Philips TV Best Audio Settings

For many years, Philip has sold some of the best TVs in the market. On these devices, you can expect stunning displays and practical designs. Besides, its high-end models boast top-class motion smoothness, laser backlights, and 4k UHD upscaling.

Asides from these features, Philips TVs offer decent sound. Even without external speakers, you can enjoy music or conversations without any issues. But if you are not comfortable with the sound that comes from your Philips TV, you should change its settings.

Do you want to improve the sound on your Philips TV? Try the following suggestions until you get the best possible sound.

philips tv best audio settings

Philips TV Best Audio Settings

Here are the top settings for improving the sound of the TV. They can be used for several models from the brand.

Best Equaliser Settings for Philips TV Best Audio Settings

Some Philips TVs come with onboard equalizers. With this feature, you can adjust the sound that comes from your TV set.

  1. Click on Home
  2. Scroll to Setup > Sound
  3. Click on Sound and go to Equalizer
  4. Reduce all the values till they get to 0

How to Restore Sound on Philips TV

Sometimes your TV sound might become muffled. Before taking it to a technician, you should check if the problem comes from the settings themselves. The source of the problem might come from the SAP feature of the television. If it does, you can fix it within minutes.

SAP means Secondary Audio Programming. With this option, you can listen to programs in more than one language.  Here’s how to adjust its settings and restore your audio.

For LCD Philips TVs,

  1. Hit Menu on the remote control
  2. Choose Setup > Audio
  3. Select Digital Audio Langauge or Alternate Audio
  4. Choose Off or Select English

For other models of Philips TV,

If you are using other types of Philips TV, press the Menu Key on the TV remote

Select Sound > Audio Setting > Stereo/SAP

By now your Philips TV has its audio. But if it is still silent, go to the speaker settings and enable the TV speakers.

  • Hit Menu on the TV remote
  • Choose Setup > Audio > TV Speakers
  • Turn On the Speaker Settings

How to Reset Audio on Your Philips TV

Does your Philips Smart TV have an annoying echo? Or maybe the sound feels out of place. If you notice these features, it would help if you reset the TV. Luckily, these adjustments do not require much time or special equipment.

Here’s how to reset the audio settings on a Philips Smart TV.

  1. Press the Home Button on Your Remote
  2. Scroll to the right-hand side of the screen and choose Settings
  3. Scroll Down to Device Preferences and click OK
  4. Scroll to Sound and choose Ok
  5. Choose Reset to Default and choose Yes.

Best Philip Audio Settings for Movies

The latest Philips TVs boast of several sound modes such as Original, Movie, Game, News, and Expert Mode. If you want to get the best sound from your content, feel free to choose any of the options.

For setting your movies, try these adjustments

  1. Hit the Settings button on the remote control and scroll to the right.
  2. Click on All Settings > Sound
  3. Click on Sound Style > Movie Mode
  4. Scroll to TV placement. If your TV is on the wall, click on the “On the Wall” option. For TVs on tables or TV stands, select the ” On a TV Stand” option
  5. Click on Advanced > Auto Volume to provide the best equalizer settings

How to Turn Off Philips TV but leave Video On

You can also use a Philips TV TV without viewing the images. This feature is ideal for radio shows or listening to music.

Here is how to use this option:

  1. Turn on the program on the TV
  2. Press the Home button on the remote control
  3. Scroll to the right until you get to Settings
  4. Choose Eco Settings > Turn Screen Off

Wrapping Up

Although Philip TVs produce decent sound, consider pairing them with soundbars. If connected properly, these devices promise high-quality audio for videos, music, and games. Any affordable soundbar from a good brand should be enough for this task.


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