TCL 55R615 Calibration Settings

The 55R615 is one of the products from the TCL Series 6 lineup. On this TV, you can get voice control, Dolby vision HDR with wireless networking. Because of these features, it is a great tool for watching content at home or work.

But before you can get the best images on a 55R615 TV, adjust the device with the ideal calibration settings. Since these settings do not require many skills, you can use them to quickly fine-tune the 55R615 TV.

Here are the best calibration settings for this TCL device. You can adjust or increase the values until they meet your preferences.

tcl 55r615 calibration settings

TCL 55R615 Calibration Settings

Here are the best calibration settings for the TCL 55R615.

The Best  55R615 Calibration Settings for SDR Movies and TV shows

If you want to get better images from your Bluray disks or TV shows, it would help if you calibrated the color settings on the television. Since you are aiming for high-quality images, try the following settings.

Basic  Picture Settings

  • TV Brightness: Brighter
  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Picture Size: Direct
  • Audio Effect: Off
  • Sleep Timer: Off

Advanced Picture Settings

  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Local Contrast: High
  • Backlight: 100
  • Brightness: 50
  • Contrast: 100
  • Sharpness: 20
  • Color: 45
  • Tint : 0

Other Advanced Picture Settings

  • Color Temperature: Choose According to Preference
  • Action Smoothing: Off
  • Natural Cinema: Off
  • LED Motion Clarity: On ( Turn off this option if you are watching the TV in a dark room)
  • Game Mode: Off

Best TCL 55R615 Calibration Settings for HDR Movies and TV Shows

This TV model can also support content from HDR movies and TV shows. If you want to watch such media on the TCL 55R615, the TV sets itself until it provides the best images. So when you are working with HDR material, do not adjust the picture settings.

But try to turn on the HDMI 2.0 Format. If you skip this setting, the TV will not play your HDR media. Use the following steps to enable HDMI 2.0 mode on the TCL 55R615.

  • Press the Home button on the remote
  • Click on Settings > TV Inputs
  • Choose the device or input
  • Scroll to the HDMI Mode Tab and pick HDMI 2.0

Best 55R615 Calibration Settings for the PS4

Every model from the 6 series is compatible with the PS4. Since it adjusts itself to meet the requirements of the console, there is no need to bother about adjusting the settings. For this reason, the 55R615 offers a “Game Mode”

Avoid playing around with the  Game Mode default settings especially if you want to use the TV with a PS4. For HDR gaming, remember to set the HDMI mode to HDMI 2.0.

Also, use the following settings on the PS4.

Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Settings and HDR

Best Calibration Settings for the Xbox

When you connect the 55R615 to the Xbox, the TV goes into Game Mode. As with the PS4, do not change these settings. Instead, switch the HDMI mode to HDMI 2.0. You can also use the earlier mentioned HDR or SDR settings.

Best Calibration Settings for PC Gaming

If you want to play PC games on the TCL 55R615, the TV goes into Game mode. As with console games, it would help if you do not touch the picture settings. For playing HDR Games, also set up HDMI 2.0 format.

Wrapping Up

The TCL 55R615 is a decent tool for watching different types of content. If you are not satisfied with its picture quality, you can play around with the settings by our recommended values.

These settings are not universal. So if the adjustments do not bring the best images, feel free to increase or reduce the settings. Also, set up HDMI 2.0 for any HDR material.

You can also get additional settings from various user forums or Reddit threads. Besides, the TCL customer center might have some information about extra settings. If you still don’t know how to calibrate your TV, you can also contact a professional to help with the settings.


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