Best Battery Settings for Dell Laptops

When you use a Dell laptop, you should expect tons of practical features. These options include high performance, a decent memory, and a durable design. It also enjoys some of the best battery life in the market.

A Dell battery can last for more than several hours. With this in mind, some models can run up for more than a day. Overall, this item is ideal for work and play.

Even if a Dell battery stays up for many hours, you can make it last longer. If you want to perform this task, you will have to work on the battery settings.

Do you want more life from your Dell battery? Here are the settings for achieving this goal.

best battery settings for dell laptops

Best Battery Settings for Dell Laptops

Here are simple steps that can improve the health of your battery. Also, it can make the battery last longer than expected.

Calibrating a Dell Laptop Battery

As you charge and use the Dell battery, it becomes weaker. With this in mind, the laptop might offer the wrong battery life information on the panel. For instance, a battery that displays ” 2 hours remaining” might go off 30 minutes after.

You can solve this issue by calibrating your battery. Now here’s how to improve battery life via calibration. This method consists of two parts.

Part One (Set the Power Settings of the Laptop)

  • Right-click the Battery icon on the Task Bar
  • Select Power Options > Change when the computer sleeps
  • Click on Turn Off Display and choose Never
  • Select Put Computer to Sleep and choose Never
  • Select the Change Advanced Power Setting tab
  • Select the “+” sign beside the Battery tab
  • Select the “+” sign beside the Critical Battery Action tab
  • Turn on Hibernate
  • Hit the “+” icon to Critical Battery Level
  • Choose Battery > Percentage
  • Set Percentage to values between 1% and 5%
  • Hit Apply
  • Press Ok > Save Settings

Part Two ( Charge the Dell Laptop Battery)

Plugin the laptop and allow it to charge to 100%. Then drain the battery and charge the laptop battery for the second time. Before removing the charger, ensure the battery becomes full.

How to Save the Dell Laptop Battery with Windows Mobility Centre

Apart from calibrating the battery, you can use the Windows Mobility Center to extend battery life on a Dell Laptop. All you need to do is click on the Windows Mobility Centre Tab and disable the keyboard light option ( if the Dell laptop supports this feature). You can also head to the Action center and turn off the Location setting.

How to Save the Battery with Battery Saving Mode

Windows 10 comes with a battery-saving mode for extending battery life. When a Dell battery becomes low, the mode becomes active and reduces the workload on the computer.

The settings for Battery Saving Mode are as follows:

Click on Settings > System > Battery

The Best Brightness Settings for Saving Battery Life

Reducing the screen brightness is a simple way to extend the battery of a Dell Laptop. The settings for this task include:

  • Press Windows + I to open Settings
  • Click on System > Display
  • Click on Brightness and color and move the slider to the left to become dimmer.

The Best Email Settings for Saving Your Battery

Email apps update regularly and drain a laptop battery.

  • Go to Settings > Account > Email & Accounts
  • Click on Manage and Change Mailbox Sync Settings
  • With the above settings, your email will use less power thereby prolonging the life of your battery.

Wrapping Up

Dell laptop batteries are tough and reliable. Besides, they offer hours of service life. Moreover, you can set the device to consume less energy.

Start by adjusting the brightness of your battery or calibrating the entire unit. You can even set up your email accounts to reduce their battery-draining features.

Other simple ways to save your Dell battery include turning off WiFi and disconnecting external devices. Also, the Windows 10 battery mode is perfect for dropping extending the battery life.

You can check out the Dell website for additional advice about reducing battery usage Also visit various trusted user forums.


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