Best Picture Settings for Samsung QLED TVs

There are many reasons for loving a Samsung QLED Tv. First, it uses a new form of technology that provides stunning images. Next, it offers a high level of color accuracy. On top of that, it has tons of settings that promise extra features.

Do you use a Samsung QLED TV? If yes, you can use these settings to improve the picture quality.

best picture settings for samsung qled tv

Samsung QLED TV Best Settings for TV Shows / Movies

When it comes to shows or movies, the  QLED offers great-looking content. But with its Movie mode, you can bump up the accuracy of your images. Before using this feature, it would help if you disabled the Eco Solution settings of your device.

Start by navigating to Settings – >   Picture -> Picture Mode ->  Then, choose the Movie mode.

It is possible to increase the picture quality in Movie mode. Go to the Expert Settings tab and try the following settings

  • Contrast – 45
  • Sharpness – 0
  • Color – 25
  • Tint (G/R) – 0
  • Colour Tone – Warm Two
  • Gamma – 2.2

The Best Picture Settings for a Samsung QLED TV

There are various types of QLED TVs. Some models come with 4k screens while other offer 8k displays. With that in mind, you can use the following settings to improve the pictures on any QLED TV.

  • Set Picture Mode to Movie
  • Adjust Backlight to 15
  • Tune down the Backlight to 0
  • Set the Contrast to 75
  • Leave the Sharpness at 5
  • Set the Color to 28
  • Push the Tint (G/R) to 0
  • Set Apply Picture Settings to All Sources
  • Turn Off Digital Clean View and Auto Motion Settings
  • Set Contrast Enhancer to High
  • Put Film Mode at Auto 1
  • Set Colour Tone at Warm 2
  • Adjust Gamma to 2.2
  • Set Color Space Settings to Auto
  • Adjust White Balance to 2 point
  • Set Red Gain to 9, Green Gain to – 5, Blue Gain to – 8, Red Offset to 0, Green Offset to 1, and Blue Offset to 3.

Best Samsung QLED Settings for Xbox or PlayStation

Apart from watching your favorite movies or TV shows, you can play an Xbox or PlayStation on the Samsung QLED TV. But before you can use get the best display for your games, it would help if you checked out the following settings

  1. Click on the Samsung TV Settings tab on your TV screen
  2. Scroll to General and choose External Device Manager
  3. Turn on the Game Mode settings
  4. Adjust the Dynamic Black Equaliser to 4 and turn on the Game Enhancer
  5. Select Game Motion Plus Settings
  6. Enable Game Motion Plus
  7. Tune Blur Reduction to 8
  8. Set Judder Reduction to 9
  9. Set Off Led Clear Motion

If you are into HDR gaming, ensure you have set up the Input Signal Plus Features of the QLED TV. To enable Input Signal Plus, use the following settings

  1. Open your Samsung TV settings
  2. Scroll to General
  3. Choose External Device Manager
  4. Select Input Plus and turn on this feature for the HDMI port

How to Set the Best Zoom Setting for a QLED TV

The Picture Size Setting is used to enhance the quality of low-standard graphics. Thanks to these settings, it possible to zoom in and adjust picture sizes. However, you might end up adding too much zoom to the image.

Getting the ideal image does not require much work. Simply set the aspect ratio to 16:9 and enable the Fit to Screen feature.

How to Enable HDR+ on a Samsung QLED TV

You can upgrade regular content by enabling HDR mode. As expected, this activity takes a few minutes. Here are the settings needed to switch on HDR+ on your Samsung QLED TV.

  1. Look for the Settings
  2. Scroll to Special Viewing Mode
  3. Turn on the HDR Mode

Wrapping Up

A QLED TV might promise clean graphics. But you can step up your game with the best picture settings for Samsung QLED TVs.

Although these settings are impressive, they might not meet your expectations. If you need extra advice, check the owner’s manual or contact the Samsung customer care center.


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