Samsung Q80T Best Settings for Gaming & Movies

So you own a Samsung Q80T? By now, you should have noticed the top features that come with this incredible piece of technology.

Although the Q80T has high-class sound and pictures, you can tweak the settings to offer mind-blowing audio and video quality. If you are looking for a way to improve your viewing experience, here are some settings that you should fix on your Samsung Q80T.

samsung q80t best settings

Samsung Q80T Best Settings  for Gaming

1. How to Activate Gaming Mode on the Q80T

If you want to get the best gaming visuals, it is recommended that you activate the Gaming mode from the General Settings tab. After choosing this option, you should expect a lower latency. where the graphics are displayed without delay.

However, it is not compulsory that you manually switch into Game Mode. Normally, the Q80T switches into Game Mode especially if you start a game on your console. Before you can enjoy the automatic change in Modes, ensure that you have enabled Anytime + (HDMI-CEC) on your TV.

To enable this feature, use the following steps:

  • Choose the General Settings Tab
  • Select General Device Manager
  • Choose the Anytime + (HDMI-CEC) option and

2. How to Adjust the Variable Refresh Rate on the Q80T

It is also possible to adjust the VRR settings on the Samsung Q80T. Start by switching on the Game Mode feature and choosing your preferred VRR.

Since the TV supports several types of VRR, you should find an option that meets your needs. Here is a list of VRR that you can get on the Q80T. We would like to add that some sizes of this model might not offer some VRR variants.

  • Native Refresh Rate – 120 Hz (Not Available on 49″ and 50″)
  • Variable Refresh Rate – Yes (Not Available on 49″ and 50″)
  • HDMI Forum VRR – Unknown
  • FreeSync – Yes ( Not Available on 49″ and 50″)
  • G-Sync Compatible – Yes ( Not Available on 49″ and 50″)
  • 4K VRR Maximum – 120 Hz
  • 4k VRR Minimum – < 20 Hz
  • 1080p VRR Maximum – 120 Hz
  • 1080p VRR Minimum – < 20 Hz
  • 1440p VRR Maximum – 120 Hz
  • 1440p VRR Minimum – 20 Hz
  • VRR Supported Connectors – HDMI

3. How to Enable HDR Gaming on the Samsung Q80T

The Samsung Q80T also supports HDR Gaming. To enjoy this feature, you should enable Input Signal Plus on your device.

You can follow these steps to activate Input Signal Plus:

  • Press the Home Button on your device
  • Scroll to Picture Settings
  • Select the General Settings tab
  • Scroll to the External Device Manager
  • Select Input Signal Plus
  • Check the HDMI that supports your connected device
  • Click Close

To enable HDR Gaming:

  • Press the Home Button on your device
  • Scroll to Picture Settings
  • Select the General Settings tab
  • Scroll to the External Device Manager
  • Ensure that the Anynet + ( HDMI – CEC) function is enabled.
  • Scroll to and activate the Game Mode Settings

After adjusting this setting, the screen might become too dark for your content. You can brighten your display with the following steps:-

  • Go to Picture Settings
  • Scroll to Brightness Settings
  • Go to Expert Settings
  • Increase the Brightness to the highest value

Also set the contrast, ST.2084, and contrast maximizer to the highest levels.

Samsung Q80T Best Settings for TV Shows

Apart from video games, you can get impressive visuals from your favorite TV shows. However, you will have to disable all the Eco Solution settings of your  Samsung Q80T. After all, these settings can reduce the quality of the image.

If you are watching SDR content, consider choosing the Movie Mode as it offers a high amount of accuracy. Enable the Picture Mode by

  • Scrolling to Settings
  • Choose Picture
  • Pick Picture Mode
  • Check the Movie option

You can increase the accuracy by using the following values. You can find them under the Expert Settings tab

  • Contrast – 45
  • Sharpness – 0
  • Color – 25
  • Tint (G/R) – 0
  • Colour Tone – Warm Two
  • Gamma – 2.2

Final Words

Although the Samsung Q80T has an amazing screen, you might have to make some adjustments for the best video quality. If our settings darken your screens, remember to adjust the brightness and contrast levels to the highest settings.


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