DLG Camera Settings (Rocket League, 2021)

As a Rocket League player, you will want to stay top of any Rocket League tournament. To become a good player, you might have to sharpen your skills with a little practice. On top of that, you will have to play the game by using good camera settings.

But setting the in-game camera might look like a frustrating task. However, you can avoid all that work by using the camera settings from top Rocket League gamers.

DLG is one of the best players in the Rocket League. Apart from having great skill, he adjusts his camera to suit his playing style. So, if you are serious about enhancing your gameplay, you can check out his settings.

dlg camera settings

DLG Camera Settings (Updated)

Are you curious about DLG Camera Settings? If yes, here are his updated settings.

  • FOV – 106
  • Height – 70
  • Angle – -11.00
  • Distance – 270
  • Stiffness – 0.40
  • Swivel Speed – 4.20
  • Transition Speed – 1.00

Like most players, DLG might change his settings from time to time. If you notice any errors with our list, you can reach out to us via social media or any other channels.

Now let’s compare his settings with camera settings from other Rocket League gamers.

DLG Camera Settings Vs Experts’ Opinion

Even if you have excellent gaming skills, you can improve your gameplay by tuning your in-game camera. With this in mind, the right camera settings stand as perfect tools for becoming a better player.

In Rocket League, most top gamers have different ways of setting up their camera. As expected, these adjustments can determine their success at Rocket League tournaments. Now let’s compare their settings values to DLG’s camera settings.

Camera Swivel Speed

If you adjust the camera swivel speed, the game sets the speed of the camera as it moves around the player. Setting the camera swivel speed is vital especially if the bouncing ball hits the screen too often.

As DLG plays a game, he adjusts the camera swivel speed to 4.20. As most gamers stay within the 1.00 and 10.00 range, it is obvious that DLG goes with regular camera swivel settings. But since there are no fixed recommendations for setting this option, DLG’s choice will suit any gameplay.

Camera Stiffness

Camera stiffness is the amount of looseness of the camera as it moves with your vehicle. If you increase the camera stiffness on Rocket league, the in-game camera will closely follow your vehicle. But if you reduce this setting, you will have a less rigid camera.

DLG adjusts his camera stiffness to 0.40 while some pros prefer 0. Others even raise this setting to 1. If you want to replicate DLG’s style of play, you might stick with 0.

Camera Angle

This setting is used to choose the best angle for viewing your vehicle. Most players leave this setting on default of -3. But some Rocket League gamers adjust this setting to incredible levels.

DLG sets his in-game camera to an angle of -11.00. For this reason, you can describe him as one of the most daring Rocket League players.

Camera Height

When you adjust the camera height, the in-game camera moves higher while offering you an overview of the environment. If you set the camera too high, it will be difficult to perform aerial shots.

So how does DLG set his camera height? Well, DLG leaves this option at 70. Because of this distance, you might say that this player prefers to keep things to the ground.

As for other Rocket league pros, they tend to stick with distances such as 120 or 110. But the default camera height settings for Rocket League stays at 100.

More About DLG

As a Rocket League gamer, DLG stands as one of the most popular names. When it comes to it, he is one of the players that claim to have the longest air dribble. During this challenge, he air-dribbled for about 5000 seconds.

Apart from playing Rocket League, the coaches from time to time. He even has a YouTube channel where he shares tips and advice for playing Rocket League. On his YouTube Channel, you can find videos of his attempts at getting the world air dribble record.

Sadly, DLG cannot be found in the ranks of the Rocket League. In 2020, there were allegations about cheating against him that might have pushed him from the league.

However, his settings can be used to improve your gameplay.  So if you want to have a better Rocket League camera, try our recommended values.


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