Kenmore Washer Diagnostic Mode Explained

Kenmore washers are top-quality appliances with advanced technology. The latest technological innovation in Kenmore washers makes them one of the most sought-after.

One of the exceptional features of a Kenmore washer exhibit is the diagnostic mode. It’s an intelligent feature capable of helping users diagnose problems.

kenmore washer diagnostic mode

If you’re unsure of what this feature does, how to use it, and its importance, then this article is for you. We’ll discuss this important feature in your Kenmore Washer, which is unknown to most users so you can enjoy this exciting feature on your washer.

About the Kenmore Washer’s Diagnostic Mode

Kenmore washer is capable of diagnosing problems by itself through the diagnostic mode. The washer is prone to running into issues during or after usage. The diagnostic mode is programmed to help users through the troubleshooting journey.

This feature diagnoses the washer and pinpoints the problem source. It works by testing different internal components of the machine through an automated test to determine where the problem lies. It tests each part’s functionality and ensures everything works suitably.

So, when your machine runs into trouble, either it fails to start or completes a cycle, the diagnostic mode can help you troubleshoot the problem. It should be your go-to troubleshooting guide because it determines the specific region where the problem lies.

When you want to troubleshoot your machine problem, rather than manually searching for the part responsible for the malfunction, the diagnostic mode will direct you to the source.

It tests every crucial part responsible for the smooth running of the washer to ensure they’re working optimally. When it detects a problem anywhere, it returns an error code to notify you of the problem so you can work on it accordingly.

How To Start The Diagnostic Mode On Kenmore Washer

Professionals use diagnostic mode to determine the problem source in the washer. It’s always a smart move to use the feature to troubleshoot dishwasher problems as it saves time and stress. There’s also less risk of fixing or troubleshooting the wrong part.

Follow the steps below to start the diagnostic mode on your washer:

  • Stop your machine(if running) and switch it off
  • Empty the drum
  • Locate the control panel and the buttons on it
  • Press the Power button from the control panel to turn on the machine and spin the cycle selection
  • Press the Spin speed button until the system selects the “No Spin” option
  • Now, press the Stream Treat button four times. Ensure you push it in quick succession

If you follow the process, the washer will enter the diagnostic mode and start the self-test mode. Once it starts, it tests the key components consecutively to determine their working condition. For instance, it fills, spins, and drains the drum to check for problems.

Leave the machine and allow the process to run independently. The tests will take several minutes to complete, so you should be patient. If it detects a problem with any part, it will return an error code to call for your intervention.

You must understand the interpretation for each error code so you can diagnose the suitable part accordingly. If unsure, you can consult your owner’s manual for guidance. However, ensure you clear the error code screen(reset the washer) before you continue with the troubleshooting.

Do not hesitate to consult a technician if the solution requires replacing a part.

Kenmore Connect: What Does It Mean?

Kenmore is one of the leading brands in innovation and digital technology. This status is evident with the introduction of Kenmore Connect, a new level of technology programmed to enhance customer service calls.

The feature is available in selected models of Kenmore appliances, including Kenmore Elite dryers and washers. It’s a new level of digital technology that assists customer service representatives in providing helpful information to address customers’ diagnostic trouble.

It provides real-time diagnostic information to customer service representatives to assist customers with their troubles.

How does it work?

The Kenmore Connect is a hold-the-phone process. Rather than customers calling the representatives to explain their appliance problem, they can use Kenmore Connect technology which transmits the diagnostic date to the representative through a phone.

You’ll hold your telephone close to the washer panel and press a series of buttons on the washer to initiate the diagnostic mode. Once the washer enters the mode, it will emit a series of transmission sounds over the phone to the representatives so they can interpret the problem.

The digital transmissions will provide the call center with diagnostic data the users might not be able to explain over a phone call.

It’s an upgrade to the self-test mode because the problem is solved right there without the help of a technician. When the call center receives the data, the customers will immediately be informed of what to do.

It’s a new development to the modern model of Kenmore appliance, and if your washer has the feature, you can employ it to solve your machine problem.


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