BenQ XL2546 Best Settings

Like most BenQ products, the XL2411 will interest every gamer. After all, this gaming monitor has a Full HD resolution, faster response times, and high response rates. With this in mind, it deserves a spot beside your console or PC.

Even if the XL2546 is a decent item, you might not feel comfortable with its video quality. For this reason, you should make some minor adjustments to the device.

In this article, you will learn about various types of settings for the BenQ XL2546. If you perform them correctly, you can expect stunning images from them. Now, here are the best Settings for working with the BenQ XL2546.

benq xl2546 best settings

The Best Calibration Settings for the BenQ XL2546

If you are looking for the best calibration settings for your XL2546, you can check out the following figures. However, they might not suit all XL2546 units. With this in mind, try using these values as a reference point for your customized settings.

Here are the settings for calibrating the XL2546 monitor

  • Set the Picture Mode to Standard
  • Adjust Luminance to a 100 cd/m²
  • Tune your Luminance Settings to 24
  • Adjust the Contrast Settings to 35
  • Set the RGB controls with the following values : Red (100), Green ( 98), Blue (94).
  • Set the Gamma settings to Gamma 3
  • Leave the Color Temperature at 6482k
  • Set the White Balance to 0.49
  • Tune the Color dE to 0.60
  • Leave Gamma at 2.18

The Best Pro Settings for the BenQ XL2546

If you are an esports player,you will love to enhance the performance of your gaming monitor. After getting a good display, you can see enemies and other obstacles without any hassles. You might even improve your gameplay.

  • Set the Color Mode to Computer Monitor
  • Adjust the Brightness to 80
  • Set the Display Mode to Fullscreen
  • Disable the Laptop Power Saving mode

How to Set the Refresh Rate for the BenQ XL2546

Before you can use the XL2546 with Xbox Series X, you wil have to set the refresh rate of the gaming monitor. As the XL2546 can support up to 120Hz, you can pair it with the console.

Higher refresh rates ensure better gameplay. If you are a pro gamer, this option offers an edge over other players with lower frame rates.

  1. Double click the Display button on the Control Panel.
  2. Click Enter on the Display Properties and choose Settings.
  3. Click on Adapter and choose your preferred refresh rate
  4. Hit Change > Ok > Yes
  5. Exit the Display Properties Window

The PS4 Settings for the XL2546

When you pair the PS4 with the XL2546, it would help if you made a few adjustments. Here are the steps that you use for working with the PS4

On the PS4,

  • Go to Picture Settings
  • Adjust all the options ( except HDR) to Automatic.
  • Disable HDR
  • Go to Video Output Information and check the specifications
  • Reset all the picture settings on your XL2546 gaming monitor.

Now here are the settings you can use for a first person shooter game.

  • Select Game Mode > FPS mode
  • Set AMA settings to High and Premium

For the best colour settings on the PS4, you can try several recommendations. Most times, it is possible to get suggestions from an online search or gaming forum. If you don’t enjoy the outcome of these settings, feel free to play around with your options until you get the  best pictures.

The Best Settings for Removing Visual Artifacts on the XL2546

As you use the XL2546, you might end up with visual artifacts on your screen. During this period, you also notice annoying lines on your screen. But you can take out these issues by using a simple tip.

Reduce the Overdrive settings from the Monitor. After all, screen problems occur when you aim for the highest refresh rate on the monitor. You can also confirm if the connection cable can handle the supported bandwidth.

Wrapping Up

The XL2546 might not meet your preferences. But if you can adjust some settings, you can expect high-quality performance from the gaming monitor.

Although the above settings can improve your video quality, they are not universal settings for your monitor. So feel free to play around with the settings until you find what’s best for you.


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