Sanyo TV Settings Without Remote: Smart Tips

Since the launch of its first TV, Sanyo remains the preferred brand for many users. After all, it offers high-quality video and sound for all types of content. Even now, the Sanyo still adds extra features to its latest TVs.

Although it has loads of features, you might have to adjust a Sanyo TV from time to time. But if the remote gets missing or damaged, adjusting the TV might look like an impossible task.

Surprisingly, several settings can be made without using a remote. With this post, you can learn about these settings and how to perform them. Now let’s get started.

sanyo tv settings without remote

Sanyo TV Settings without Remote: Smart Tips

Here are some “non-remote” operations that you can perform on various Sanyo TVs.

1. Factory Reset Your Sanyo TV from the Back

Is your Sanyo Roku TV acting weird? If yes, you can use a factory reset to deal with this problem. Instead of using a remote control for the task, you can use the following steps :

  • Turn on the TV
  • Head to the back of your TV
  • Look for the reset button on the lower part of the TV
  • Press and hold the Reset button with a pen or pin until the TV goes off and the SANYO logo appears.

2. Turning Off the TV Completely

Even if you lost your remote, you must switch off your TV. When it comes down to it, leaving your TV on can reduce its service life and shoot up your electricity bills. So if you are looking for a non-remote way to turn off the power, simply pull the TV plug from the power outlet.

However, you should not use this method regularly as it might damage the plug or outlet. Besides, constant plugging and unplugging of the TV might cause a power surge.

3. Put Your TV in Sleep Mode with a Single Button

Sleep mode allows you to turn off your Sanyo TV without fully switching it off. Like most ideas on our post, you can perform this operation without grabbing the remote.

To put your Sanyo TV in Sleep Mode,

  • Head to the back of the Sanyo Smart TV.
  • Look for the Power / Source button at the back of the TV
  • Press the button to launch a menu
  • Scroll downwards by clicking the button until it reaches Turn Off TV.
  • Leave it on this option until the TV goes off

4. Change the Input Source on the Sanyo Roku TV

On the Sanyo Roku TV, you can get various inputs such as LiveTV, HDMI, and AV. If you want to switch between any of these sources, you can leave the remote and use the Power/ Source button at the back of the TV.

  • Head to the back of your Sanyo TV
  • Tap the Sleep button at the back of the TV
  • Scroll through the menu by clicking the button
  • Leave the cursor on your preferred source.

5. Change the Input Source on the Sanyo LCD TV

If you use a Sanyo LCD TV, you will have to specify the signal source especially if you want to save channels on it. Without a remote, you can perform this operation with the following steps:-

  • Press the Menu button to open the TV menu
  • Press the CH+/- to select CH
  • Press VOL + button to enter the submenu
  • Press VOL + button again to select between TV and Cable

6. Store Channels on TV Automatically

Although you might not have a remote control, there is nothing much to store channels on a Sanyo LCD TV. You can perform this operation by using the following steps :

  • Hit the Menu button to launch the menu
  • Press the CH+/- many times to choose the CH option
  • Hit the VOL + button to enter the submenu
  • Hit the CH- button repeatedly to scroll to Auto-Search
  • Store the channels by pressing the VOL + button

How to Use a Sanyo TV without Remote

If your Sanyo remote gets missing or damaged, you might have to get a replacement. But if you can’t get a new Sanyo remote, you can try the following ideas :

1. Get a Remote App

As the Sanyo TV does not have many buttons on its panel, you might have to download a remote control app to control it.

  • Head to the Google Playstore
  • Search for the Universal TV Remote Control App on Google Playstore
  • Download and install the Remote Control App
  • Open the app and ensure it’s on the same WiFi network as your WiFi TV
  • Select Sanyo ( if available) from the list of displayed brands
  • Follow the prompts and use the remote control app to adjust any settings

2. Purchase a Universal Remote

A Universal remote can be used for different brands of TVs including Sanyo. But before it works with the TV, it would help if you paired both items with the following steps:

  • Hit the Code Search Key until it becomes active
  • Press and release the TV key
  • Type the Sanyo code into the remote. You can get this number by checking its owner’s manual or performing an online search.
  • Direct the remote control to your TV and use the ON/OFF key.

N.B. If you enter the wrong code, the remote will blink rapidly. However, you can stop the rapid movement by placing the right numbers.

How Can I Get a New Sanyo TV Remote?

You can get a Sanyo replacement remote by visiting trusted online and offline stores. Also, you might reach out to the Sanyo Customer Service desk to help with this problem.

Can I Repair My Old Sanyo TV Remote?

Yes, you can fix a faulty Sanyo TV remote. However, the chances of getting your remote working depends on the problem.

If your remote does not work, pull out the old batteries. Then hold the Power button for a few seconds before cleaning the battery compartment with a cotton bud. Place new batteries into the remote control and test it.


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