Best Calibration Settings for 4k TVs

If you are looking for a TV with a great display, you should consider a 4k TV. When it comes down to it, such devices offer extra pixels and dynamic colors. On top of that, they are perfect for HDR content.

Several brands offer incredible smart 4k TVs. As expected these products come with amazing features.

Before you can get good visuals from a 4K TV, you might have to make some settings. Luckily, these adjustments can be handled by anyone.

Now here are the best calibration settings for 4K TVs.

best calibration settings for 4k tv

Best Calibration Settings for 4k TVs

If you are using a Samsung SUHD TV with a 4K screen, you can use the following settings to calibrate your TV screen.

  • Picture: Movie
  • Backlight: 8
  • Contrast: 80
  • Brightness: 45
  • Sharpness: 35
  • Color: 45-55
  • Turn Off the Dynamic Contrast
  • Set the Black Tone to Off
  • Adjust the flesh tone to 0
  • Leave Color Space at Auto
  • Set White Balance to 2 Point
  • You can use the following color settings : -Red (4), -Green (3), -Blue (-5), +Red (5), + Green (0), + Blue  (-5).
  • Adjust Gamma to 0
  • Set Color Tone to Warm 2
  • Turn Off Digital Clean View
  • Turn off the MPEG noise filter
  • Set Movie to Off

Head to Auto Motion Plus Settings

  • Turn of Movie
  • Set Blur to 5
  • Adjust Judder to 0
  • Set LED Clear to Off or On ( leave backlight to maximum)
  • Leave Smart LED on Standard

Best Calibration Settings for a Samsung QLED TV with 4k

  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Backlight: 15
  • Brightness: 0
  • Contrast: 75
  • Sharpness:5
  • Apply Picture Settings: All Source
  • Tint ( G/R) : 0
  • Color: 28
  • Sharpness: 5
  • Digital Clean View: Off
  • Film Mode: Auto One
  • Contrast Enhancer: High
  • Auto Motion Plus Settings: Off
  • Color Tone: Warm 2
  • Color Space Settings: Auto
  • Gamma: 2.2
  • White Balance: 2 Point
  • Red Gain: 9
  • Green Gain: – 5
  • Blue Gain: – 8
  • Red Offset: 0
  • Green Offset: 1
  • Blue Offset:

The Best 4K Settings for Sports

A good 4k TV offers incredible pictures for sports events including soccer games. If you want your 4k TV to bring out the beauty of such events, try leaving the TV on Sports Mode.

Sports Mode enhances the screen for soccer games. It also includes audio settings that suit such events.

To activate Sports Mode on a Samsung 4k TV, use the following steps:

  • Choose System from the Home Screen
  • Select Sports Mode
  • Enable Sports Mode
  • Press the Exit Button s

If you use an LG OLED 4K TV like the LG CX, you can also use Sports Mode. However, you should make minor adjustments to this preset.

To setup Sports Mode:

  1. Hit the Gear or Settings icon
  2. Select Picture -> Sports Mode

After setting up Sports Mode, keep the brightness and contrast at 80. You might also tone down the color saturation levels a bit. Round by enabling the motion interpolation settings.

However, if the settings look out of place, you can restore them to their original values.

Best Calibration Settings for the LG CX OLED TV

Apart from Samsung, LG also has an incredible range of 4K TVs. One of such TVs is the LG CX OLED TV. Here are the best settings for calibrating this device

  • Picture Mode: Standard
  • Contrast: 85
  • Brightness: Default
  • Sharpness: Reduce till the jagged lines
  • Color: Default
  • Tint/Hue: Default
  • Color Tone: Choose according to your preference
  • Eco Mode: Off
  • Noise Reduction Settings: On

Best 4k TV Calibration Settings for Gaming

On most 4k TVs, you can choose the Game Mode. With this preset, you will get the best settings for PC or console gaming.

For gaming on a Samsung TV, you should set HDR or Input Signal Plus. You can learn these settings by going through the owner’s manual.

Wrapping Up

4K TVs offer impressive screens with stunning displays. But with a few settings, you can improve the video quality of the TVs.

Although the earlier mentioned settings might help, they are not universal. With this in mind,  you can leave the presets and still get the best video quality.

You can get extra settings from user forums or the TV brand’s website. Besides, you can contact the customer service center for more advice.


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