Redragon Keyboard Light Settings Guide

There are many reasons why people love the Redragon Keyboards. Asides from offering a sturdy frame, the keyboard promises a set of backlit keys.

But before you can use the backlit features, you might have to adjust some settings. If you are interested in working on the Redragon settings, you can use the following guide.

redragon keyboard light settings

Redragon Keyboard Light Settings

Here are some of the best ways for dealing with the Redragon Keyboard lights. But before using our guide, we suggest that you consult the manual that comes with your keyboard.

1. How to Change the Colour on the Redragon Keyboard without software

If you want to change the color of the light on your Redragon keyboard, you can use the following steps:

  • Press the FN key + Right Arrow key
  • Continue pressing the keys to get different color options

2. How to Change Colours on the Redragon Keyboard with software

Asides from using the above key combinations, you can also use Redragon software. As you use this software, try the following steps:

  • Download and install the software from the Redragon website
  • Launch the software
  • Tick the Lightbox
  • Choose Coastal from the drop-down menu
  • Launch the color picker by pressing the Basic Color button
  • Select your preferred color or click on Other for more options
  • Save the changes by choosing the OK button

3. How to Change the Individual Keys on the Redragon Keyboard

Instead of changing the colors of the whole keyboard, you can work with a few keys. But before you can achieve this look, you will need the following steps:

  • Hit the FN + ~ buttons twice in a row
  • Wait for the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Win Lock, and Tilde (~) keys to flash the same color.
  • Press the FN and Right Arrow Key to move through various options
  • Press the keys that you want to change their color
  • Hit the FN and Tilde ( ~) keys to save the settings

4. How to Switch Off the Redragon Keyboard

You can also switch off the light on the Redragon Keyboard. To perform the task:

  • Press the FN Key + Down Arrow Key
  • Continue pressing the keys until the lights go off.

5. How to Reduce the Brightness on the Redragon Keyboard

Does your Redragon Keyboard feel too bright? If yes, then you can tone down the brightness until you reach your preferred brightness levels. To get the perfect effects

  • Press the FN key + Down Arrow Key
  • Continue pressing the keys until it reaches your preferred brightness

6. How to Increase the Brightness on the Redragon Keyboard

Still, looking for ways to adjust the lights on your Redragon Keyboard? If yes, then you can try the following steps:

  • Press the FN key + Up Arrow key
  • Continues pressing the key until it hits your preferred settings

If those settings do not work;

  • Press FN +M keys
  • Continue pressing the keys until the Redragon Keyboard becomes brighter

Why Does My Redragon K582 Keyboard Not Light Up?

If your Redragon K582 keyboard does not light up, you can easily fix the problem by using the following steps:

  • Press the FN + SCRLK button at the same time
  • Wait for the keyboard to light up

Supposing there aren’t any changes, then you might have to get the keyboard fixed. But before heading to the repair store, confirm if the keyboard supports the customization of its keys.

Do All Redragon Keyboards Light Up?

No, all Redragon Keyboards do not light up. After all, this feature is included only on the Redragon RGB keyboard. If you are not sure about the Redragon Keyboard model, try checking the owner’s manual of the device.

What Should I Do if My Redragon Settings Do Not Work?

If the above key combos do not work, then you might have to download the latest Redragon software. Also, ensure that your Redragon Keyboard supports the customization of its keys.

Still, having issues? Well, you might have to take the keyboard for repairs. But instead of using any repair store, stick to Redragon Customer Service. You can reach this service via mail, telephone, or company website.



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