Best Settings for Gaming on Samsung 4K TV

Samsung 4K TVs offer great displays with stunning views. Paired with soundbars, they also have high-quality audio. With this in mind, they are the best tools for playing console and PC games.

But before you can enjoy gaming on a Samsung 4k TV, you might have to make some adjustments. If carried out properly, you should expect the best gaming experience from the device.

Do you want to enjoy the best gaming on your Samsung TV? Well, here are the settings that you should consider.

best settings for gaming on samsung 4k tv

Best Settings for SDR Gaming on Samsung 4K TVs

If you want to enjoy SDR gaming on your Samsung TV, use any of the settings to improve the images on your display.

  1. Turn on Game Mode
  2. Move to Expert Settings and choose the following values
  • Contrast = 45
  • Sharpness= 0
  • Colour = 25
  • Tint (G/R) = 0
  • Color Tone = Warm 2
  • Gamma = 2.2
  • Brightness = Set the Brightness according to your preferences

Best Picture Settings for Gaming on Samsung 4K TVs

If you are looking for adjustments that work for any console, you can try the following settings.

  • Launch the Settings
  • Scroll to the General -> External Device Manager
  • Turn on the Game Mode Settings
  • Activate the Game Enhancer
  • Scroll to Dynamic Equaliser and adjust it to 4
  • Go to Game Motion Plus Settings and turn on Game Motion Plus
  • Leave Judder Reduction to 9 and Blur Reduction to 8
  • Turn Off to LED Clear Motion

N.B Also remember to turn Off Input Signal Plus

Specific Settings for Gaming on Samsung 4K TVs

Here are some of the best settings for UHD gaming. Also, these adjustments suit various gaming devices.

Best Samsung 4k Settings for PS 4 Pro

Before you make any adjustments for gaming on your TV, it would help if you enabled Input Signal Plus. Thanks to this feature, the colors will look better on the TV’s screen. Luckily, these settings will not take up the whole day to set up.

Here are the steps for activating Input Plus

  • Turn on Settings
  • Scroll to General
  • Go to External Device Manager and Choose Input Plus
  • Activate the Input Plus for the HDMI port that is connected to the console

Next, set the HDR Settings on the PS4

  1. Launch the Settings tab on the PS4.
  2. Choose Sound and Screen -> Video Output Settings.
  3. Scroll to the HDR and Deep Colour Output Settings and choose Automatic.
  4. Click on Adjust HDR and set the HDR settings.

The Best Samsung 4k Settings for Xbox One

You can also pair the Samsung 4k TV with the Xbox One. Also, it is possible to improve the pictures by working on some of the settings.

On the TV settings:

  • Choose ” Movie Mode” or “Dynamic”
  • Switch off the Ambient Light
  • Turn of the Motion Lightnin
  • Switch on Digital Clean View
  • Set the Contrast Enhancer
  • Turn off the Game Mode
  • Set Picture size to 16.9

Then, head to the Xbox and use the following settings

  • Set resolution set for 4k UHD. Turn on 50 Hz , 24 Hz and YCC 4:2:2.
  • Adjust the video fidelity to Auto-Detect
  • Set the Color Depth to 36 bit per pixel

Go to the Xbox settings and switch on HDR. Also, turn on the Input Signal and ensure the console boots in HDR.

The Best Settings for Gaming on PC

You can play your PC games with a Samsung 4K TV. If you want to improve the picture quality of such games, you might have to work on the settings. Here’s how.

  • Turn on UHD color
  • Set Game mode
  • Adjust the Backlight to 20
  • Set Smart LED to High
  • Turn Brightness to 45.
  • Leave Sharpness at 0
  • Set Contrast to 100
  • Adjust Color Tone to Warm 1
  • Turn off the Dynamic Contrast
  • Set Color Space to Auto or Native
  • Leave Gamma at 0
  • Set HDMI Black Level to Normal
  • Leave SDR on Normal
  • Adjust PC HDR to Auto

Wrapping Up

The best Samsung Settings for gaming can work on various 4k TVs. But if you don’t like the quality of the images, play around with the settings until you have gotten the best picture. If you want extra settings, you should check out the various settings on the Samsung support page.


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