Havit Mouse DPI and Settings Guide

Having a Havit mouse can be a great idea. After all, this device boasts tons of features including ease of use. Besides, you can even adjust its DPI settings to suit your preference.

Anyone can adjust the DPI on a Havit mouse. But if you feel confused about setting this device, it would help if you used a guide. to smoothen the process.

In this article, we have listed different settings for using the Havit Mouse. So if you want to tune up your mouse, you can pick any of our suggestions and improve its performance. Now let’s get started and discover some settings for your Havit Mouse.

havit mouse dpi settings

Havit DPI Mouse and Settings Guide

Here are the best settings for adjusting the DPI of Havit Mouse. But before using the following ideas, consider going through the manual of the Havit mouse. There, you should find other settings that would suit your Havit DPI mouse and improve its performance.

How to Change the DPI Setting on the Havit HV-MS672

If you want to change the DPI setting on the Havit HV-MS672, simply look for the DPI button on the device. Then press the button until you reach your preferred DPI. As you press the button, the mouse also changes its colors.

Havit Mouse DPI Color

The Havit Mouse boasts different DPI colors. For instance, if you are using the Havit RGB mouse, you will discover up to different colors for every DPI level.

  1. 800 DPI – Green
  2. 1600 DPI – Purple
  3. 2400 DPI – Blue
  4. 3200 DPI – Red
  5. 4000 DPI – Cyan
  6. 4800 DPI – Yellow

Havit Mouse Software

The Havit Mouse Software allows you to improve the performance of your Havit mouse. To download the software, head to the Havit website and click on Downloads. Then scroll through the various drivers until you find your preferred mouse software.

Havit Mouse Software Not Working

Although the Havit mouse software makes the mouse, it might have some files that might cause some errors. If you notice such errors, try uninstalling the software and reinstalling the files. To perform this task, delete the files and head to the Havit website to download the required software.

Havit Mouse Color Change

It is normal for Havit RGB mice to change colors especially after passing through different DPI stages. Also known as breathing light, this light can be controlled by pressing the forward/backward button + DPI button

How to Turn Off the Havit Mouse

Aside from changing the color of the mouse, you can also switch off the light completely. To turn off these lights, press the Forward/Back Button + DPI button. As you use this method, make sure your mouse was built from August 2017.

Magic Eagle Mouse How to Change Color

The Magic Eagle Mouse is one of the Havit Mouse models that boast LED lights. As expected, you can change the color to 4 different colors. If you want to change the color, you will have to press the DPI button on the mouse.

As you press the button, the DPI also changes with the color. For instance, red for 800 dpi, green for 1200 dpi, blue for 2400 dpi and pink is 3200 dpi. But if you want to switch off the colors, press the Forward + Back + DPI buttons.

Magic Eagle Mouse DPI Colors

The Havit Magic Eagle Mouse boasts five DPI colors. They include red, green, blue, and pink. As its DPI changes, the color of the mouse changes.

Havit DPI Software

The Havit DPI is controlled by software installed on the mouse itself. You can download the software by clicking on the Havit website and scrolling through the Download section.

Havit Mouse DPI Setting

The Havit Mouse DPI mouse has different DPI settings. For instance, if you are using Magic Eagle Gaming, you can find DPI values such as 800 dpi, 1200 dpi, 2400 dpi, and 3200 dpi.

What is the Lowest DPI on a Havit Mouse?

The lowest DPI on the Havit Mouse is 800 dpi. Also, this setting comes with a red LED light.

How Do I Change the DPI on My Havit Mouse?

Anyone can change the DPI setting on the Havit mouse. To get started, simply press the DPI button close to the middle mouse wheel.

Havit Mouse Macro

Sadly, you cannot set the macros on the Havit Mouse. But you can set the macros on the Havit keyboard. First, you will have to install a driver from the Havit website. Then assign the macro to your preferred keys.

Does Havit have Software?

Yes, Havit accessories ( including their mouse) have software that helps with their performance. Also known as drivers, these files can be found on the Havit website. If you want to install these drivers, make sure you choose the files that suit your device.


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