allergy Care: Having fabric filled with animal fur or pollen can be a nightmare. To clean such items, set the LG washer to Allergy care and start the cycle. But instead of using this setting with any article, stick to items such as light bedding, baby clothes, and underwear.

Cotton: With this setting, you can deal with laundry filled with shirts, pajamas, and even underwear. For the best results, the machine combines different drum motions to aid the wash.

Sports Wear: As the name suggests suits anything from fleece to Goretex. As you use this setting, do not exceed 40°C. Besides, keep the load under 30 kg.

Refresh: Your LG washer can remove any wrinkles that might occur during the cycle. But before you can enjoy this feature, choose the Refresh cycle. Moreover, make sure the items do not exceed the 3-load limit.

Delicate: Fragile clothing such as sheer blouses and lingerie work better with the Delicate setting. After all, this setting is gentle and works best at 30°C. As for the load, it should not exceed 3kg.

Duvet: Heavy bedding and washable upholstery tend to suit the Duvet mode. For the best results, make sure the temperature stays 40°C while washing an item at a time.

Dark Wash: The Dark Wash Mode works with 30°C. As expected, this setting is ideal for cleaning soiled dark garments. As you use this setting, make sure the water remains at 30°C.

Wool: Do you have soiled wool clothing? Choose the Wool setting on the LG washer. As you use this setting, use a load of 3kg while the temp stays at 30°.

Quick Wash: Quick Wash was designed for cleaning colored fabrics with light soils. When used, you can expect the cycle to be completed as soon as possible.

Mix: You can use this setting to wash different fabrics at the same time. But as you use this setting, stay away from dark clothing, beddings, and even delicates.

Easy Care: Easy Care works well on permanent press shirts. As you wash clothes with this setting, choose 40°C and stay within the 5.5 kg.

Cotton Eco: Saving energy while washing cotton might look impossible. However, the LG washer boasts of a Cotton Eco mode for performing this task.

Why Do My Clothes Look Dirty After Washing?

Do your clothes still look dirty even after using the above LG settings? Well, you can lay the blame on an overloaded drum. However, you can avoid this issue by sticking to the max load limit of the fabric clean.

LG Washing Machine Takes 3 Hours to Wash?

If your LG washing machine takes hours to do your laundry, then it might be for different reasons. For instance, if the control panel has issues, then the machine can become very slow. Moreover, a faulty load system or water inlet valve could be the cause of the issue.

Why are the LG Wash Cycles Long?

The LG washer offers longer wash cycles in a bid to conserve water. It also uses a long duration to use less heat for the water.

Is Quick Wash Better?

There are many reasons why Quick Wash stands as a great option for doing your laundry. Asides from running the running time of your washing machine, it is also a great option for lightly soiled fabric.

How Do I Make My Laundry Smell Nice?

Although the LG washer works well, it needs the following tips to improve the smell of washed fabric:

Use Vinegar. After every cycle, clean the interior of the machine. By using liquids such as vinegar, you can clear up the detergent/laundry product buildup. As you clean the machine, choose the hottest setting and run the liquid through it.

Use Less Cleaning Products. Dumping loads of fabric softener/ detergent into the washer might seem like a great idea. However, this move tends to cause the stinky buildup that caused the smelly washer in the first place.

Dry Your Clothes ASAP. Yes, leaving damp clothes in your LG washer can lead to a stinky situation. But you can avoid this issue by taking it to dry as soon as the cycle ends.

Leave the Door Open. At the end of every cycle, leave the door of the washer open for at least 60 minutes. If you follow this tip, you can remove any smells that might be in the drum.

Use the Hottest Setting. If your fabric can withstand the heat, use the hottest temperature for your washing. With this setting, you can deal with any buildup that might be in the washer.

LG Washer Bedding Cycle

Different options can help clean beddings with an LG washer.

Duvet: This cycle suits heavier bedding such as blankets, duvets, and pillows. For a thorough clean, it uses water at 40°c and works better with a single item load limit.

Allergy Care: Allergy Care can be used to wash anything from pillow covers to bedsheets. Unlike most modes, this cycle focuses on pollen, house mites, and other allergens.


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