Samsung CHG70 Best Settings for Gaming, etc.

If you are a gamer or regular user, you will love the Samsung CHG70. Apart from offering high-quality images, the gaming monitor promises great response times and low input lag. Besides, they are ideal for several types of content.

Although the CHG70 works hard, it might not suit some users. But it’s possible to try some settings that can improve its performance.

As with most Samsung monitors, it is possible to tune the CHG70. But you will need some settings that promise the best results.

Do you want to make your Samsung CHG70 perform better? Well, you can check out the following settings.

samsung chg70 best settings

Samsung CHG70 Best Settings

Here are the best Samsung CHG70 settings for gaming and other types of activities. But let’s start with the calibration settings for the gaming monitor.

  • Tune Picture Mode to Custom
  • Adjust Luminance to 103 cd/m²
  • Leave your Luminance Settings at 8
  • Tune the Contrast Setting to 75
  • Use the following values to set the RGB controls: Red (43), Green ( 50), Blue (51)
  • Do not adjust the Gamma Setting
  • Leave the Color Temperature at 6311k
  • Set White Balance dE to 0.91
  • Leave your Colour dE at 1.27
  • Adjust Gamma to 2.18

Samsung CHG70 Best Settings for PS4

If you pair the PS4 with the CHG70, there is a high chance that the monitor will have several problems. For instance, the PS4 cannot handle the resolution of the CHG70. Also, the console does not have a compatible response time with the Samsung CHG70.

However, all hope is not lost. You can play around with some settings and use both devices without many problems.

Start by using the PS4 console at 1080p. You might also disable Freesync on the monitor. Although these ideas might work, it might be better if you choose a compatible monitor for your PS4 console.

Samsung CHG70 Best Settings for the Xbox One

The Samsung CHG70 monitor also works with the Xbox One. To get the best experience, use the following tips.

On the Xbox,

  • Choose HDMI Mode and set it to 2.0
  • Do not exceed the 60Hz refresh on the Xbox settings
  • You might enable Freesync for the console
  • Set HDR to Automatic
  • Set the response time above 1 ms to get better gameplay.

You can also try these other settings

  • Set the gaming monitor to 4k and HDR
  • Pick FPS mode and ensure the brightness is at 100. Moreover, adjust the black eQualizer to 20.

How to Enable HDR on the CHG70

It is also easy to activate HDR on the Samsung GHG70. When handled properly, HDR makes the screen display stunning colors and images. To set up HDR on the CHG70, try the following steps.

From the screen of the monitor

  • Click on the Start button
  • Move to Settings > System > Display
  • Click on HDR > Advanced Colour

The Best Audio Setting for the Samsung CHG70

Even if the Samsung CHG70 has decent images, it does not have inbuilt speakers. For this reason, you should invest in a pair of external speakers.

You can get a soundbar and choose the best sound settings for your entertainment. Moreover, try playing around with equalizer settings to get the best audio from your games or movies. If a soundbar is too large for you, stick with a good pair of headphones.

Wrapping Up

The Samsung CHG70 is a worthy investment for its users. When it comes down to it, it has enough features to keep anyone hooked. For instance, it has many preset modes, strobed backlight, and HDMI connectivity.

Also, the monitor comes with additional settings that show its true power. After making minor adjustments, you can use this game with a PC, Xbox, and (to some extent) the PS4.

The suggested settings are not universal. With this in mind, you can use our recommendations as reference points and make other settings. If the screen does not still offer good images, you can check out some advice from gaming forums or the Samsung support center.


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