Best Picture Settings for Samsung 4K TVs

If you are looking for the best display, you should consider getting a Samsung 4K TV. Asides from offering an incredible screen, it offers some of the cleanest images in the market.

But Samsung does not stop there. On the TVs, you can adjust some settings and enjoy the true power of a Samsung 4K TV. Here are the best picture settings for this product.

Best Picture Settings for Samsung 4K TVs

best picture settings for samsung 4k tv

The Best Picture Settings for Samsung 4k TVs (Gaming)

If you want to play video games on your Samsung 4K TV, it would help if you enabled Game Mode. After all, this mode offers better-looking images. On top of that, you can get lower latency on your screen.

Here are the best settings for Samsung TV

  1. Launch the Samsung TV Settings
  2. Scroll to General -> External Device Manager
  3. Set the Game Mode Settings to ON
  4. Turn on the Game Enhancer
  5. Set Dynamic Black Equaliser value to 4
  6. Scroll to the Game Motion Plus Settings
  7. Turn on Game Motion Plus
  8. Adjust Judder Reduction to 9 and set the Blur Reduction to 8
  9. Disable LED clear motion

How to Use Expert Settings on Samsung 4K TVs

  1. Choose Settings from the Smart Hub
  2. Go to Picture Settings
  3. Use the following settings to improve the picture quality
  • Backlight: 15
  • Brightness: 45 – 55
  • Contrast : 80 – 85 ( for movies), 90 – 100 for other types of videos
  • Sharpness: 25% or lower
  • Color: 45 – 55
  • Tint : 0
  • Digital Clean View – Low or Off  ( If you are watching UHD content)
  • HDMI UHD Color: Off
  • Dynamic Contrast: Off
  • Gamma: 2.2

Best Picture Settings for Samsung QLED TV with 4K screens

  1. Set the Picture Mode to Movie
  2. Adjust the Backlight to 15
  3. Turn down the Brightness to 0
  4. Set the Contrast to 75
  5. Adjust the Sharpness to 5
  6. Tune the Color to 28
  7. Set the Tint (G/R) to 0
  8. Set Apply Picture Settings to All sources
  9. Turn Contrast Enhancer to High
  10. Adjust Film Mode to Auto1
  11. Click on Color Tone and choose Warm 2
  12. Choose Gamma and select 2.2
  13. Set Color Space settings to Auto
  14. Adjust the White Balance to 2 Point
  15. Also, use the following settings Red Gain ( 9), Green Gain (-5), Blue Gain (-), Red Offset (0), Green Offset (1), Blue Offset (3)

How to Stop Screen Burn on a  Samsung 4K Tv

A Samsung 4k TV can have a case of screen burn. When this happens, the display can show faded images and uneven colors. You can use the following settings to prevent this issue.

  1. Press the Home Button
  2. Scroll and click on Settings
  3. Choose System and Expert Settings
  4. Select Auto Protection Time
  5. Pick a preferred time setting

How to Activate HDMI UHD Color in 4K UHD

After enabling the HDMI UHD Color mode, you can set the HDMI Color mode on each connector.

  1. Head to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button
  2. Scroll to Settings and choose Picture
  3. Choose Expert Settings
  4. Scroll down and choose HDMI UHD color
  5. Choose the port that you would like to set. e.g. HDMI 2 and select Off
  6. Choose Yes to restart your TV to turn on the HDMI UHD Color

Wrapping Up

Samsung 4K TVs offer incredible displays. If you want to enjoy extra features, it would help if you tried any of the earlier mentioned settings.

But these 4K settings might not work for you. With this in mind, consider experimenting with settings. If you need extra advice, consult the owner’s manual or visit trusted Samsung forums.

The Samsung Customer service is another great option for getting the best Samsung 4K settings. Luckily, you can reach them on social media, email, or telephone.


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