Best Samsung TV Settings for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, whether you prefer plugging into your PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or maybe you’re playing online, getting the best picture settings in place could be the difference between you winning or losing.

Samsung TVs come packed with loads of settings to help reduce input lag, stuttering, and avoid tearing which are big issues that gamers have to deal with when gaming at high-definition or playing games with HDR content.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best gaming settings to try out on your Samsung TV for the best gaming experience.

best samsung tv settings for gaming

How to Enable Game Mode on Samsung

Game Mode is a special setting on Samsung TVs designed to enhance responsiveness when gaming by cutting down the amount of time the TV needs to process the video input from your game. This setting simply reduces input lag which makes your responses faster and gives you access to FreeSync.

In some Samsung TV models, Game Mode is enabled automatically when a game console is the selected source. However, you will still have to enable it manually especially if you’re gaming on your PC.

  • To turn on Game Mode
  • With the game console connected to the TV and turned on, Open Settings.
  • Select General
  • Select External Device manager
  • Select Game Mode Settings, and then tap on Game Mode to turn it on.

If you can’t find the following pathway in your Samsung TV, then follow the steps below

  • Navigate to Settings,
  • Select Picture,
  • Select Special Viewing Mode, and then tap on Game Mode to turn it on.

How to Activate HDR + Mode

If you’re playing HDR content, the TV will automatically enter HDR mode. Here, you can adjust the picture settings for even more vibrant colors and display. With Game Mode turned on, the picture quality would take a hit, HDR+ would bring back the superb quality while still allowing for minimum input lag.

  • Go to Settings, and then select Picture
  • Select Expert Settings
  • Select HDR+ Mode to enable it

Best Samsung TV Picture Settings for Gaming

These extra settings would come in handy if your TV doesn’t have Game Mode. But if your TV has Game Mode and you still want to tweak the picture settings for improved visual quality, you can go ahead and try the following settings.

  • Backlight:100%
  • Contrast:100%
  • Brightness:50%
  • Sharpness:0%
  • Color:50%
  • Tint (G/R):50%
  • Dynamic Contrast: Off
  • Black Tone: Off
  • Flesh Tone: 0
  • Gamma: 0
  • Motion Lighting: Off
  • Digital Clean View: Off
  • Smart LED: Off

How to Enable Input Signal Plus (HDMI UHD Color)

You could boost the picture quality even further by activating Input Signal Plus. This is known as HDMI UHD Color in some specific Samsung TV models but the results are generally the same.

  • Go to Settings, and select General
  • Select External Device Manager
  • Scroll to and select Input Signal Plus
  • Enable Input Signal Plus for the HDMI port that your gaming console is connected to.

Wrapping Up

Samsung TVs come with the best specs that ensure smooth game processing while delivering an incredible display. With that being said, you can always get more by tweaking a few settings.

The settings above should help you with experimenting till you come across what works best for you. If you’re unable to come across what you consider as the best picture quality, there are tons of help articles on Samsung’s main website and Samsung forums that will offer some helpful advice.


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