TCL 6 Series Calibration Settings

The TCL 6 series is a line of flagship 4k smart TVs. Since it supports 4k technology, you can get stunning images from these devices. Also, they have some of the best features for games, movies, TV shows, and PC.

One of such features is the high contrast ratio. If you are watching these TVs in a dark room, its contrast ratio allows you to view the images perfectly. Besides, you can get a reasonable amount of response time for your material.

To get the best pictures on this TCL model, consider making some calibration settings. But if you don’t know how to perform this task, this article will provide some of the ideal settings for this line of TVs.

tcl 6 series calibration settings

The TCL 6 Series Calibration Settings

Here are some simple ways to adjust a TCL 6 Series TV. As expected, these settings do not require any technical skills or tools.

TCL Settings for HDR Movies and TV shows

Like most TVs, the TCL 6 Series automatically adjusts itself for HDR content. So if you are watching HDR movies or TV shows, you should not bother about the picture settings.

However, remember to enable HDMI 2. Without these settings, the TV will not be able to support such content. Here’s how to turn on HDMI 2.0 on a TCL Series 6 television.

  • Get the remote and press the Home button
  • Choose Settings > TV inputs
  • Select the required device or required input
  • Go to the HDMI Mode tab and choose HDMI 2.0

TCL 6 series Settings for SDR Movies and TV shows

It does not require many settings to adjust the TVs for SDR content. If you want to get the best images from your SDR material, try the following values.

  • Adjust Picture Mode to Movie
  • Set Contrast to 90
  • Leave the Brightness to 50
  • Set Sharpness to 20
  • Adjust Tint to 0
  • Set the Local Contrast to High
  • Turn Off Action Smoothing
  • Disable Dynamic Contrast

TCL 6 Series Settings for  PS4

The TCL 6 Series works with the PS4 console without any issues. Besides, it adjusts itself automatically to suit PS4 content. So when you play the PS4 console on the TCL 6 series, the TV goes into Game mode.

You can also use the same settings that work for HDR or SDR content. Furthermore, remember to set up HDMI format 2.0 on the television. Also, try to enable HDR auto on the console with the following steps.

Method 1

  • Go to Settings on the PS4
  • Click on Settings > System > HDMI Device Link

Method 2

  • Go to Settings on the PS4
  • Click on Sound and Screen > Video Settings > HDR Auto

The TCL Series 6 Settings for the Xbox

The Xbox is compatible with the TCL 6 series. On top of that, there is no need to perform many settings especially when you are using Xbox with these TVs. After all, the TV goes into Game Mode as soon as you connect to the Xbox console.

For HDR gaming, turn on HDMI 2.0 format to get the best images. Then use the earlier mentioned calibration settings for HDR content. When it comes to SDR media, use the above color settings for such games.

The TCL Series 6 Calibration Settings for PC

If you play PC games on the TCL 6 series models, the TV goes into Game mode. But it doesn’t just end there. Also, use the SDR or HDR settings to get experience better video from your favorite PC content.

Wrapping Up

The TCL series 6 are a line of TVs with enough features for all types of content. Asides from properly connecting the TV with your preferred device, try working with our recommendations.

For HDR content, make sure to use the HDMI 2.0 format. Furthermore, use the same settings for both HDR movies, games, and TV shows. As for SDR, just plug and play the compatible games.

If they do not produce the best images for your TV, try adjusting our required values. You can also get extra settings from trusted forums or Reddit threads. If you don’t feel like trying out any of our ideas, consider getting a professional calibrator for the Smart TV.


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