Nexigo Webcam Settings Guide

For some users, the Nexigo Webcam is the ideal device for capturing video. But before they can get the best quality, they will have to tune the webcam settings. For this task, they will have to get a perfect knowledge of the webcam settings.

Are you one of such users? If yes, scroll through this guide and find the ideal settings for adjusting the settings on the Nexigo Webcam. On top of that, we will also offer tips that will optimize your camera.

nexigo camera settings

Nexigo Webcam Settings Guide

Here are the settings needed to improve the video quality on the Nexigo webcam. But before using this guide, we suggest that you check the owner’s manual for the device or website for additional tips.

Nexigo Webcam Settings Guide for Virtual Meetings

Are you curious about setting your Nexigo Webcam for various meeting apps like Skype or Zoom? Well, Nexigo makes it easier by offering software that automatically provides these adjustments. However, this software comes with an installation fee.

  1. Visit the ( it turns to
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage
  3. Click Nexigo Webcam downloads
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and pick your preferred software.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the required software.

If you don’t want to use paid software, you can always head to the Settings menu of the PC and adjust the video.

For Skype on Windows

  • Click on Settings – Audio & Video – Webcam Settings
  • Adjust the sliders to your  preferred settings

For Skype on Mac

  • Click on the Skype Menu – Preferences- Audio and Video – Camera
  • Choose the name of the Nexigo Webcam from the list

How Do I Focus My NexiGo Camera?

If you want to focus your NexiGo Camera:

  1. Launch the Camera app – Video Option
  2. Place the Camera icon on the preferred spot
  3. Adjust the camera to your preferred setting

How Do I Get My NexiGo webcam to work?

Although you might use the best settings for your NexiGo, the webcam could act weird, especially during meetings such as MS Teams.

If you have this problem, you should use the following hacks:

1. Remove the Cover

Even if it looks far-fetched, leaving a cover on the webcam might result in a terrible photo. You can avoid this scenario by checking and removing items that block any line of sight.

2. Restart Your Camera

Another great way of working on your Nexigo camera is by rebooting your PC. Then attempt to use the camera with your preferred app.

3. Adjust Your Profile

  • Open the MS team app
  • Click on Profile Pictures- Setting – Device. Then click on the NexiGo webcam icon.

4. Switch Off the Antivirus

Installing anti-virus software can be a great idea. But sometimes, this product can affect the behavior of your NexiGo webcam. If you have this issue, turn off the antivirus before heading to the MS Team app.

5. Work with the latest Drivers

Instead of enduring this problem, you can make things better by installing the latest drivers for your NexiGo camera. To perform this task:

  1. Click the Windows Start Button
  2. Type in Device Manager
  3. Click on Camera / Imaging Devices
  4. Scroll through the list and find the NexiGo webcam. Right-click on the name and pick the update option. Then wait for the process to be complete.

6. Fix the Camera Properly

Still, having issues with your NexiGo webcam? Then disconnect the device from the computer before fixing it back again. Next, complete this task by restarting the computer.

7. Reach Out to the NexiGo Website

If the hacks listed above do not work, visit the NexiGo website for extra advice. You can also use the manual that comes with your device

NexiGo Webcam Not Working with Zoom

According to some users, their NexiGo webcams do not work with the Zoom App. If you are one of such users, consider using the camera with an app at a time. Also, make sure that the camera is properly connected to the computer.

You can also adjust the settings of the antivirus or even connect the device to another camera. If the issue persists, focus on the drivers or even reach out to the Nexigo Tech support for extra advice.

How to Download the Nexigo Webcam App on Mac

As you use the Nexigo webcam, you will have to use the Nexigo Webcam App. After all, this platform allows you to adjust the camera settings easily. To install the app :

  • Visit the ( it turns to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage
  • Click Nexigo Webcam downloads
  • Go to Official Nexigo Webcam Software – Webcam Settings for Mac OS
  • Wait for the warning message “The Nexigo Webcam cannot be opened because it is not from an unidentified developer”
  • Hit the Ok button to exit the message
  • Scroll to the Apple icon on the screen
  • Click the Apple Icon – System Preferences – Security and Privacy
  • Click General
  • Scroll to the lower pane of the page
  • Click the option with the Open Anyway tab and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Install the app

How to Download the Nexigo Webcam App on Windows

You can also use the Nexigo Webcam app on your Windows PC. But to get the right software for the system:-

  • Visit the ( it turns to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage
  • Click Nexigo Webcam downloads
  • Go to Official Nexigo Webcam Software – Webcam Settings for Windows
  • Follow the remaining onscreen instructions

If you are looking for an alternative, you also install the AMcap screen and make top-quality videos. But as you use this app, make sure you stick with a single interface at a time.

How to Adjust the Settings on the Nexigo Webcam

If you want to adjust the settings on the Nexigo Webcam Settings, you will have to work with the Nexigo Webcam. To get started:

  1. Launch the Nexigo Webcam App software
  2. Go through the various settings and adjust them to your preference


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