VRChat Graphics Settings Guide

According to its teeming players, the VRChat is a fun world where you can be anything and go anywhere. But before you enjoy this virtual world, you might have to tweak its graphic settings.

In this post, we teach you how to perform this task. If you follow these steps, you should be able to complete the settings within a few minutes.

vrchat graphics settings

VRChat Graphics Settings Guide

Here are the ideal settings for VRChat Graphics. But before using our settings, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual for extra advice.

VRChat Graphics Settings for Changing to FullScreen Mode

If you have the game on windowed mode ( small screen), you might not get a full experience of the game. For this reason, it would help if you switched to full-screen mode with the following settings.

  1. Switch on VR Chat by pressing the play button
  2. Press Alt + Enter Button
  3. Select your preferred resolution.

VRChat Graphics Settings for Changing Graphics Settings

  1. Open the VRchat Settings Menu
  2. Click on Performance Options – Adv. Graphics – Graphics Quality and Multisample Antialiasing

VRChat Graphics Settings for Changing Screen Resolution

  • Click Steam Library – VR Chat – Properties – General – Launch Options
  • Scroll to the Launch Options box
  • Type in the following command

-screen-width 1920 -screen-height 1080

  • Exit the page and switch on VRchat

VRChat Graphics  Settings for Changing Avatar

  • Visit readyplayer.me/vrchat and click on “Create your avatar.”
  • Head to readyplayer.me/vrchat
  • Choose”Create Your Avatar”
  • Take a selfie
  • Upload the selfie
  • Customize the avatar to your preference
  • Save the settings

VRChat Graphics Settings for  Avatar Performance

On VrChat, you can block avatars based on their performance. To perform this task:-

  1. Open the Safety Menu
  2. Click Performance Options on Safety Menu
  3. Scroll to the Minimum Displayed Performance Rank and use the left arrow to cycle amongst the various options.
  4. Scroll to the Maximum Avatar Download Size and use the left/ right arrow to cycle amongst the various options.

VRChat Graphics Settings for  Dynamic Bone

If you want to limit the amount the Dynamic Bone is used on Avatars, you can use the following settings:-

  1. Open the Safety Menu
  2. Click Performance Options on Safety Menu
  3. Click on the Dynamic Bone tab
  4. Check the Limit Dynamic Bone Usage Box

VR Chat Graphic Settings for Multisample Antialiasing

For Multisample Antialiasing, you can use the following settings:-

  1. Open the Safety Menu
  2. Click Performance Options on Safety Menu
  3. Click on the Advanced Graphics tab
  4. Scroll to Graphics Quality and use the left/right key to choose through your preferred options

VR Chat Graphic Settings  for Graphic Quality  Profile

This profile is used to control several graphic settings at the same time. But changing these settings might not improve the general performance of the game. Some of the profiles found on  VR Chat include VRC Mobile, VRC Ultra, VRC High, VRC Medium, and VRC Low.

How to Make VRChat Run Smoother

Are you looking for the best graphics for your device? If yes, then you can check out the following tips

1. Switch the Settings in the Game

One of the best ways of enhancing the game involves adjusting the settings in the game itself.  Before using the following steps, make sure you are already playing the game.

  1. Press the Escape button to open the VR Chat
  2. Click on the Safety tab of the Settings Menu
  3. Turn off settings such as Custom Animations, Sliders e.t.c

2. Switch the Priority to High

Increasing the priority level on your VRChat can improve its performance on your device. To perform this task:-

  1. Open VRChat
  2. Hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  3. Head to the details tab of the Task Manager and find the VRChat
  4. Set the priority to Normal or Above Normal

3. Tweak the Settings of the Nvidia Panel

  1. Launch the Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking on the desktop.
  2. Click the Manage 3D settings and choose the Program Settings Tab.
  3. Click on VRchat and choose your preferred setting.

4. Switch Off Steam VR Home

You can also improve the performance of VR by disabling the Steam VR Home. Also, ensure that you switch off any apps that might run in the background.

5. Switch off the Dynamic Bone Limiter

Are you still looking for ways to improve the performance of the VRChat Graphic Settings? If yes, then you can block out any avatars that have not been optimized for the game. After all, these characters tend to include high-end features that could make the game lag.

6. Avoid Over Crowded Arenas

According to some players, moving around overcrowded spaces might mess up the performance of the game. With this in mind, it would help if you stayed away from such spots.

7. Reduce the Desktop Graphics

As you open VRchat, hold the Shift key and wait for a graphic settings menu to pop up. Then choose the lowest possible option ( on the menu) to improve its performance. But as you use these settings, make sure you avoid the 3 Graphics option.

8. Block Out Strangers

Yes. Keeping out strange avatars can help remove any performance issues with VRChat. But before you can use this option, you will have to turn on Panic Mode. Now here are the settings needed for enabling block on several devices.

  • PC Mode : Shift + Escape Buttons
  • Xbox Controller : Both Triggers + Back + Menu buttons


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