LG TV Color Settings Guide

Are you worried about the picture settings on your LG TV? If yes, then you might have to work on the color settings of the device. Although it does not require much work, finding the right color settings can be frustrating for some users.

In this article, we have listed several settings for adjusting the color on various LG TVs. If you have any of these models, you can use our article as a guide for performing this task.

lg tv color settings

LG TV Color Settings Explained

Here are the color settings that will suit various settings. But before using our advice, we suggest that you check the manual that comes with your LG TV. If you can’t find it, download a digital copy via an online search.

Settings For LG OLED TVs

If you are setting the color for an OLED TV, you should consider the amount of light in the room. For instance, darker rooms tend to have different settings from rooms with more light. Now here are the ideal color settings for LG TVs under various lighting conditions.

For Natural Light:

  • Color -70
  • Color Temp – C50

For Dark Room:

  • Color – 50
  • Color Temp – 0

For Artificial Light:

  • Color – 50
  • Color Temp – 20

How Do I Reset the Color on My LG TV?

Do your LG TV colors look messy? Well, you can use a quick reset to restore the color settings on the screen. Now here are the settings for restoring the original color settings on Smart TVs.

  • Hit the SMART Button on the remote control
  • Scroll to Settings- Picture – Reset
  • Choose Yes to change the original color settings

LG TV Color Temperature Settings

Asides from the color, you can also work on the color temperature of the pictures. Normally, these settings are found on LG Smart TVs. As with the color, you can set the color temperature to suit various lighting conditions.

For Natural Light

  • Color Temp – C50

For Dark Room

  • Color Temp – 0

For Artificial Light

  • Color Temp – 0

What is the Best TV Color Settings?

Asides from LG Smart TVs, you can also adjust the color settings on LG LED TVs. To get the perfect picture on the latter, you should try to set the color to 50%. However, you will have to use this color setting with the following values.

  • Picture Mode: Movie or Cinema
  • Sharpness : 0%
  • Backlight : 100% for Natural Light
  • Contrast: 100 %
  • Brightness: 50%
  • Color: 50%
  • Hue : 0%
  • Gamma : 0 or 2.2
  • Tint ( G/R) : 50%
  • Picture Size: Just Scan

Also turn off the following Advanced Settings to 0

  • Clear White
  • Dynamic Color
  • Super Resolution
  • Real Cinema
  • Tru Motion
  • Real Cinema

LG TV Calibration App

Sadly, you cannot find any app for calibrating your LG Smart TV. With this in mind, you could get an experienced technician to help with the task. But if you have some technical experience with LG TVs, you can try the following calibration settings.

  • Set the Picture Mode to Custom
  • Adjust the Brightness 100 nits to 18, Brightness 120 nits to 24, and Brightness 200 nits to 50.
  • Set Brightness 50 nits to 3 and Brightness 80 nits to 12
  • Set Gamma to 3
  • Use the following figures to set the Color Temperature Custom: Red (60), Green (51), and Blue (40)
  • Adjust Contrast to 67

How Do I Fix Color Distortion on My LG TV?

Sometimes LG TVs tend to have color issues due to poor picture settings. But with a few steps, anyone can adjust such the TV and improve its color. Now here are some ways that you can perform this task

First, go to the Picture Settings. Then set the display mode to Movie Bright ( for areas with enough light) or Movie Dark (for darker areas). If this idea does not work with your TV, you will have to contact the LG Customer Service Centre.

How Do I Fix the Blue Tint on My LG TV?

You can easily fix the blue tint on an LG TV by using its picture settings. For this task,

  1. Head to the All Settings
  2. Click on Picture
  3. Click on Power Mode
  4. Choose Cinema Home or Cinema

How Do I Adjust the Color on My LG TV?

Before adjusting the color on an LG TV, you will have to consider the model. After all, smart LG TVs do not have the same Settings as the older or basic models.

For adjusting the color on a Smart TV:

  • Click the Smart Button on the LG Smart TV
  • Head to Settings – Picture – Color
  • Choose your preferred setting by using the THUMBWHEEL or the BACK button.

For adjusting the color on LED TV:

  • Hit the Home Button on the LG TV remote
  • Use the button to reach the Picture Settings
  • Click on Picture Settings
  • Scroll to the Color
  • Adjust the Settings by using back or forward buttons

Why is My LG TV So Dark?

Supposing your LG becomes dark without warning, then there is a high chance that you might have turned on the Energy Saving mode. After all, this mode allows LG TVs to reduce their brightness to save energy.

Why is My LG TV screen Purple?

Does your TV offer a purple screen? If you have this problem, then it might come from a faulty HDMI connection between the TV and cable box.

You can remove the purple hue by:

  • Connecting the HDMI cable to the TV and cable box properly
  • Disconnect the TV from its power source
  • Connect the TV to its power source
  • Check if the purple screen is gone

If the color remains, then you might have to contact the LG customer center. Most times, they should offer advice or even an experienced technician.


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