LG TV HDR Settings Guide (C1, CX, etc.)

Over the years, LG has offered various TVs such as the C1, CX e.t.c. Known for their high-quality features, these devices need to be adjusted before they can display various content. If carried out properly, you will get better graphics and colors.

You can get a technician to calibrate the HDR of any of these TVs. But if you prefer adjusting the HDR on your own, you will need a perfect knowledge of the values needed.

Performing this task might seem difficult. But if you use a guide ( as our article), you can get the right HDR settings within minutes. Now here are the HDR Settings needed for the C1, CX, and other similar TV sets.

lg tv hdr settings

LG TV HDR Settings Guide

Now here are the LG TV HDR settings for the above TV sets. Although we have listed some of these settings, we recommend that you go check the owner’s manual that came with your TV. You can also contact LG customer service for extra advice.

LG TV HDR Settings for LG C1

If you are using this TV, you might not have to bother with the HDR Settings. After all, this TV automatically adjusts these settings itself. Overall, we recommend that you keep these settings on default.

But if you plan to use external devices with your LG TV, it would help if you switched on the HDMI Deep Color option. Moreover, if setting the HDR offers dimmer images, you could turn on Dynamic Tone Mapping and Auto Dynamic Contrast.

LG TV HDR Settings for CX

As with the C1, the LG CX TV automatically adjusts the HDR Settings for apps and HDR content. So instead of thinking of tweaking the values, you should allow the TV to do all the work. But if you are playing content from an external HDR device with the TV, you can enable the Ultra HD Color.

Do your HDR images look dim? If yes, head to the Settings Menu and switch Dynamic Tone Mapping. Then increase the Dynamic Contrast to your preference.

LG TV HDR Settings for LG C9

Supposing you are using the LG C9 TV, you should not have to set the HDR settings. When it comes down to it, this TV adjusts the HDR automatically. So it would help if you stuck to the default settings.

Sometimes, the automatic settings might not be bright enough. If you have this problem, turn up the Dynamic Contrast and set the Dynamic Tone Mapping. For HDR Gaming, turn up Ultra HD Deep Color.

LG TV HDR Settings for LG C2

If you are using the LG C2, leave the HDR settings on default. But you can take the Picture Mode at Cinema. But when it comes to playing HDR Content from external devices, head to the HDMI Deep Color – 4K. Then enhance the brightness by choosing Dynamic Tone Mapping and Auto Dynamic Contrast.

How Do I Get the Best Picture On My LG C1?

If you want to get the best picture quality on the LG C1, you can try the following settings :

For Gaming: The LG C1 tends to automatically set for HDR gaming. Also, ensure that you enable HDMI Color for the port which you will be using.

For SDR content:

  • Set the Picture mode to Expert (Dark Space, Night ) mode. If you are in a well-lit room, stick with the Expert ( Bright Space, Daytime) mode.
  • Leave Peak Brightness at High
  • Adjust the Contrast to 85
  • Set the Sharpness to 0
  • Leave the Color Depth at 50
  • Reduce the Tint to 0
  • Adjust the Super Resolution: Disabled
  • Set the Noise Reduction: Disabled
  • Leave the Auto Dynamic Contrast: Disabled
  • Adjust the Color Gamut: Auto
  • Go to the Gamma: 2.2
  • Set Smooth Gradation to Off

LG CX Calibration Settings

Here are the settings required to adjust the picture settings on the LG CX TV:

For Xbox

It is possible to play the Xbox with the LG CX. But you might have to play around with some settings for better gameplay. So if you want to get top images from your CX and Xbox, here’s how :

On the Xbox console:

  • Set Refresh rate to 120Hz
  • Leave resolution at 4K UHD
  • Set Yes for Allow 50Hz and Allow 24Hz
  • Set Yes for Allow ALL and Allow VRR
  • Set No for Allow YCC 422
  • Leave Color Space on Standard ( Limited)
  • Set Yes for Allow 4k, Allow Dolby Vision, and Allow Dolby Vision
  • Set Color Depth to 10 bit

On the LG CX TV:

  • Leave PC Mode and Game Mode on their default settings.
  • Set HDR10 Game DTM to On or Off

For SDR Content

  • Set the Picture mode to Expert (Dark Room ) mode. If you are in a well-lit room, stick with the Expert ( Bright Room) mode.
  • Leave Brightness at 50
  • Adjust the Contrast to 90
  • Set the Sharpness to 0
  • Leave the color at 50
  • Reduce the Tint to 0

Now head to the Expert Settings Tab and use the following settings

  • Super Resolution : 0
  • Dynamic Contrast: 0
  • Color Gamut: Auto
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • Color Temperature: Warm 2

On the LG CX TV:

  • Leave PC mode on its default settings ( On or Off)
  • Enable Game Mode
  • Adjust the Sharpness to 25
  • Enable DTM ( for bright rooms) or Disable DTM ( for possible color clipping)

On the PS4,

  • Leave Resolution on Auto
  • Set 4k Video Transfer Rate to Auto
  • Leave Deep Color Output on Auto
  • Switch on HDR

For TV Shows

  • Enable Real Cinema or Cinema Screen
  • Set TruMotion to Your Preference
  • If the content comes with Dolby Vision,
  • Choose Cinema or Cinema Home Mode
  • Set Dynamic Contrast to Medium
  • Turn on AI Brightness Control

LG C1 Dolby Vision Settings

The LG C1 automatically changes its Dolby Vision Settings. As you want to get the best results, you will have to set the Picture Mode to the Cinema or Cinema Mode. But if the screen looks out of sync, set the mode to Cinema.


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