Samsung TV Sound Modes Explained

Samsung Smart TVs offer an excellent display for a quality streaming experience. Besides that, they also have the finest sound quality to enjoy your favorite movies and games.

The different sound modes in a Samsung TV provide options to improve audio quality. You can switch between these modes depending on your preferences to enjoy a top-quality audio system. You can also adjust the sound settings accordingly to enhance the quality.

This article will be your guide in enjoying the best-quality sound system in your Samsung TV as we discuss the different sound modes, when to use them, how to adjust the sound settings, and everything within the scope.

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samsung tv sound mode

What Are Different Sound Modes Available In Samsung TVs?

Your Samsung TV has different sound modes you can use to enjoy the best sound experience. Depending on the streaming session, you can adjust these sound modes to enhance the audio quality. These sound modes are enhancements that process the sound that comes out of your TV.

There are three different sound mode presets in a Samsung smart TV: Standard, Optimized, and Amplify. Each sound mode offers distinct features and attributes. They are suitable for specific streaming experiences.

When should you use the different sound modes? Below are explanations of the features of each sound mode.

Standard Mode

The standard mode is the default sound settings. It’s the balanced mode where the tones, such as voices or bass, are not emphasized. It means in this mode, the TV does not influence the sound. The sound is produced as it was transmitted without any modification.

The sound comes out from the TV like it was produced from the studio. There’s no adjustment or modification. It’s the natural setting that the TV is set in. This mode is ideal for streaming music or video with original sound quality.

Optimized Mode

The optimized mode is different from the standard mode in the way they process sounds. This mode makes specific effects more powerful. Hence, it makes sounds more spacious. The mode maximizes particular effects to make sound come out in the best possible way. The sound is more expansive, and this setting can be used in place of Cinema mode. So, it’s highly recommended for a cinematic experience.

Amplify Mode

This mode is also known as the Strengthen mode. As the name implies, this mode increases the amplitude of the mid and high tones of the sound. It amplifies the sound to enhance clarity. It’s best used when sound quality is poor and you want to strengthen it. Perhaps the sound or voices coming from the streaming content is challenging to understand, you can use the Amplify mode to enhance the sound for better clarity.

How To Change the Sound Mode On Samsung TV

Before changing your TV sound mode, you should clarify your end goal. This clarity will ensure you choose the sound mode that aligns with your interest, as each sound mode provides different features.

If you want to switch between different sound modes, the process is relatively easy. There are two ways to change sound modes, and both methods will work on most versions of Samsung TV. Follow the simple process below to switch between sound modes:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote control
  • Navigate to the Quick Settings from the menu
  • Now move to the Sound Mode
  • You can use the arrow keys to move up and down


  • Press the Home button on your TV remote control
  • Jump to the Settings menu
  • Click on Sound
  • Now select Sound Mode
  • Choose the one you want and click on OK

Samsung TV Expert Sound Settings

The Expert sound settings on your TV allow further customization of audio output. It enables you to adjust the audio output settings for external sources.

Expert Settings gives you more options to adjust advanced TV sound settings. Perhaps you need more bass or want to change the balance, you can use the Expert Settings. You can adjust the Expert Settings as follows:

  • On your TV remote, Press the Home button
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Sound
  • Select the Expert settings
  • The settings under the Expert Settings menu will be greyed out if you set your TV to use external speakers.

When you get to the Expert settings, you can now customize your TV sound as you desire. You can modify settings, including Equalizer, Balance, Auto Volume, HDMI Input Audio Format, Dolby Atmos Input, Digital Output Audio Format, and Sound Feedback.

As we’ve established above, there are different sound modes to choose from on your Samsung TV. Each sound mode offers various features. While some improve the sound clarity, others may reduce or not tamper with it. You must ensure you use the suitable sound mode depending on what you want and what you’re watching. You can switch between these sound modes to determine the best for your streaming content.


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