Fireburner Camera Settings (Rocket League, 2021)

Before he became a coach on Rocket League, Fireburner was one of its good players. During his career, this top player recorded many wins in many Rocket League tournaments.

Now how did Fireburner become a top player? Apart from having nice skills, he offers some of the best camera settings. Since they match his playing style, he handles other rivals with ease.

Fireburner’s camera settings might not be the only secret to his success, however, it is an important part of his gameplay. Let’s get started and learn more about Fireburner’s settings.

fireburner camera settings

Fireburner Camera Settings (Updated)

If you adjust your in-game camera with the best settings, it can improve your gameplay. When you toss in some great skills, you will move to the top of the rankings.

Would you like to see how Fireburner adjusts his in-game camera? If yes, you can use the numbers to become a better player.

Here are some of Fireburner’s camera settings.

  • FOV – 110
  • Height – 100
  • Angle – -3.0
  • Distance – 270
  • Stiffness – 0.50
  • Swivel Speed – 10.00
  • Transition Speed – 1.40
  • Ball Camera – Toggle

As expected these values stand as the latest Fireburner’s camera settings. But if you notice any errors or inaccurate details, feel free to send us a message on our communication channels.

Fireburner Camera Settings vs. Experts’ Opinion

As a Rocket League player, it is normal to use general settings for adjusting the in-game camera. But some players prefer to ignore these numbers and work with personal values.

Here is a comparison between settings used by Fireburner and other top Rocket League players.

Ball Shake

The Ball Shake option is one of the interesting features of the Rocket League. When you activate Ball Shake, the in-game camera offers a set of realistic shakes. However, it does not improve your general gameplay.

Now do pro gamers use the Ball shake feature? Well, since it disturbs their concentration, the players turn off the feature. As for Fireburner, he also deactivates Ball Shake for the same reasons.


On the arena, the FOV setting controls the width of a player’s view. When the in-game camera has a high FOV, it promises a larger display of the field. But if the FOV is set too high, it becomes difficult to get the ideal amount of precision.

When Fireburner sets the FOV setting, he picks 110 as his preferred number. Although it is the highest FOV setting, it matches his style of play.

Apart from Fireburner, other players use 110 as their preferred FOV setting. With this in mind, this number stands as one of the most popular camera settings of the Rocket League.

Camera Height

When it comes to the height of the camera, Fireburner does not depend on its settings. Instead, he sticks with the default setting of 100.

But other top players are daring with their height settings. As they adjust this option, they push the setting to higher values like 110 to 120.

The camera height is the upward distance between the camera and the top of the vehicle. If players select a high camera setting, they might have issues with making special shots.

Camera Stiffness

The camera stiffness setting controls the looseness of the in-game camera. If you check its default setting, it should stay at 0. As with most camera settings, elite gamers tend to change this value to something higher.

For instance, Fireburner leaves the stiffness at 0.50 while other gamers feel comfortable with average settings of 0.43. With this in mind, every player work with numbers that enhance their gameplay.

More about Fireburner

Fireburner’s real name is Jayson Nunez, and he is a retired American / Columbian Rocket League player. He was born in New Jersey, USA.

In 2014, Fireburner started playing Rocket League as a casual gamer. Two years later, he decided to form a professional team with his friends. After having a tough season, they moved to NRG Sports.

With his new team, he won various tournaments. Asides from standing as one of the best Rocket League players, Fireburner’s team has stayed at the top ranks of the game.

After having a great career, Fireburner decided to step down as a player. Currently, he is a coach in the Rocket League. On top of that, he shares content on his Youtube / Twitch channels.


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