LG C1 Sports Settings Guide

Are you a sports fan that views sporting events on the LG C1? Are you thinking about getting better images from live matches or races? If yes, then you will need to make some adjustments to the TV.

The LG C1 has picture settings for many contents including sports events. As expected these settings can improve your viewing experience on this device.

Getting the settings might be tricky for you. But if you have a great guide like ours, you can turn your C1 into a great tool for viewing any sports event.

lg c1 sports settings

LG C1 Sports Settings Explained

Here are the top settings for watching sports with the LG C1. Although these settings are well-researched, they are purely for informational purposes. So if you want to get the best settings, you will have to consult the owner’s manual that came with your TV.

What is Sports Mode on LG C1 TV?

On the LG C1 2021, you have the Sports Mode that provides preset settings for viewing sports events.  If you want to switch to this setting, you can go through the Settings Menu via the remote.

  • Click on the Settings menu
  • Choose all Settings – Support- Energy Savings – OFF
  • Click on Picture – Mode – Sports

But if you want to calibrate the TV for sporting events, try the following settings:

  • Click on Aspect Ratio – User Selection – Original
  • Set Just Scan to ON
  • Go to Brightness- OLED and choose 65
  • Adjust Contrast to 85
  • Leave Brightness on 50
  • Set ADC to Off
  • Set Peak Brightness to Off
  • Adjust Gamma to 2.2
  • Set Black Level to Auto
  • Set MEC to Off
  • Leave Color Depth on 50
  • Set Tint to 0
  • Leave Gamut to Native
  • Set Color Upgrade to Off
  • Leave Color Temp on Warm 150
  • Set Method on 2 pts
  • Leave the Point on High
  • Go to Clarity- Sharpness – 20
  • Set Super Resolution to Low
  • Set Noise to Low
  • Leave MPEG on Low
  • Set Smooth to Low
  • Leave Cinema Screen on On
  • Leave Tru Motion on Smooth Movement
  • Scroll to Al Service to Picture Pro: Off
  • Set Brightness to On
  • Leave Genre on On

You can also try these Reddit settings for watching Sports from an SDR Source:

  • OLED Light – Use any Setting you like
  • Leave Contrast on 85
  • Leave Brightness on 50
  • Set Gamma to 1.9
  • Switch Off Dynamic Brightness
  • Tune Black Level to Full
  • Move Sharpness to 25
  • Move to Clarity Menu – Sharpness to 25. ( Leave Other Settings on Low)
  • Adjust TruMotion to Cinematic Movement
  • Set Color Depth to 48
  • Leave the Color Gamut on Native
  • Set Warm to any value between 0 – 25
  • Set Cold to any value between 0 – 25
  • Leave Green on – 10

If you are watching from an HDR Source, you might not have to bother with the HDR Settings. After all, this TV automatically adjusts these settings itself. Overall, we recommend that you keep these settings on default.

But if you plan to use external devices with your LG TV, it would help if you switched on the HDMI Deep Color option. Moreover, if setting the HDR offers dimmer images, you could turn on Dynamic Tone Mapping and Auto Dynamic Contrast.

How Do I Turn Off Energy Saving on the LG C1?

Although the Energy Saving mode helps reduce the power consumption of your LG C1 TV, it tends to disturb the quality of your sports images. For this reason, it is advised that you switch off the Energy Saving Mode with the following settings:

  • Click on the Settings menu
  • Choose all Settings – Support- Energy Savings – OFF

LG C1 Dolby Vision Settings

On Reddit, users post Dolby vision settings for watching various types of content. According to them, the following settings can enhance the quality of pictures from the C1.

As you use Dolby Vision, head to Cinema – Home and switch to Genre Selection. Then move to Color for Dolby Vision and adjust to 50. Finally, you could leave the Brightness settings at 46 – 50.

How Do I Calibrate My LG C1 TV?

If you want to get the best picture quality on the LG C1, you can try the following settings:

For HDR: Leave the settings on default as the TV adjusts itself for such content.

For Gaming: The LG C1 tends to automatically set for HDR gaming. Also, ensure that you enable HDMI Color for the port which you will be using.

For SDR content:

  • Set the Picture mode to Expert (Dark Space, Night ) mode. If you are in a well-lit room, stick with the Expert ( Bright Space, Daytime) mode.
  • Leave Peak Brightness at High
  • Adjust the Contrast to 85
  • Set the Sharpness to 0
  • Leave the Color Depth at 50
  • Reduce the Tint to 0
  • Adjust the Super Resolution: Disabled
  • Set the Noise Reduction: Disabled
  • Leave the Auto Dynamic Contrast: Disabled
  • Adjust the Color Gamut: Auto
  • Go to the Gamma: 2.2
  • Set Smooth Gradation to Off

Is the LG C1 Good for Sports Viewing?

As it has decent refresh rates and wide angles, the LG C1 stands as an ideal TV for viewing sports events. But its performance can be enhanced by applying the above-listed settings on this post.

Is Dynamic Mode Good for Sports?

According to experts, Dynamic Mode is not the right choice for viewing your favorite sports on the C1. After all, this mode can muddle the brightness, contrast, and sharpness settings. Instead of choosing any preset modes, try the settings listed in this article.

What is LG C1 Filmmaker Mode?

Asides from the Sports mode, the C1 offers the Film Maker mode for improving movie content. As stated by LG, this mode can remove any picture processing and make the pictures look as authentic as possible. Normally, the Film Auto detection mode applies this mode automatically.

LG C1 Picture Modes

The LG C1 boasts several modes including Cinema, Sports, Vivid, Film Maker, Game Optimizer, Standard, and Expert ( Bright Space, Day ). If used correctly, these settings can improve the appearance of your pictures on the TV.


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