LG Gallery Mode Explained in Detail

LG smart TVs have inbuilt Gallery mode that contains collections of pictures and artworks stored in the LG database. This Gallery mode is a fascinating feature for most users, especially those who fancy painting and photography.

If you’re unsure of what the LG Gallery mode entails and how to use it, this article is for you. This article will demystify everything you need to know about this feature on LG TV and answer your important questions.

lg gallery mode

LG Gallery Mode Explained

The LG Gallery Mode is a setting on TV that displays pictures and artwork. The feature allows users to turn their TV into a canvas for displaying pictures, art, and paintings. It’s a great feature that enriches LG smart TVs by enabling them to be used for other purposes when not watching movies or series.

LG introduced this feature so your TV won’t be obsolete when not used and turned off. Rather than being a black hole, your TV can display pictures and art through Gallery Mode when it’s not used for watching movies.

Typically, you can use your TV to show slideshows. You can explore a screensaver with a slideshow of beautiful images, scenic videos, and personal artwork.  However, Gallery Mode offers more enticing features. It’s similar to a painting on the wall. It contains a wide range of artwork and pictures. So, the artworks are shown with a black screen transition. The idea is to turn your TV to something related to art mode on Frame TV.

The Gallery mode also allows users to organize their TV content by categories such as movie, artist, and genre. However, the art and picture display needs internet connectivity before it can be demonstrated.

Features of LG TV Gallery Mode

  • It offers more excellent benefits than a typical slideshow
  • Wide range of artworks and pictures
  • The display is similar to an actual painting in a gallery
  • It offers the ability to choose a particular image type to be shown
  • It contains added frames to make the picture more enticing
  • It has a wide range of high-quality images in 4K/8K resolution
  • More attractive than the regular screensaver

Benefits Of LG TV Gallery Mode

  • It allows users to utilize the TV in another way different from watching movies
  • Enriches and beautifies the TV
  • It comes with a virtual frame that makes the display more realistic
  • Great for organizing TV content into categories
  • Helpful for quickly finding specific content when they are organized into categories.
  • It offers a wide range of pictures and artwork
  • It can help your device disappear into the surroundings
  • You can adjust the Theme Slideshow speed
  • The theme sound can be turned on and off as desired

Limitations Of LG TV Gallery mode

  • Requires internet connection to access pictures and artwork.
  • You can’t add personal pictures to the Gallery Mode display
  • The Gallery Mode has no features for customization and personalization.
  • You can’t change specific settings in the Gallery Mode, e.g., you can’t modify the time the image can remain on the screen. This is one of the limitations of OLED screens because long hours of images can lead to screen burnout.
  • The Gallery Mode is inferior to the Samsung Frame TV
  • The black screen transition makes the display pretty distracting.

How To Enter LG TV Gallery Mode

You can enter the Gallery Mode on your LG TV with the steps below:

  • Launch your LG smart TV
  • Go to the home screen of your LG TV
  • Select the App tab from the QuickTap bar on the home screen
  • From the menu, select and open the Art Gallery
  • Select the images in the My Themes gallery. You will need to use your TV remote for easy navigation
  • Select Ok. The image will display in full-screen mode. You can use the Down Arrow button on your remote to switch between other images

Is The LG TV Gallery Mode Worth It?

The Gallery Mode is an excellent feature of the LG smart TV. Like many other things in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It offers the TV another real purpose beyond the regular watching of movies.

We don’t know about you, but the primary reason why users will want to use the LG Gallery mode display in their living room is to explore its ability to change the displays and align them like they are among the decor.

However, the lack of personalization and customization of the display is a massive blow to the development. Also, the constant transition to black before switching among images is a real shortcoming.  These shortcomings might be deal breakers for this innovation. However, we can’t deny other exciting features it offers users also. Hopefully, LG will roll in more upgrades in a firmware update or consider these limitations in the subsequent TV production.

If you don’t mind the basic art mode, similar to a screensaver rather than an art piece, the LG Gallery mode might be an excellent feature for you. If you’re seeking a showpiece like the Samsung Frame TV, you might be disappointed in the feature.


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