Best Settings to Watch Sports on Samsung TVs

Instead of visiting the stadium, you can watch a sports game on your Samsung TV. Since it has excellent video and audio, it would seem as if you were on the field.

If you want to get the best experience of your sporting events, you can try several modes. For the same purpose, you can also perform various minor adjustments on your Samsung TV.

Do you want to enjoy the thrill from the comfort of your home? Well, you can use the following settings to view sports events on a Samsung TV.

best settings to watch sports on samsung tv

Best Settings to Watch Sports on Samsung TVs

If you watch sports on some Samsung TV models, you can enable a dedicated sports mode. As expected, this Sport mode offers sound and video that enhances the action on the field.

Here are some quick settings for activating Sport Mode

  1. Switch on your Samsung TV and click on the System button on the menu
  2. Scroll downwards with the Down button and choose Sports Mode.
  3. Turn on the Sports Mode
  4. Press the Exit button

If you want to return to your movie or video game, you can deactivate the settings by

  1. Choosing Settings from the System screen.
  2. Scroll Down to the Sports Mode
  3. Choose Off to deactivate the mode
  4. Press the Exit button.

How to Enable Stadium Sound Mode on Samsung TVs

Apart from offering realistic sports pictures, a Samsung TV might also have a Stadium Mode for audio. Thanks to this feature, you can add more stadium noises to your events.

However, there are no settings for enabling Stadium Mode. Normally, the mode is activated after enabling the Sports Mode. Besides, the Stadium Mode does not work on external speakers.

Best Picture Settings for Sports on Samsung TVs

If you are looking for all-purpose settings for all types of content, you can try the following settings. Apart from sports events, these values also improve the visuals of games and movies.

  • Set the Movie as Picture Mode
  • Adjust the Brightness to 50
  • Leave the Contrast at 50
  • Set the Sharpness at 10
  • Turn the Colour to 25
  • Leave the Tint at 0
  • Use Custom for the Picture Clarity Settings
  • Turn off the LED
  • Leave the Noise Reduction at Auto
  • Set the Judder to 10
  • Turn Off the LED
  • Adjust Noise Reduction to Auto
  • Use Warm 1 for the Colour Tone
  • Turn off the Contrast Enhancer
  • Leave Colour Space Settings to Auto
  • Set Shadow detail to -1
  • Leave Black Level at Auto

For SDR Content

  • Picture Mode: Movie
  • Brightness: 50
  • Contrast: 50
  • Contrast Enhancer: Off
  • Colour Tone: Warm 1
  • Gamma, BT.1886: -1
  • Shadow Detail: – 1
  • Colour Space Settings: Auto
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Tint: 0
  • Judder: 10
  • Noise Reduction: Auto
  • Led: Off

If the TV feels too bright, there is nothing wrong with reducing the contrast and brightness. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable with these settings, you can reset the values and try other figures.

Tips for Watching Sports on Samsung TVs

Here are some tips for setting up your Samsung TV for sports events.

  1. Ignore Sports Mode

Although Samsung offers a dedicated Sports Mode, the settings might look out of place on your TV. Instead, go for Natural mode as it promises better visuals.

  1. Avoid Setting Your TV Sharpness to High

Do not set your TV sharpness to the maximum level. When it comes down to it, most modern TVs do not require these settings. If possible, tune down the sharpness to 0.

  1. Get a Soundbar

Samsung TVs might sound great but the soundbars sound better. To get the realistic stadium sounds, connect your Samsung TV to the soundbar. As you are going for the best audio, you might have to set the woofer and equalizer settings of the device.

Wrapping Up

Watching sports on a Samsung TV can be exciting. However, you should change some settings that will improve the visual and audio of such events.

If the Sports presets do not meet your preferences, stick to the Movie mode. You should also avoid excess sharpness.

However, the above settings are not universal. You can make some adjustments until you find something that meets your preferences.

For audio, try pairing your TV with a well-tuned soundbar. If carried out properly, you will enjoy the best sporting programming in your living room.


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