BenQ XL2540 Best Settings for Gaming, Movies, etc.

The BenQ XL2540 is a decent gaming monitor. Asides from boasting of FreeSync, it offers a good refresh rate and motion handling. Besides, it promises a very low input lag.

Although the BenQ XL2540 has great features, its default settings might not suit your preferences. For this reason, it is possible to enhance the performance of the BenQ XL2540.

For this task, you will have to depend on some settings. As expected, these adjustments can turn the monitor into a powerful gaming tool. As the settings are easy, they are perfect for all levels of gamers.

Now here are the top settings of the BenQ XL2540.

benq xl2540 best settings

Best BenQ XL2540 Best Settings for Gaming

If you are into e-sports, you can use the Benq XL2540 as a powerful gaming monitor. To enhance its performance, we recommend the following settings

  • Picture Mode: Gamer 1
  • Brightness: 70
  • Contrast: 70
  • Gamma: 2
  • Colour Temperature: Normal
  • DAC: Off
  • Instant Mode: Default
  • AMA: Premium
  • Low Blue Light: 0
  • Black eQualizer: 20
  • Colour Vibrance: 13
  • Sharpness 8

BenQ XL2540 Best Settings for Movies and Web Browsing

The BenQ XL2540 can also play movies and TV shows. To improve the video quality of this content, try the following settings

  • Black Equaliser: 2
  • Color Vibrance: 12
  • Brightness: 70
  • Contrast: 50
  • Sharpness: 10
  • Gamma : 3

You can leave the default color temperature settings.

The Best BenQ XL2540 Calibration Settings

If you want to get the best monitor accuracy, it would help if you calibrated your BenQ monitor.  Here are the best calibration settings for this gaming monitor.

  • Set the Picture Mode to Standard
  • Adjust Luminance to 98cd/m²
  • Tune Luminance Settings to 10
  • Set the Contrast Settings to 55
  • Set RGB controls to 97-100-92
  • Take the Gamma Setting to Gamma 2
  • Adjust the Color Temperature to 6514k
  • Set the White Balance dE to 0.50
  • Adjust Color dE to 1.05
  • Set the Gamma to 2.19

Best BenQ XL2540 Settings for Windows 10

The following settings can help you install the monitor on Windows 10.

  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Devices – Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click the model of monitor from the menu
  3. Choose the Hardware tab
  4. Select the Generic PnP Monitor and Properties button
  5. Select Driver -> Update Driver
  6. Insert the Update Driver software into your computer and click on Browse My Computer for Driver Software
  7. Select Browse and scroll to d:\BenQ_ZOWIE_LCD\Driver\
  8. Choose the name of your monitor model from the list and click Next.
  9. Select Close

BenQ XL2540: Opening the Service Menu

You can use the Service Menu to reset the monitor to its factory settings. Since this menu can damage the monitor, you should be careful with its operation. Furthermore, access the Service Menu with the original remote.

Method 1

  • Turn off the monitor
  • Press the POWER, SELECT, and MENU button at the same time
  • Press the V button to access the factory service mode

Method 2

  • Switch off the monitor
  • Press and hold the “MENU” and “Exit” button
  • Press the Power Button on the LCD monitor
  • Press the “i” button to access the factory service mode

How to Install the Benq XL2540 Monitor on PC

Is this your first time using a Benq XL2540 monitor with your PC? If yes, then you can use the following settings to install a new computer to the gaming monitor

  1. Assemble the hardware with the owner’s manual
  2. Turn on the system and follow the Found New Hardware Wizard prompts until you reach the “Install Hardware Option”.
  3. Place the BenQ Zowie LCD Monitor CD ROM into a computer’s CD drive.
  4. Choose Search for a Suitable Driver for My Device and select Next.
  5. Uncheck other options but check the option for CD-ROM drives.
  6. Confirm if the wizard has displayed the right name for your monitor and click Next.
  7. Select Finish
  8. Restart the computer.

Wrapping Up

The BenQ XL2540 gaming monitors can improve your gameplay. When it comes down to it, it has user-friendly features for all levels of gamers. But thanks to some settings, it is possible to enhance the performance of the monitor.

You can use any of our recommended settings. If they do not meet your requirements, feel free to make some adjustments until they suit your preferences. You can also check for extra BenQ xl2540 settings from trusted gaming forums or the BenQ website.


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