Samsung Q80T Calibration Settings

Since its launch, the Samsung Q80T has attracted the interest of many consumers. When it comes down to it, the QLED TV comes with most features that should meet your entertainment needs. With the Samsung Q80T, you can expect a futuristic design, powerful processor, and high-quality audio.

But to get the best images on this TV, it would help if you make some adjustments to the settings. If you adjust the settings properly, your Q80t will even perform better.

Do you want to experience the true power of the Samsung Q80t? Well, here are some of the important adjustments that you should perform on the TV.

samsung q80t calibration settings

Samsung Q80T Calibration Settings

The Q80T is a mid-range TV set from Samsung. Here are the top settings required to calibrate the device.

Best Samsung Q80T Calibration Settings for HDR Content

If your movie or TV show comes with HDR features, you should experience more colors and details than regular TV. But before you can get the high-quality images on the Samsung Q80t, consider making minor adjustments on the device.

Here’s how you can enhance the Samsung Q80t for viewing  HDR movies or TV programs.

  • Start by turning on Input Signal Plus. To enable this feature :
  • Press the Home button on the remote and scroll to Settings > General
  • Head to External Input Manager and click on Input Signal Plus

Also, leave all the settings on default. After all, if the television plays  HDR content, it automatically tunes itself until you get the best pictures. If the result feels too dim for your taste, use the following values to adjust the picture quality

  • Brightness: Maximum
  • Contrast: Maximum
  • Contrast Enhancer: Maximum
  • 2084: Maximum
  • Contrast Enhancer: High

The Best Samsung Q80T Calibration Settings for SDR content

If you want to watch Bluray discs or other types of SDR content on your Samsung Q80T, try using the following settings. If you don’t like the outcome, feel free to make slight adjustments to these recommendations.

  • Select Movie Mode for Picture
  • Set Contrast to 45
  • Leave Sharpness at 0
  • Set Color at 25
  • Leave the Tint at 0
  • Leave Gamma on 2.2
  • Adjust the Color Tone to Warm 2

The Best Sanmsung Q80T Settings for PS4

Apart from movies and TV programs, you can also use the Q80T to play PS4 media. Here are the required steps for this task :

On the Samsung Q80T

  • Select Game Mode for Picture Mode
  • Leave all the settings on default because the TV will choose the best HDR conditions without any assistance. If it doesn’t activate the HDR by going to the Expert Settings > HDR+ Mode
  • Toggle the HDR Switch to On
  • Turn Off the Menu

On the PS4 :

  • Scroll to Settings and turn on Enable HDCP
  • Click on Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > HDR option
  • Select Automatic

The Best Samsung Q80T Settings for Xbox

You can also pair the Samsung Q80T with an Xbox console. To get the best pictures, test the following steps. If you own a PS4, you can also use these settings to improve your gaming display on the Q80T.

  • Head to Picture Menu > General > Eco Solutions
  • Turn off Ambient Light Detection and Motion Lightning
  • Return to General and choose Input Signal Plus
  • Pick HDMI 4 ( ensure you connect your console to this port as it offers the best bandwidth for 4k gaming)
  • Return to General > Game Mode
  • Set the Game Mode to Auto
  • Set Dynamic Black Equaliser to 0
  • Go to Game Mode Settings > Game Motion Plus Settings and turn off Game Motion Plus

Now use the following values for the following options:

  • Brightness: 50
  • Contrast: 50
  • Sharpness : 0
  • Colour: 25
  • Tint (G/R) : 0
  • Local Dimming: High
  • Contrast Enhancer: Off
  • Color Tone: Warm 2
  • White Balance: Do Not Adjust this Setting
  • Gamma: ST. 2084
  • 2084 : 3
  • Shadow Detail : 0
  • Color Space Settings: Auto

Wrapping Up

The Samsung Q80T has enough features for handling different content. If you are aiming for the highest quality of images, the following settings should work nicely. But if you don’t like the results, you can seek additional settings from the Samsung service center or any trusted user forum.


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