BenQ RL2755 & RL2755s Best Settings

Are you a lover of video games? Do you want to get top-quality images of your gameplay? If yes, then you should invest in a good gaming monitor.

The BenQ RL2755 is one of the best monitors in the market. Apart from offering stunning images, this item boasts tons of useful features for gaming. But before you can enjoy its true power, you will have to make minor adjustments.

If you are ready to improve your gaming monitor specs, consider using the following settings.

benq rl2755 settings

Best RL2755 & RL2755s Settings for PS4

You can play pair the PS4 with the RL2755. Even if the monitor offers decent graphics of the gameplay, you can adjust the settings to get better content. Here are the best settings that will suit a PS4 with the RL2755.

Best Settings for the PS4 with the RL2755

If you use the RL2755, use the following values to improve your display.

  • Set the Brightness to 100
  • Adjust the Contrast to 50
  • Set the Sharpness to 10
  • Tune the Black equalizer to 20
  • Set the Color Temp with the following settings: Red ( 100), Green (100), Blue (99)
  • Adjust Reset Color to No
  • Tune AMA to High
  • Enable Instant Mode
  • Turn off Senseye Demo
  • Adjust Dynamic Contrast to 0
  • Turn off Overscan
  • Set Display Mode to Full
  • HDMI RGB PC Range: 0-255

Then move to the PS4 and use these settings

  • Scroll to Settings and enter
  • Choose Display and Sound
  • Set Color Space to PC ( RGB Full)

The Best Settings for Xbox with the RL2755

Asides from the PS4, it is possible to play Xbox games on a BenQ RL2755 monitor. Luckily, you can use the same settings as with the PS4. Here’s how :

  1. Use the following settings on the BenQ RL2755 monitor
  • Brightness: 100
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Black eQualiser: 20
  • Contrast: 50
  • Color Temperature: Red (100), Green (100), Blue (99)
  • Instant Mode: On
  • AMA: High
  • Senseye Demo: Off
  • Dynamic Contrast: 0
  • Display Mode: Full
  • HDMI RGB PC Range: 0-255

Now head to the Xbox

  • Go to Settings and scroll to Display and Sound
  • Scroll to Color Space: PC ( RGB Full)

The Best RL 2755 Settings for PC Gaming

Although the RL2755 gaming monitor is great with consoles, you can connect them with your PC. For the best PC images for gaming or web browsing, ensure that you place the monitor in the vertical position.

Now use the following settings:

  • Choose the Standard mode
  • Adjust Brightness to 100
  • Set the Contrast 55
  • Leave the Sharpness at 7
  • Adjust Gamma to 5
  • Set the Colours as Red ( 98) Yellow(93), Blue (95)
  • Enable Instant Mode
  • Set AMA to High5

If the above settings hurt your eyes, feel free to reduce the brightness of the monitor.

How Can I Get Good Audio with the RL2755?

Since the RL2755 does not have speakers, try connecting with a soundbar. Then you can set the equalizer settings of that audio device. Also, there is no need to get an expensive soundbar, any decent model should be enough.

Are There Any Settings for the BenQ RL2755s?

You might have noticed that the above settings are for the RL2755. Now the question comes – Are there any settings for the BenQ RL 2755s?

Well, there are no settings for the RL 2755s. After all, the RL2755s do not exist. . If you see an RL2755s in a store, there is a high chance that it is fake. So if you want to use the settings on our list, stick with the RL 2755.

Wrapping Up

The BenQ 2755 is a great tool for enjoying your games and work. However, you can try the earlier mentioned settings to improve its display.

The above settings do not require any special skills or tools. Just head to the monitor with the connected device and use the suggestions.

If the settings do not suit your taste, you can make some adjustments until the pictures suit your preferences. For extra help with your settings, try contacting the BenQ support page or any trusted gaming forum.

For sound, use an external soundbar. Since you are aiming for proper audio, ensure the devices are well connected and fine-tune the equaliser settings of the soundbar.


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