Turbopolsa Camera Settings (Rocket League, 2021)

Are you tired of losing your Rocket matches? Well, you can handle this issue by changing your in-game camera settings. But before you can adjust your camera properly, it would help if you used the right values for this task.

Finding the best numbers for your Rocket League’s camera might take hours. On top of that, you might end up choosing camera settings that might spoil your view.

You can avoid these problems by using the settings of top Rocket league gamers. If you are confused about a player to choose, you should try Turbopolsa’s camera settings.

turbopolsa camera settings

Turbopolsa Camera Settings (Updated)

Turbopolsa is a top Rocket League player. To become a high-ranking name, he uses settings that turn his camera into a special gaming tool. With this in mind, his camera settings can help anyone to improve their gameplay.

Now, here are camera settings favored by Turbopolsa:

  • FOV – 110
  • Height – 100
  • Angle – -4.0
  • Stiffness – 0.50
  • Swivel speed – 6.00
  • Transition speed – 1.40

Players tend to change their settings from time to time. So if our list of Turbopolsa’s camera settings looks outdated, you can lay a complaint on any of our social media platforms.

Now let’s compare Turbopolsa’s settings with the ones used by other Rocket League gamers.

Turbopolsa Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Opinions

Although talent and skills can improve your gameplay, you will have to use the right camera settings. When it comes down to it, a good camera promises a better view of the arena. It even helps you to perform certain shots without much stress.

Because of these reasons, elite players do not forget to adjust their cameras. With this in mind, most top players have settings that suit their style of play.

Now let’s compare Turbopolsa’s settings against the settings of other players.

Camera Swivel Speed

In Rocket League, this setting deals with the speed of a turning in-game camera. If you increase its swivel speed, the camera will offer quick views of all the action. But if you lower this setting, the camera will turn slowly.

Most Rocket League players choose swivel speed settings from values between 1 – 10.00. With this in mind, Turbopolsa uses a speed setting of 6.00.

Camera Stiffness

Asides from the swivel speed, Turbopolsa also adjusts the stiffness of the camera. When he adjusts this option, he leaves this setting at 0.50. By choosing this value, he ends up with a slightly rigid camera.

However, other players feel comfortable with locking the camera on their vehicles. To perform this task, they head to the camera settings menu and adjust the stiffness to 0 or 1.

Camera Angle

Thanks to this setting, players can adjust the angle from which the camera faces their vehicles. However, many Rocket League players do not tamper with the camera angles.

Now, why do some players avoid the camera angle setting? Well, if they choose the wrong angles for their cameras, it might disturb their overall gameplay. However, some players can fiddle around with such settings and still perform beautifully on the field.

Turbopolsa stands as one of such gamers. Instead of skipping the angle settings, he adjusts the value to – 4.0. As expected, this setting offers impressive results for the player.

Camera Height

Unlike the angle of the camera, choosing the camera height is quite straightforward. If you adjust this option with high values, the camera will move farther from the vehicle. But if you stick with lower values, the camera comes closer to the vehicle.

The default camera height is 100. Because it is ideal for gameplay, many elite players prefer working with these settings.

Turbopolsa also feels comfortable with the default camera height. As he knows how to use this value, he enjoys a higher chance of winning any Rocket League match.

More about Turbopolsa

Born as Pierre Silfver, Turbopolsa is a Rocket League gamer from Sweden. After some time, he left his native country and settled in the USA.

As a gamer, Turbopolsa has played in various Rocket League teams. But today, he is a member of the Team Envy band.

Turbopolsa’s career is filled with incredible achievements. For instance, he had won various Rocket League events. He even stands as one of the few players that won matches as substitutes.


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