Equinox 800 Settings Guide

For many enthusiasts, the Equinox 800 is an ideal tool for treasure hunts. After all, this device boasts several features that will not make you miss your target. But before you can enjoy these features, it would help if you knew about its settings.

On this metal detector, there are tons of settings for various tasks. If you don’t know how to use them, you might not get the expected results. But if you have a guide ( like this article), you should be able can avoid this scenario.

equinox 800 settings

Equinox 800 Settings Explained

Now here are some settings for adjusting the Equinox 800. Although this article is well-researched, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual for additional advice. Now let’s get started.

Noise Cancel

The Noise Cancel feature allows you to reduce any interference that comes from power lines or metal detectors. On the Equinox 800, you have the Auto Noise Cancel and Manual Noise Cancel.

To use Auto Noise Cancel (recommended settings):

  • Hold the coil still and away from the ground
  • Press the Settings Menu button
  • Scroll to Settings Menu – Auto Noise Cancel
  • Press the Accept or Reject button
  • Wait for a few seconds for the detector to display the best channel and play three tones
  • Press the Detect Mode Button or the Pinpoint Detect mode button to exit the menu

Ground Balance

With this feature, you can block out sounds from the ground that might disturb your metal hunt. Although there are Ground balance modes ( Manual, Auto, and Tracking Balance), it would help if you choose Auto and Ground balance for the best results.

To use Auto Ground Balance  ( recommended for Park, Field, and Beach Modes):

  • Hit the Settings Button – Settings Menu – Ground Balance
  • Press and hold the Accept/Reject button.
  • Head to a clear patch of soil without targets
  • Raise and lower the coil
  • Wait for the Target ID display to show a single number
  • Lift your fingers from the Accept / Reject Button

To Use Tracking Ground Balance ( recommended for Beach Mode 2):

  • Press the Settings Menu – Ground Balance
  • Switch on Ground Balance by pressing the Accept/Reject button
  • Return to the Detect screen while the ground balance moves in the background.

Volume Adjust

Used to increase or adjust the sound from the detector. Out of the box, the volume should stay at 20.

Go to Settings Menu – Volume Adjust

Toggle the volume with the Plus (+) or Minus ( -) button.

Tone Volume (recommended for areas with plenty of iron): used to adjust the volume of each tone region. Out of the box, the tone volume falls at 25 for non-ferrous tones and 12 for ferrous ones. However, you can adjust the ferrous tone to zero and increase the non-ferrous tone.

  • Press the Settings button – Settings – Volume Adjust
  • Hold the Settings button for two seconds
  • Press the Plus ( +) or Minus ( -) button to adjust the volume of one region
  • Press the Accept/Button to scroll to the next tone region
  • Repeat the above settings until you have adjusted all regions
  • Long press the Settings button until you go to the main menu

Threshold Level

This is used to control the background sound of the detector. Under this setting, you have Park, Field, Beach, and Gold modes.

To adjust the settings on each device:

  • Go to Settings Menu – Threshold
  • Press the Minus (-) or Plus ( +) button to adjust the Threshold level

Threshold Pitch

  • Go to Settings Menu – Threshold
  • Hold the Settings button for two seconds
  • Use the Plus ( +) or Minus ( -) button to adjust the threshold pitch.
  • Long press the Settings button to return to the Threshold Menu

Target Tone

This setting allows you to separate the Target ID into several tone regions. To adjust this setting:

  • Go to Settings Menu – Target Tone
  • Use the Plus ( +) or Minus ( -) button to choose the number of audio tones

Tone Pitch

This is used to control the pitch of target responses

  • Go to Settings – Target Tone
  • Press and hold the Settings button for 2 seconds
  • Use the Plus ( +) or Minus ( -) button to increase or reduce tone pitch
  • Press the Accept / Reject button to move to the next tone region.
  • Long press the Settings button to return to Target Tone settings

Accept /Reject

With this Equinox 800 Settings, you can customized discrimination patterns to decide if an item is a treasure or trash.

  • Go to Settings – Accept/Reject
  • Use the Minus (-) or Plus (+) button to scroll through the Target IDs
  • Press the Accept/Reject button to switch on or switch off Target ID
  • Repeat the above steps until you have turned on/off all the Target IDs.

Tone Break

This option allows you to change the end position of each Tone Region. On the Equinox 800, you can adjust the following tone regions:- t1, t2, t3, t4.

To set the Tone Break on this device:

  • Go to Settings Menu – Accept/Reject
  • Press and hold the Settings button for 2 seconds
  • Scroll to the Target ID you prefer to use at the end position
  • Press the Accept / Reject Button button
  • Long press the Settings button to go back to the top level setting

Recovery Speed

Adjusts the speed at which the detector detects one target to another one. Normally, this setting is ideal for finding small areas of multiple targets in a trash-infested area.

  • Go to Settings Menu – Recovery Speed
  • Hold the Settings button for two seconds
  • Toggle between the Iron Bias FE and Iron Bias F2 with the Accept/Reject button
  • Press Plus (+) or Minus (-) to increase or decrease the speed
  • Long press the Settings button

How Deep Can Equinox 800 Detect?

The Equinox 800 can detect targets hidden at 3m/10 feet. With this in mind, this tool is ideal for finding treasure in water.

How Good is the Minelab Equinox 800?

There are many reasons why the Equinox 800 is a great metal detector. First, it boasts of high-end technology for finding targets in different locations. On top of that, this metal can be operated by anyone without any technical expertise.

Equinox 800 Manual

Are you looking for the Equinox 800 manual? If yes, then you can check the box that came with your metal detector. Supposing you cannot find this material, you can use an online search to download its digital version.


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